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Using Anoomi you can discover new bands, create playlists from your friends favorite music and share them across social networks


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Using Anoomi you can create auto playlists by any artists, bands, or songs.


Using Anoomi you can discover, share and listen to music that has been recommended by your social networks friends


Anoomi is a multi-platform light website that works excellently on desktops, mobiles, and tablets.

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Artist Playlists

Create auto playlists by any artist, band, or song. in the artist section you can find any artist grouped by genre for. You can find everything from American blues singers to Classical Composers!

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Social Playlists

Create playlists based on songs that your friends share across the social networks. Try your hand at adding a large group of people so that you get a more robust list of music selections, which can only accentuate yours!

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