Radio Station Of Mark Harmon on The Late Late Craig Ferguson Show

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    Mark Harmon In The Things We Do For Love by Fox Entertainment


    Dr. Jack working through some kinks in his relationship with Dr. Lisa. Clips by Fox Entertainment!

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    Hunk of Love Mark Harmon


    A slideshow of different MH photos. Songs include Hunk of Burning Love by Elvis, and I Will Follow Him by Deloris and the Sisters.

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    The New Nashville Predators 2011-2012 Goal Horn


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    Mark Harmon singin, dancin, playing music and singin the National American Anthem :D


    he is irresistible!
    for those who want it in MP3 or just his Anthem part in mp3 or just the teddy bear+ saddle part in mp3
    let me know :)

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    Mark Harmon -Saddle my dreams his own song, and a smal videoclip


    This is a video about the sexy's man of the world*!
    Mark Harmon *!
    His voice is so cute - love his voice

    The song is Saddle my dreams by Mark Harmon
    (from the movie : 240-Robert)

    dem Film 240 Robert

    I didn't mean to find it out
    'Though it's really nothing new
    We laid our cards on the table baby
    He was holding you
    For some you win
    And some you lose
    And some you tie in lies
    Seems love is what I've always given
    And never what I got

    So saddle my dreams
    I'll be riding again
    Hiding my sorrow inside
    Saddle my dreams
    I'll be riding again
    Borrow some truth
    To pay for all your lies

    There'll be times I'll think of you
    They'll be memories to fade
    Life is still a card game baby
    Love is just the ace
    Well some you win
    And some you lose
    The game don't ever end
    Seems love is always needing play
    Somewhere I've never been

    So saddle my dreams
    I'll be riding again
    Hiding my sorrow inside
    Saddle my dreams
    I'll be riding again
    Borrow some truth
    To pay for all your lies

    Mornin' got a path in front of me
    Mornin' let me ride on past
    Another memory

    Saddle my dreams
    I'll be riding again
    Hiding my sorrow inside
    Saddle my dreams
    I'll be riding again
    Borrow some truth
    To pay for all your lies

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    Mark Harmon at Rolling Stones Surprise Club Gig in LA


    Rock on Mark!

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    ET Interview with NCIS´ Cote de Pablo and Mark Harmon February 3rd 2011


    ET Interview with NCIS´ Cote de Pablo and Mark Harmon February 3rd 2011

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    Mark Harmon - This or That


    Mark Harmon is simply the BEST! Comments welcomed!

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    Fear by pauley Perrette


    The lyrics to fear by Pauley Perrette from the NCIS soundtrack

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    240-ROBERT Saddle My Dreams Song


    240-Robert is the actual rescue unit of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Mark Harmon sings Saddle My Dreams. John Bennett Perry, Mark Harmon, Joanna Cassidy.

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    Mark Harmon-ize Music Video for NCIS Lovers Everywhere!


    For our friend MJ, who has a crush on Mark Harmon, aka, Jethro Gibbs of NCIS.

    Sung by Elaine Schoendorf, Written by Elaine & John Yarko.
    All rights reserved/ vocals and lyrics: ThinkElaine 2010

    His hair is Clooney grey, I'm sure you'll recognize
    He wears it high and tight, He's got Mark Harmon eyes
    He'll keep you on your toes, he was born to supervise
    Location Quantico, he's got Mark Harmon eyes

    Don't deceive him, you'll just peeve him.
    All the better just believe him.
    He's all business, and he knows just
    What it takes to catch a terr'ist
    He's got Abby's caf-pow super sized, He's got Mark Harmon eyes

    He'll let you call him boss, Jethro or even Gibbs,
    He's never at a loss, he's got Mark Harmon eyes
    He's loyal as a hound, he never plays nice
    Runs his prey to the ground, He's got Mark Harmon eyes

    He'll expose you, Guanta- mo- you
    No one can ever hold a candle to you
    Interrogator, Investigator, some call him an exterminator
    All his wives, call him eagle eye, He's got Mark Harmon eyes

    And He'll smack you, He'll just whack you
    All the better just attack you
    He's a Gunny for his country but he can't understand technology

    All his wives call him eagle eye...he's got Mark Harmon eyes.

