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    Lofi Hip Hop Radio 24/7 🎧 Chill Gaming / Study Beats


    Welcome to our lofi hip-hop livestream, full of mellow melodic beats perfect for studying, work, relaxing, smoking or focusing. Enjoy your stay. :)

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    !love ➟ Let everyone know that you 💗 the current track/song. (Also works with !like)
    !track ➟ Shows the name of the currently playing track.
    !uptime ➟ Shows the time since we started the stream.
    !spotify ➟ The Grand Sound's Spotify Information.
    !social ➟ List The Grand Sound's social pages.
    !report MESSAGE ➟ Report errors in the live stream to our team.

    Thanks to everyone for the donations. The artists deserve it more than we do though. Find their Bandcamp / iTunes, purchase their music, support them. Thank you ♥ :)

    Background visual from anime 'Wolf Children':

    Useful Links:
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    Special thanks to Axian ( ), Izzy, Philanthrope & Chilledcow.

    Genres: lofi hiphop / jazzy hip hop

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    Music Radio | 24/7 Live Stream | Trap, Gaming, Chill, Dubstep, Electro, EDM


    Support the stream: Vibes Radio

    Support the stream:

    Donations go directly towards bettering the channel as a whole they aren't for the stream itself. Please keep this in mind when donating. They help with artworks, designs, animations and more. Donations are completely optional and watching the stream is more than enough support.

    Top Monthly Donator:
    ● May: ValBae: $100
    ● June: ValBae: $100
    ● July: ValBae: $100
    ● August: TheCloudStrike: $200
    ● September: TheCloudStrike: $100

    Vibes Social Links:

    ● Submissions:
    ● Business Inquiries:

    Stream Rules:
    ● No advertising
    ● No links in main chat
    ● No large walls of text
    ● No harassing (of any nature)
    ● No racism
    ● No spam
    Any of these can result in a timeout and or banning

    ● Thumbnail: (Artist decided to take down their artwork link)
    ● Animation:

    ● Copyright Issues:

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    CHILL RADIO  24/7


    ♦ Thank you for being here, I hope you enjoy these beautiful and relax music.
    ♥ Donation/Tip ♥ PAYPAL:

    ♦ Current song:

    ♥ Calm radio:

    ♦ Genres:
    - Lofi HipHop
    - Vaporwave
    - Chill
    - ambient
    - Electronic
    - simpsonwave
    - Witchouse

    ♦ Official Discord:

    ♦ Send me your tracks:

    ♦♦ Night mode:

    ♦ Contact me:

    ♦ Playlist: SOON

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    Chillstep, Melodic Dubstep, Study Music, Chill, Gaming | Mixhound 24/7 Music Livestream!


    Welcome to the livestream, hope you enjoy your stay! shirts :

    - If you wish to support the stream you can do so at this link:

    - Rules
    No hate towards anyone in the chat
    No excessive / ual roleplaying
    No racism
    No ism
    No spamming
    No trolling
    No self-promotion
    No excessive use of caps
    Try not to start drama or arguments

    - Top Donators (thank you so much to everyone who donates)
    Avery Wilson - $300
    Indestructoyed - $150
    0littlearsonist0 - $75
    Jex Mask Reacts - $50
    Terrence - $50
    Kusshi - $50
    Kess x - $40
    Flatline Jack - $35
    Madison - $35
    Chrizzy - $30
    Charles - $30
    m - $30
    LeCat - $25
    Danzzoo - $20
    MGDConsumer - $20
    Jeseper - $20

    - If the stream ever goes down, don't worry it will always come back eventually, just under a new URL

    Artwork provided by Unsplash artists:

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    Get The Sound Radio • 24/7 Music Live Stream | Deep | Chill | Tropical | Future


    Get The Sound Radio is a Music live stream, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No ads, no interruptions, only music.

