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    Lofi Hip Hop 24/7 🎧 Chill Study Beats Radio


    🎧 Welcome to our lofi hip hop livestream, full of mellow melodic beats perfect for studying, work, relaxing, smoking or focusing. Enjoy your stay. :)

    Last playlist update: March 20.
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    The Chillhop Cafe Stream is not gone:

    🎧 About the lofi hip hop playlist 🎧
    650+ handpicked tracks. Track titles are in the top left.
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    📷 Background visual 📷
    From anime 'Wolf Children'

    Thanks to Axian ( ), Izzy, Philanthrope & Chilledcow.

    Genres: lofi hiphop / jazzy hip hop

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    Chillstep · Melodic Dubstep · Chill Music · Study Music | Mixhound 24/7 Livestream!


    Welcome to the livestream, hope you enjoy your stay!

    - If you wish to support the stream you can do so at this link:

    - Rules
    No hate towards anyone in the chat
    No excessive / ual roleplaying
    No racism
    No ism
    No spamming
    No self-promotion
    No excessive use of caps
    Try not to instigate arguments

    - Top Donators (thank you so much to everyone who donates)
    Indestructoyed - $150
    0littlearsonist0 - $75
    Jex Mask Reacts - $50
    Terrence - $50
    Kusshi - $50
    Kess x - $40
    Madison - $35
    Chrizzy - $30
    Charles - $30
    m - $30
    MGDConsumer - $20
    Jeseper - $20

    - Tracklist

    - If the stream ever goes down, don't worry it will always come back eventually, just under a new URL

    - Sources for the pictures:

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    ChillYourMind Radio • 24/7 Music Live Stream | Deep & Tropical House | Chill Out | Dance Music Mix


    ChillYourMind is live streaming the Best of Deep House & Vocal Deep House, Tropical House Music, Chill Out and Dance Music 24/7!
    ✌️ Add on Snapchat: cymsnap
    We hope you enjoy our non-stop party, share with your friends, click the like button and don't forget to Subscribe for more New Music almost daily!
    Much love.

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    ► This stream is ad-free (I'm not running any ads while streaming). If you want to support me and my channel, then feel free to donate:

    * Donations are appreciated but never needed.

    ▼ Stream Contributors / Donations ▼

    Missmaxe - $41.50 - I'm glad I do mate.

    Dunky13 - $31.20
    Rissa - $25
    ifarted69 - $11
    andynr13 - $10
    RobLo - $10
    Kitty - $10
    anonym8 - $10
    Holden - $5
    from luke..not..vader $5
    Ben x3 - $4
    philbaylog - $3
    Darjette Gotsketch - $2
    Freekd - $2
    Horunge - $2
    Springer - $2
    lukyivan - $2
    andrusha[md] - $2
    Sanderken - $1,50
    jessica - $1,05
    FraankyDA - $1
    ghettogoethe - $1
    sHu - $1
    VinhA - $1

    *Thank you guys so much, It really means the world to me.

    Thanks to Jay Alvarrez for photos, follow him here:

    Interested for YouTube Partnership + wanna start earning?
    Apply here:
    #deephouse #tropicalhouse #dance #radio #livestream #chillout #dancemusic #summer #music

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    Rae Sremmurd - Real Chill ft. Kodak Black


    Rae Sremmurd “SremmLife 2” available now
    Apple Music:
    Google Play:
    Target (includes 2 bonus tracks): Sremmlife 2:
    Rae Sremmurd newsletter:

    Music video by Rae Sremmurd performing Real Chill. (C) 2016 Eardruma/Interscope Records

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    Electro Posé Radio • 24/7 Music Live Stream | Electro Chill | Deep House


    ▶️⏺ Electro Posé Radio is a 24/7 live stream
    No advertisement No break, Only music !
    Subscribe to ElectroPosé here :

    The radio never stops, so do not hesitate to come back whenever you like! Wake up, at work, with family or friends. There is always a good reason to connect to the EPR (Electro Posé Radio) !