    He'll depose you you, he'll Denose you
    He'll expose you he's got Mark Harmon eyes
    He'll expose you, Guanta-mo- you
    No one can ever hold a candle to you

    He'll depose you you, he'll Denose you
    He'll expose you he's got Mark Harmon eyes

    Copywrite Thinkelaine 2010

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    Mark Harmon Sexy Back


    this is my new one of the year! Hope you like it i spent alot of time on this one. I might be making a Michaelk Weatherly video like this one I just need 2 talk to my friend who is a big fan of Michael's. This not only goes out to Mark Harmon but also all my friends here on youtube!

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    Gibbs, Hold me for a while


    From NCIS episodes: Season 5 ep 3, 5, 7; season 6 ep 2, 3; season 7 ep 19. Music by Rednex, Hold me for a while.
    Made just for fun.

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    Mark Harmon - Teddy-Bear-Song


    Mark Harmon sings the Teddy-Bear-Song (240-Robert)

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    Mark Harmon- Hot Scenes


    'Like' if you LOVE Mark Harmon! Comments Welcomed! Some of Mark Harmon's steamiest moments in front of the camera!

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    The Super Sexy Mark Harmon


    An elegant slideshow to Michael Buble's song: Feeling Good

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    A Few of My Words - Michael Weatherly


    The lyrics might not be accurate, I was just going by what I heard. But this is my favorite of his songs and I couldn't find it on YouTube, so... yeah.

    Link to the rest of his songs:

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    Mark Harmon On How NCIS Made Him Popular


    Mark Harmon talks about when he knew NCIS was big, and how it made him a household name.


    About Queen Latifah:
    Queen Latifah is a musician, award-winning actress, record label president, author, entrepreneur and Cover Girl. Join Queen Latifah every weekday for an hour of fun on The Queen Latifah Show, where she will bring you celebrity interviews, inspiring stories, musical performances and her fun take on pop culture.

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    Mark Harmon- Navy CIS Soundtrack ~ Saddle my dreams



    Full Version

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    Cote De Pablo - Temptation


    The full version of Cote de Pablo aka Ziva David of NCIS singing Temptation as seen in season 6.

    NCIS and its characters do not belong to me and I'm making no money from this video - no copyright infringement intended

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    Mark Harmon from NCIS Acceptance Award Speech at 17TH ANNUAL PRISM AWARDS at The Beverly Hills Hotel


    Mark Harmon from NCIS Acceptance Award Speech at 17TH ANNUAL PRISM AWARDS at The Beverly Hills Hotel on April 25, 2013.

    For photos, story and complete coverage visit Diversity News Magazine at

    About Entertainment Industries Council:
    EIC is a non-profit organization founded in 1983 by leaders within the entertainment industry to bring their power and influence to bear on communication about health and social issues. The organization is considered to be the chief pioneer of entertainment and journalism outreach and a premiere success story in the field of entertainment education. This mission relies on providing resource information to the creative community and culminates in recognition of the industry through the national television special PRISM Awards Showcase which addresses accurate portrayals of substance use issues and mental health concerns. The organization also produces the S.E.T Awards, honoring positive and non-stereotypical portrayals of science, engineering and technology.
    For a complete list of health and social issues addressed by EIC and local projects please visit First Draft and EIC's website. EIC's web site is The PRISM Awards web site is

    Video courtesy of: Entertainment Industries Council to Diversity News Magazine and Diversity News TV from Diversity News Productions/Publications for the purpose of publicity and promotional uses.

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    Saddle My Dreams Lyrics by Lila McCann


    hope you enjoy

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    The Men of NCIS! Michael Weatherly, Mark Harmon and Sean Murray! TV Guide Magazine Photoshoot!


    Join NCIS Rat Pack Mark Harmon,Michael Weatherly, Sean Murray, david McCallum, Rocky Carroll, and Brian Dietzen on their photoshoot with TV Guide Magazine.

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    Mark Harmon 59 Birthday 2010.wmv


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    saddle my dreams lila mccann


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    Gibbs Songs Chicago Hope S04E03.wmv


    All the songs that Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs from NCIS 'sings' in the famous musical episode of his old show Chicago Hope!
    Check out Gibbs dressing like the Music Man, wearing a sweater, and cutting a rug!

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    Mark Harmon Discusses the Big Surprise on NCISs Season Finale


    James prods Mark Harmon to reveal who dies in the NCIS season finale.