    Subscribe for more :

    Our SPOTIFY :

    Get The Sound' Socials
    ☛ Facebook :
    ☛ Soundcloud :
    ☛ Twitter :
    ☛ Instagram :
    ☛ Snapchat :

    Get The Sound Records :
    ● Beauvois - Marks (EP) :
    ● Sense - Esper (EP) :
    ● Megan - Alone :

    Our playlists :
    ✓Get The Sound | Best Of :
    ✓ Deep | Chill :
    ✓ Saxo :
    ✓ Tropical :
    ✓ Future | Chillstep :
    ✓ Beat | Hip Hop :
    ✓ Electronic | World :

    ♦︎ BOT Commands 🔥 :
    !hello !hi : Say Hello
    !love : Free Hug
    !playlist : Links you our playlists on Spotify
    !mixtape : Listen to ou Mixtapes on Soundcloud
    !facebook : Join the family

    ♦︎ Frequent updates are planned :
    - Improvements to transitions between the tracks
    - New tracks every weeks
    - Actually more than 650 tracks (latest update : 20/09/17)

    ♦︎ Chat Rules :
    No insults, just love
    No promotions

    ♦︎ Technical Services :
    If you have any questions or propositions of updates, please don’t hesitate to contact us through chat or by email :

    ♦︎ Litigation, Rights :
    If a producer or label has an issue with any of the tracks streamed, please get in contact with us ( and we will delete it immediately.

    Genres : Deep, Chill, Tropical, Future, Lofi

    #Livestream #music radio #Live music stream #chill music radio
    #chill music

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    CHILL MUSIC 24/7 by PULSE8 QHD ❤ Chillstep / Chillout / Ambient / Melodic / Euphoric / Relaxing


    Support the stream: Working up a sweat? I've teamed up with Native Natural Deodorant to give everybody enjoying the stream 10% off!
    Enter the code 'PULSE8' for a sweet 10% off:

    Support Pulse8 & help keep the stream alive:
    Almost daily mixes uploaded to Pulse8, why not subscribe & check them out!
    Chillstep / Chillout / Ambient / Melodic / Euphoric / Relaxing

    ✘ Commands
    !hi - say hi to nightbot!
    !song - displays the current song
    !subscribe - subscribe to pulse8
    !support - donation link to support Pulse8 & the stream

    ✘ Follow Pulse8

    Spotify Playlist:

    ✘ Rules
    1 - Be civil and respectful to each other, including staff
    2 - Cursing is OK but to some degree (i.e. NO cursing at someone, NO cursing in a derogatory unnecessary manner)
    3 - No self-advertising please whatsoever! (most likely lead to an immediate ban)
    4 - This is a chilled chat for everyone of all ages/genders/countries ect. Please no disturbing/controversial subjects.
    Breaking these simple rules will result in a timeout & possible ban. Pretty easy to keep it friendly :)

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    Kemal Palevi - Stay Chill


    Lagu Stay Chill adalah salah satu lagu yang ada di album #EVOLUSI gue, yang sebentar lagi bakalan rilis. Di album #EVOLUSI , gue bener2 ber- Evolusi dalan segi musikalitas. Seperti yang kalian tonton di clip ini :))




    Dengerin gue dan Patra Gumala di 98.7 GEN FM setiap hari Senin sampai Jumat jam 16.00-20.00 WIB, ada DJ SORE, Di Jalan Sore Sore! \m/
    Streaming :
    Download 98.7 GEN FM App di :
    Android :
    iOS :

    Follow gue di sosmed ini juga ya :

    Follow & Subscribe my Band 'THE GANIA' :

    For Business Inquiries :
    @DananDNA +6281320631691

    My videos are intended for fun, parental advisory is compulsory for viewers under 18. My pranks, humours, other videos may not be suitable for those overly sensitive people with low self-esteem, and different view sense of humour. I have obtain the consent of pranked targets (if there's any) in this video. I should not be held responsible for any reactions that may or may not happen to you after watching my videos.


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    lofi hip-hop radio - relaxing beats to study/chill/sleep to


    Welcome to our 24/7 lofi hip-hop live stream. Thank you for tuning in. Relax and enjoy.

    If you missed the name of a track you liked simply rewind a little to find the name on the top left. :)

    Visual by: @Kovlancer


    What is this?
    A place to come listen to some chill tunes, chat and relax.

    How many tracks?
    Stream playlist contains over 400 carefully hand picked tracks.