    ● Donation :
    Donate if you want to support us ❤️ (100% of the money collected will help us improve the Live Stream)
    ☛ Help us with a donation here :
    ☛ Aidez nous avec une donation ici :

    ♛ TOP Donation 💰:
    1 - Luca (50,00$) : Thanks a lot guys, I've been listening to your channel for years ! Keep the good work !
    2 - Ryū (35,00$) : Thomas the god ! François we love you and special thanks to the crazy happy band, Happy Halloween!
    3 - Sean (30,00$) : Finally! All is right will the world now. This is what we've all been waiting for!
    4 - Ryū (30,00$) : Merry Christmas from Internet explorer
    5 - ferris (20,00$) : Since years the best deep house! Support them!

    ♛ TOP active on the chat 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 :
    - Ryū
    - Pitons Pitons
    - Dragone
    - I'm the Law
    - maximilien lebeau
    - Joker Blackface
    - Dr.Pristersec
    - Paul Molamek
    - guigui :lP

    ● Our Social networks 🗣:
    ⚬ Electro Posé - Inside Your Minds
    II Facebook :
    II Spotify :
    II Soundcloud :
    II Twitter :
    III All Electro Posé videos :

    ● Chat Rules ⚠️
    No promotion
    No insult
    Speak English (not everyone speaks your language)
    Just love

    ● Radio updates
    ✔️ update 1.04 (16.01.2017): Events !!
    Add Live Events (bottom of the video) !
    New Background (with new animations)
    ✔️ update 1.03 (04.01.2017):
    New thumbnail
    Improved experience with a better connection to youtube
    ✔️ update 1.02 (26.12.2016): The more, the merrier
    We added more than a hundred new music !
    🔜 A better transitions between the tracks.
    🔜 100 more tracks will be added

    ● Technical Service
    If you have any issue or questions about the Radio, please don't hesitate to contact us at:
    If you want to submit your track or other track that you like contact us at :

    Thumbnail :

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    Rob $tone - Chill Bill ft. J.Davis & Spooks


    Rob $tone- Chill Bill ft. J.Davis & Spooks(Prod. Purpdogg)
    Directed By Alex Vibe

    Buy it on iTunes :

    Twitter/Instagram - @imstillstoned @iamjspooks @jdavis1207 @alxeczru

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    Chill Music Radio by Pulse8 ❤ Chillstep / Chillout / Ambient / Melodic / Euphoric


    Non-stop chill music by Pulse8! Chillstep / Chillout / Dubstep / DnB / Chill / Ambient / Euphoric / Relaxing / Vocal / Melodic Music ❤
    Support Pulse8 & help keep the stream alive:
    Almost daily mixes uploaded to Pulse8, why not subscribe & check them out!
    Chillstep / Chillout / Ambient / Melodic / Euphoric / Relaxing

    ✘ Commands
    !song - displays the track currently playing
    !subscribe - subscribe to pulse8
    !donate - support the stream
    !background - link to the current image being used
    !hi - hey

    ✘ Follow Pulse8

    Spotify Playlist:

    ✘ Rules
    1 - Be civil and respectful to each other, including staff
    2 - Cursing is OK but to some degree (i.e. NO cursing at someone, NO cursing in a derogatory unnecessary manner)
    3 - No self-advertising please whatsoever! (most likely lead to an immediate ban)
    4 - This is a chilled chat for everyone of all ages/genders/countries ect. Please no disturbing/controversial subjects.
    Breaking these simple rules will result in a timeout & possible ban. Pretty easy to keep it friendly :)

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    Sam King - Real Chill Remix


    Official Sam King Real Chill Remix Freestyle Onetake!
    Subscribe to TheBuffNerds: 
    #OneTake Videos: 

    Follow Sam King:

    »Instagram: @JakobOwens (
    »Twitter: @JakobOwens (

    »BuffNerds Video & Business Manual: 

    Canon 1dx markii:
    128GB cfast card:
    Canon 16-35mm f4 lens:
    Devin Graham Glidecam:
    G-Raid 8TB Harddrive:


    Credits: Music By: Sam King
    Produced by: BuffNerdsMedia
    Footage captured by: Jakob Owens 
    Location: LA

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    FREE Chill Rap beat Trap Instrumental Hip Hop Smooth 808 Trap beat 2017


    FREE Chill Rap beat Trap Instrumental Hip Hop Smooth 808 Trap beat 2017 ►GET FREE RAP BEAT INSTRUMENTAL & TRAP INSTRUMENTAL BEAT:
    ►Buy this Chill hip hop Trap instrumental without Tags:
    ►Help me reach 20.000 Subscribers in 2017:

    ►Share „LIFE IS GOOD Smooth Chill 808 Rap hip hop instrumental:

    My HipHop Playlists 2016 (2017) for non commercial use (uncopyrighted):

    ▶ Royalty Free 2016 Boss Sounds:
    (Untagged, Free for Use, royalty uncopyrighted, royalty)
    ▶ 808 Sounds:
    (808 Rap, Bass, Sub Bass, Bass Boosted, Dope, 808 bass)
    ▶ Type Sounds:
    (Drake type, Young Thug type, Travis Scott type, Future, Wiz Khalifa, Lex Luger, Drill, Asap)
    ▶ Hard Sounds:
    (Explosive, deep, Real best, Guitar, Hard, Epic, Aggressive, Best, Banger, Angry, sick)
    ▶ Classic Dark Sounds:
    (Dark, Choirs, Silent, Freestyle)
    ▶ Gangsta Sounds:
    (Gangster, Mafia, Thug, Life, Hater, Haters, Crime, Gangsta, Angry)
    ▶ Aggressive 2016 Sounds:
    (Aggressive, explosion, real hard, incredible, Dirty South,aggressive)
    ▶ Weed Smoking Sounds:
    (Weed, Dope, Smoke, Smoking, Gaming, Guitar, Kush, Blunted, Money, Chill, relaxing)
    ▶ Classic West Coast:
    (West, Coast, Dr.Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, WC, BIG)
    ▶ Old School Sounds:
    (Fast Oldschool, HipHop, Old-School, 90s, Real, Freestyle, Gaming)
    ▶ Piano:
    (Piano, Smooth Strings, Emotional, Sad, Inspirational, Motivational)
    With Snare Roll Sounds:
    (snare roll, snare, roll, rolls, snare, snare rolls)
    ▶ Sad/Slow:
    (Sad, Slow, Inspiring, emotional, storytelling, deep, Smooth)
    ▶ Simple Sounds:
    (Simple, Dope, Fresh, Crazy, Motivational, sick, Melancholic, dreamy)
    ▶ Epic Sounds / Gaming Music:
    (Gaming Music, Amazing, Epic, Urban, slow, popular, Smooth Epic, freestyle, Gaming Music)
    ▶ Ethnic Arabic different Sounds:
    (Ethnic, Oriental, Eastern, Turkish melancholic, Arabic Oriental, Turkish, Arab, slow Oriental)
    ▶ Love Sounds:
    (Piano, Soulful, Beautiful, Best, Inspiring, R&B, Amazing, Love, Emotional, Jazz)
    ▶ Boss Clips:
    (Video Clips, Studio or in Outdoor making/producing)
    ▶ With Hook:
    (With Hook, no Hook needed, verse only)
    ▶ Dope Sounds:
    (Dope, Fresh, Amazing, Funky, Banger, best, popular, Epic, different)

    I own copyright of all the music and it is also available on the YouTube channel. It can be used for the non profile purpose. You can easily check out the latest videos of different sounding on the official Boss YouTube video channel (

    ►Genres & artists:
    The genres list above can clearly explain fast our reach and expertise in all genres. We provides different styles of some of the popular artists like Drake, future, young thug, Eminem, chief keef, rick Ross, migos, Tyga, weeknd and metro boomin (Asap). Our artist list is small but the genre list still continues add it includes the original, amazing Oriental-Arabic mellow sounds with booming bass and orchestral drums which is coming with energetic and good melodic (catchy) Melody.

