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    relaxdaily N°087 - Instrumental Background Music - calm, positive, light


    This is relaxdaily N°087. Another original, calm, positive and relaxing instrumental music piece. Music e.g. for thinking, creating, dreaming, meditating or simply for your relaxing music playlist.

    This is a very simple composition (I see it more as a soundscape) based on a musical theme I started creating in October 2013, but just finished it this week (July, 20, 2014). The images are coastal scenes from my first video trip for this channel, when I traveled to Croatia back in July 2012.
    Michael (relaxdaily music creator)

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    music and video © 2014 relaxdaily

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    Amazing Grace


    Amazing Grace, Instrumental version! Celtic Music

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    Background Instrumental - Soft and Calming Music - relaxdaily N°024


    Another soft and calming background instrumental for your journey of complete relaxation. Thank you for listening to my music!
    Have a good day,

    The picture shows a mountain view. Yes, you're above the clouds. Can you spot the smal lake and the trails? (try 1080 HD resolution)

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    ...Slow down, use this relaxing background music to improve your mood, enhance your calm, or bring peace to your everyday life. Or maybe you're one of the many people who find relaxing instrumentals of benefit during your workout (yoga, etc.) or playing in the background at work or while your complete household chores.

    ... forget about stress and de-stress to this music. Keep balance between work and relaxation. Be yourself ;)

    Although background music was by the end of the 20th century generally identified with Muzak or elevator music, there are several stages in the development of this concept.
    The term Ambient music is generally used when more, but often less distinguishable, influences, like elements of Jazz or sounds from nature, are mingled in the soundscape. Note, however, that some producers and composers of ambient music or soundscapes might not have any intention to use the qualifier background for their music.
    Elevator music is a more general term indicating music that is played in rooms where many people come together (that is, with no intention whatsoever to listen to music). There is a specific sound associated with elevator music, usually involving themes from soft popular music or light classical music being worked over by slow strings. This type of music was produced, for instance, by the Mantovani Orchestra, and conductors like Franck Pourcel and James Last, peaking in popularity around the 1970s.
    In opposition to background music, foreground music is intended to be listened to actively. Lifestyle companies, in particular, like to employ foreground music, individually compiled and scheduled to increase customer loyalty and time spent in their stores. However, sometimes the opposite effect is achieved: if the music proves to be too intrusive, it may drive people out of the store. Very often these companies have professional DJs select music matching their brand. In most cases currently popular chart music is used.
    Background music (often abbreviated BGM) is also the term used to describe the music in video games (sometimes written VGM) and music in blogs or websites. (for more search: background music on wikipedia)

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    Light Music - instrumental, yoga, think, relax - N°098


    Light and positive instrumental music that comes with green forest scenery: This is relaxdaily N°098.

    With this one, I also made a “beatless” version, one that is even calmer - for you, if you enjoy even smoother music. It is currently available only as a download here:

    The footage for the video is what I could capture during an early morning walk through a forest in south Germany last autumn. Hope you enjoy!
    Michael (relaxdaily music and video creator).

    ...if you're a fan of beautiful forest scenery, I can recommend my 2014 long music video “Forest”: which comes also as a (paid) download version:

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    music and video © 2015 relaxdaily

    ...relaxdaily's instrumental background music: beautiful, light, peaceful and positive music that can be used as a soundtrack for multiple activities. Depending on your interest you might use my music in your relax radio playlist, as yoga music, as spa & wellness music, as meditation music, as music while you're studying, learning, doing homework, working (possibly mentally, creatively), reading, writing, gaming, while thinking or reflecting, dreaming, reviewing, making future plans, coding, inventing, changing society or systems for the better, or simply to fill the air with a positive vibe.
    Some use it as sleep music (I personally think there's better sleep, or sleep aid music out there, but it seems to work... and sure, a good sleep IS a good foundation of a healthy lifestyle ;) Call it chill-out, smooth, ambient, New Age, healing, inspirational, instrumental, or background music - this is not as much about a genre as it is about a feeling. A way of life. With the relaxdaily project, I try to take a little heat from our (generally) too busy lives.
    My mission is to deliver a soundtrack for you, when you feel the need for some calm, good energy tunes.
    - Michael (relaxdaily)

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    Into the West


    Lord of the Rings

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    Slow Background Music Instrumental - piano & guitar - relaxdaily N°040


    Another original background music instrumental for you to relax. Background music with piano and guitar in a modern relaxdaily arrangement. Lean back and enjoy.
    Thank you for listening,
    comment how this one makes you feel,
    Michael (relaxdaily)

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    © 2011-2012 relaxdaily. All rights reserved.

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    FYI: „New Age music with an ambient sound that has the explicit purpose of aiding meditation and relaxation, or aiding and enabling various alternative spiritual practices, such as alternative healing, Yoga practice, guided meditation, chakra auditing, and so on. The proponents of this definition are almost always musicians who create their music expressly for these purposes. Prominent artists who create New Age music expressly for healing and/or meditation include Paul Horn, Deuter, Steven Halpern, Dean Evenson, Lawrence Ball, and Karunesh. New Age music is defined more by the effect or feeling it produces rather than the instruments used in its creation; it may be electronic, acoustic, or a mixture of both. See also: „new age music on wikipedia

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    Chinese Instrumental Music for Relaxation: Pipa


    Lin Hai &Friends produced some of the best Chinese music played with the Pipa! enjoy! the sound....& relax!

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    musica instrumental japonesa.wmv


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