    What song is this?
    Artist and Track names are listed on the top left corner. (If it isn't showing track using command !song)

    Do you have a Spotify playlist?
    Yes! Here is the link:


    Social Media Links:

    #24/7 #lofihiphop #lofi #studybeats #relaxingradio

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    💓 24/7 Lofi Hip Hop Radio - Sweet & Chill Beats to Love, Sleep, Study


    Welcome to the UMZ 24/7 Lofi Hip Hop Radio; we play the #1 sweet, chill beats for you to fall in love, sleep, and study. Hope you enjoy your stay!


    Yes, we have a Spotify playlist:

    Join us on Discord! You can talk to me personally live and ask for song requests.

    Where did you get this GIF?
    The amazing Alex.

    What songs do you play?
    Here, you will find sweet lofi hip hop/jazzhop/chillhop music. These beats are great for relaxing, studying, reading, feeling mellow, and chilling.

    How many tracks?
    We re-created a new playlist and carefully collected ~400 songs. We're deleting and adding new tracks everyday. It's very selective and we hope you'll like it :)

    Song name?
    At the top left corner. If you missed it, you can either scroll back in the video or check out the last played:


    💖 Help us keep going!

    *Donation messages will be shown on the screen for ~10 seconds. This will help us pay off the dedicated PC, internet, and electricity for the stream. Can't donate? Subscribing and liking the radio is enough! Thank you for your support!

    CA$2 Shaley - We Are Back!
    US$2 Mr.Krispy Kreme Chant with me brothers, Fuck Justin!

    🏨 UMZ

    🤖 Nightbot Commands
    !roses (name)
    !kiss (name)
    !cookies (name)
    !slap (name)

    Like this radio? Don't like this radio? Got suggestions? Please give us your feedback!

    Artists contact me for any reasons (delete a song, submit your art/music,...) at

    As always, thanks for listening!

    안녕! 환영 합니다, 나는 당신이 즐기 시기 바랍니다. 듣기 주셔서 감사 합니다.

    Genres: lofi hip-hop / jazhop /chillhop / 로파이 / 감성힙합

    #lofihiphop #lofi #chillhop #chill #chillmusic #studymusic #lovemusic #gamingmusic

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    24/7 lofi hip hop radio - beats to chill/study/relax


    welcome ! this radio is only smooth and chill based
    lofi hip hop / beats playing. I hope everyone here is well.
    thank you for listening !

    어서오세요 ! 이 라디오는 잔잔하고 차분함을 기반으로 한
    로파이 힙합 / 비트만이 재생됩니다. 저는 여기 오신 모든 분들이
    안정 되시기를 바랍니다. 들어주셔서 감사합니다 !


    ● 2017/09/20 Update Notes (업데이트 노트) :

    - added 16 song, total 759 songs, total playtime 27:50:31.
    - created a channel community. ( )
    - full playlist update.

    - 16곡을 추가하여 총 759곡, 총 재생시간 27:50:31 입니다.
    - 채널 커뮤니티를 개설하였습니다. ( )
    - 풀 플레이리스트를 갱신하였습니다.


    ● mellowbeat Seeker :

    ● contact & submission :

    ● image :
    Sailor Moon

    ● full playlist :

    ● FAQ :

    ● community :

    ● donations :


    most content has been permitted to use,
    but if a problem is raised and
    there are artists or songs that you wish to delete,
    anytime please contact

    대부분의 콘텐츠는 사용이 허가되고 있습니다만,
    문제가 제기되고 삭제를 원하는 아티스트와 곡이 있다면,
    언제든지 로 문의해주세요.


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    ChillYourMind Radio • 24/7 Music Live Stream | Deep & Tropical House | Chill Out | Dance Music Mix


    ChillYourMind Radio • 24/7 Music Live Stream | Deep & Tropical House | Chill Out | Dance Music Mix
    ChillYourMind is live streaming the Best of Deep House & Vocal Deep House, Tropical House Music, Chill Out and Dance Music 24/7! Perfect for studying / study music, relax / relax music, summer music

    ➜ You can find all of our songs from the radio in our Spotify:

    ➜ Add on Snapchat: cymsnap

    Don't forget to Subscribe for more new music daily! We upload quality fresh vibes such as Vocal Dance Chill House, Deep House, Tropical House, Chill House, chill music, chill out, nu disco, indie, dance music, chillout, lo fi, chilledcow, study music, relax music, summer music.. and many many more!