    ►Where i am:
    I started in 2010 uploading and making different tunes for you Guys. I upload (2016-2017) all sorts of Boss Trap and Rap Sounds, Aggressive, Real Catchy and Chill (slow) and Oriental (Arabic) tunes for non commercial use, also for creators who need Royalty uncopyrighted sounds.

    ►Download or buy Online:
    Downloads are available on our website without tags:

    All Rights Reserved to Boss Beats © 2010-2017 (2016)

    ►Imprint/Contact/Buy Online:

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    Chill Masters Radio ◆ Music Live Stream 24/7 ◆ Study, relax and everything


    ◆ Listen now Chill Masters on live and chill your mind anywhere, anytime!
    No ads, just chill music 24/7 for you ♪
    Regular updates.

    ◆ Listen more on Spotify:

    ◆ Tips:
    This stream is ad-free, we earn any money on it, you can help us with tips if you enjoy it! ♥

    We'll display our top donators here ▼
    *Donations are appreciated but never needed.

    ◆ Chat: Please use english :)

    You can interact with our bot:
    !label : Listen to our whole label catalog!
    !perso : Our latest music love
    !release: Check when is planed our next release with Chill Masters Records!
    !spotify : Check us on Spotify
    !videos : Enjoy all videos we've made
    !instagram : Check our profile!

    ◆Background : Animoplex

    NonCommercial use.

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    EAZY Smooth Trap Beat Instrumental 2017 | Chill Dope Rap Hiphop R&B Trap Type Beat | Free DL | TBC


    EAZY Smooth Trap Beat Instrumental 2017 | Chill Dope Rap Hiphop R&B Trap Type Beat | Free DL | TBC
    ➕ Subscribe:

    💰 Purchase | Download Link (Untagged & Instant Delivery):
    💎 Website:
    🎹 Drumkits:

    EAZY Smooth Trap Beat Instrumental 2017 | Chill Dope Rap Hiphop R&B Trap Type Beat | Free DL | TBC

    For untagged and/or any profitable use, please purchase a license:

    Want your beats promoted on The Beat Channel and/or sold in our commission beat store? Contact us: Promo@TheBeatChannel.Com

    You will get payed instantly via paypal as soon a purchase has been made. The Beat Channel only takes a 25% commission on each sale.


    ➕ Subscribe to Young Forever Beats:

    💎 Website:
    📨 Email:
    🔗 Twitter:
    📷 Instagram:
    👍 Facebook:
    🔊 Soundcloud:

    Uploading the following type beats / instrumentals every week:

    ✔️ Trap Beats
    ✔️ Rap Beats
    ✔️ Hiphop Beats
    ✔️ Drill Beats
    ✔️ Trap Soul Beats

    Make sure you subscribe now and get notified instantly when a new beat drops! ➕

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    Monstercat FM - 24/7 Electronic Dance Music Mix | Chill Out, Gaming & Background Radio Stream


    🎧 Thank you for tuning into Monstercat’s 24/7 Music Stream!
    * Please review our chat rules and help build a positive community

    🚨Chat Rules
    - No negativity towards anyone
    - Do not come here to troll people
    - Don't ask to become Mod
    - Don't spam or use excessive caps
    - Keep it a family environment
    - Only whitelisted links allowed
    - Roleplaying is not allowed
    - Don't make up fictional stories
    - Do not advertise your stream
    - No racism

    🎪 Upcoming Events
    MAR 26 - Monstercat Uncaged - Miami, FL -
    APR 13 - Monstercat Uncaged: Seasons 2017 - Vancouver, BC -
    JUL 21 - Monstercat Stage @ Tomorrowland - Belgium

    😺 Follow Monstercat
    Monstercat FM:

    🔊 Program Schedule
    Monstercat Podcast
    1PM PST / 4PM EST / 9PM GMT

    👕 Monstercat Shop

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