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    bitter and blue by Michael Weatherly lyrics


    A lyrics video for Michael Weatherlys Bitter and blue from the NCIS soundtrack.

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    Michael Weatherly @ The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson - 01/28/13


    From CBS - no copyright infringement intended

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    NCIS : Mark Harmon in Germany 1/4


    Mark Harmon in the Talk with Joey Grit Winkler in the Sky Lounge (English with German subtitles).
    In the next three weekends 13th Street shows the first three seasons of the crime series Navy CIS in the marathon. Actor Mark Harmon spoke to Sky about the success of the series, 20-hour workdays, and the secret of his happily married as Sexiest Man Alive in 23 years.

    Special thank to

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    Mark Harmon - NCIS - Gibbs


    Sexy Mark Harmon stars on NCIS as Gibbs. To rediscover and to uncover...
    Song: Marisa Frantz
    East of Everything - Angel's Wings
    Save Me From Myself

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    Mark Wilkinson - Shes Out Of Reach - Week 19


    A Year of YouTube
    Mark Wilkinson will be performing a new original song each week over the course of a year.
    Week 19 is a live performance of She's Out Of Reach
    Subscribe to this channel now, and see below for lyrics and links to Mark's other websites

    She's on a beach
    The light hits her hair
    She's on a flight
    Holding my stare
    She's just a dream
    I try to share
    And I'll fall tonight
    Oh so aware

    That she's out reach
    And I'm in her hands
    Cause I feel her moving and breathing, deceiving
    Cause she's never there

    She drapes the night,
    Her shadows on freeze,
    A moonlit delight,
    A bitter so sweet,

    She's out of reach
    And I'm in a wreck
    Cause I see her moving and breathing, deceiving,
    Cause she's never there

    She's on a beach
    The light hits her hair
    She's on a flight
    Holding my stare

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    a surfear auuuu!!!!

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    Mark Harmon is sexy!


    Mark Harmon is finest sexyman.

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    Mark Harmon - Runaway ♥♥♥


    My new video abou my fav. actor Mark Harmon! ♥♥♥
    Well I hope you will like it =)

    I did not own pics, clips and music =D


    Music by Cascada - Runaway =)

    Lots of scenes are by NCIS =)

    Follow us on Facebook :

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    Mark Harmon in Moonlighting Maddies Turn to Cry


    Office scene, Mark Harmon in Moonlighting Maddie's Turn to Cry, with Maddie and David.

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    NCIS Star Mark Harmon on Tailing Special Agents and Pilates.


    NCIS Star Mark Harmon on Tailing Special Agents and Pilates.

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    Moonlighting : Mark Harmon as Sam Crawford meet David


    Moonlighting : Mark Harmon as Sam Crawford meet David.
    Season 3 Episode 11 Blonde on Blonde (1987-02-03)
    Sam (Mark Harmon) meets David (Bruce Willis) outside Maddie's house

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    Gibbs & Abby - Men in black


    (este video es shipper gabby de la serie de NCIS este video no infringe copyright ya que esta hecho para entretener a los fans en los que yo me incluyo de esta pedazo de serie)

    la cancion de men in black es de will smith

    la musica pertenece a Sony Music Entertainment

    //NCIS and its characters are the property of Belisarius Productions, Paramount Pictures and CBS.

    NCIS y sus actores son propiedad de belisarius productions, Paramount Pictures y CBS


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    Mark Harmon on Letterman-1988


    Thanks to a2zgramma & mchnelson for providing these awesome & rare interviews!!! Mark talks about childhood with Letterman. Quite interesting!

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    Mark Harmon Deleted scene chasing liberty


    Deletes scene of the movie Chasing Liberty with Mark Harmon(gibbs in ncis) and Caroline Goodall.

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    NCIS Star Michael Weatherly on Funniest Fan Request


    Actor Michael Weatherly, best known as NCIS Agent Tony DiNozzo, stopped by The Grove to dish with Extra's Maria Menounos about the upcoming episode and to answer some great fan questions.

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    tony vs. gibbs: singing ;)


    This is a video with Tony and Gibbs , each other sings Luck to be a lady by Frank Sinatra ...
    I only made the video, ... the clips and the music don's belong me...
    Have a nice look ...
    Do you like it???

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    Official NCIS Soundtrack: NCIS Theme Remix


    Nyaa decided to upload because I got all the CDs of the soundtrack for Christmas xD