    We hope you enjoy our non-stop party, share with your friends, click the like button and don't forget to Subscribe for more New Music almost daily!
    Much love.

    • Subscribe:
    • Deep House Playlist:
    • Tropical House Playlist:

    ➜ Spotify Playlists/Livestream Playlist:

    ► Follow Chill Your Mind
    • Follow us on Spotify:
    • Snapchat:
    • FB:
    • Twitter
    • SoundCloud:
    • Instagram:

    COMMANDS for Nightbot
    !song - current song playing

    ► This stream is ad-free (I'm not running any ads while streaming). If you want to support me and my channel, then feel free to donate:

    * Donations are appreciated but never needed.

    ▼ Stream Contributors / Donations ▼

    1:ColonChristian - $200 - THANK YOU! Yes, I will, this keeps me motivated and i'll try even harder now! Much love man.

    2: xdedds*x $105 - Thank you Anna, I really appreciate it and I'm glad that you like our stream! Much love.

    3: Brayden Ainzuain - $50 - Thank you, I will! much love

    StephenH - $42.50
    Mikey_Marroquin - $42
    Missmaxe - $41.50
    Dunky13 - $31.20
    Rissa - $25
    Raphael Roel - $15
    Bilelx - $12
    ifarted69 - $11
    dudumeira - $10
    sergio - $10
    Jhnlsn - $10
    JanL - $10
    Anonym - $10
    Kaso - $10
    Travis Dalziel - $10
    andynr13 - $10
    RobLo - $10
    Kitty - $10
    anonym8 - $10
    Vladimir Putin - $8 hahha
    TY for no ads - $7
    SuphulSel - $5 Thank you, merch is in the work too.
    Mihai - $5
    colettekellyyy - $5
    nibblenlp - $5
    Masi - $5
    Holden - $5
    from luke..not..vader $5
    Ben x3 - $4
    philbaylog - $3
    Johan Virt - $3
    xXDaniXx - $2
    JeyFuerty - $2
    Darjette Gotsketch - $2
    Freekd - $2
    Horunge - $2
    Springer - $2
    lukyivan - $2
    andrusha - $2
    Sanderken - $1,50
    GyaradosMyFish - $1
    Sal Praveen - $1 - heyy cym, Jill marie, catalin, tariq, supuhsel.....great work. keep going !! luv u guys...
    SankYou - $1
    Nexloh - $1
    axel - $1
    7clouds - $1
    Bjorn Beukes - $1 haha that's fine mate, thanks!
    jessica - $1,05
    blade - $1
    FraankyDA - $1
    ghettogoethe - $1
    sHu - $1
    VinhA - $1

    Thank you guys so much, It really means the world to me.

    • Photo: Shoot With Kitty

    Thanks to Jay Alvarrez for photos, follow him here:

    #deephouse #tropicalhouse #dance #radio #livestream #chillout #dancemusic #summer #music #chilledcow #lofi

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    Timeflies - Raincoat ft. Shy Martin


    ⬇️️ Download 'Timeflies - Raincoat (Ashworth Remix)' • Coming Soon
    Follow us on Spotify •

    ♫ Support Chill Nation

    ♫ Follow Ashworth

    ♫ Follow Timeflies

    ♫ Follow Shy Martin

    Background 📷 •

    © For copyright issues, please email me on

    Tags •

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    College Music · 24/7 Live Radio · Study Music · Chill Music · Calming Music


    Welcome to our 24/7 Radio station. A never ending stream of your favourite tracks whenever, wherever. All day, everyday.
    Any donation, however big or small will thoroughly help us keep the stream running.
    Donate here via Streamtip:
    Donate here via Paypal:

    Follow our Spotify playlist here:

    *Artist and song name displayed in the bottom left corner of the video.*
    *Sharing, liking and commenting on the stream really helps others discover so please help us out by doing so.*
    *If you enjoy the live radio, feel free to subscribe to show your appreciation:

    Keep enjoying the music,

    CM x

    ➤ Update 10/09/17 More music + new animated visuals and more visible artist/song titles
    ➤ Update 02/04/17 Lots of new music now in playlist :) ~
    ➤ Update 04/03/17 Added in new visuals ~

    College Music · 24/7 Live Radio · Study Music · Chill Music · Calming Music
    ● Spotify ▸
    ● Facebook ▸
    ● Twitter ▸
    ● Soundcloud ▸
    ● Snapchat ▸
    College Music - Discover the undiscovered

    » Don't Forget To Subscribe:

    ▬ Bot Commands ▬
    !love » Show some love for the Radio!
    !donate » Help us keep the stream going!
    !weather enterlocation » Tells you the weather at the location specified
    !shareit » Generates a Twitter link to share
    !social » Shows College Music social media links
    !subscribe » Gives you a link to subscribe to our channel
    !contact » Send us a private message
    !rules » Help familiarize yourself with our chat rules
    !hug » Feeling lonely?
    !hug entername » Send a hug to a certain someone
    !funny » Our bot's funniest quote of the day

    ▬ Donators List ▬
    Ollie Cook
    Tony Algridas
    Anca Vadan
    Ben Turvey
    Just Call Me Jasper
    Anton Svensson
    Flo France FFS2
    Florian K
    Suntuoso Caliblah
    Angela Joy

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    Jhene Aiko - Psilocybin


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    Jhene Aiko - Oblivion


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    🎧24/7 CHILL IN JAPAN Radio 無線 🎧 🚌💨B L A Z E B U S💨


    Phonk - lofi hip hop - chill Trap and Experimental Bass Music with visuals mixed by RyanCelsius and friends.
    Support on Patreon :
    Discord chat :

    ATTENTION SUBS AND ARTISTS! --- Planning a Submission stream day where I play nothing but submissions from subscribers or artists. Please follow me on twitter or soundcloud so I can keep track and submit tracks to with 'SUBMISSION' and your name in the subject. Date is tba.

    SUBMISSIONS -- Follow @RyanCelsius on twitter

    Chat Rules
    1. No disrespect
    2. No politics / religion / spam / trolls
    3. No self promo

    ❤️️ If you love this please feel free to throw your money at the screen / donate -

    Tracklists and music:


    ▶▶Moderators / Inner Circle ▶▶

    ▶▶Top Donators:▶▶ #​T u n n e l B o i z
    $105.00 Imcronk : Love it This is amazing
    $50 joshtubes : #T u n n e l B o i z love the tunes love the chat moe murda
    $50 bluue_binary Best audio/visual mixes on YT: lo-fi beats/vapor/trap Music & visuals (thumbs/gifs/vids/streams) well curated!. love the font craftwork
    $50 Muchabn : T u n n e l B o i z R e p r e s e n t
    $25+ $20: Tunnel-Boiz4lyfe: TCharlieA you have started something....
    $5 + $5 + $26 : TCharlieA : TunnelBoyz 4 Lyfe BlazeBus Forever I must compete
    $ 3 x 10 - ZACH JAMISON - fucking honor me
    $25: Bryan Knapp Loving the creative visuals man.
    $20: herb there is no tracklist it's his soundcloud on random
    $20: POLO-Plays! :reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    $20: Tchazzla : I'm gay!
    $15: SnowPoppa For not only having just the best lofi stream audio and visually but not just feeling it with Simpson memes and not caring. Keep it up.
    $15: JakeMarks Thanks for the chill tunes my dude.
    $13.37: UserName Damson where'd ya find this? !! ~Chat is lit fam~

    $ : Smiley
    $ : DHPhotoVideo
    $20.00 : bradc58 Put me on the dam Donator List

    $10: the _accidental_poet
    $10: Ashlyn-XnylhsA-Gadow : cheers
    $10: Jonathan_Simon 'Your stream is perfect for chilling and studying. I've been driving around Japan for hours. KEEP IT UP BRO
    $10: Sottomatic Freshness. You have the best streams and mixes. Don't stop.
    $10: Darrel Bryan
    $10: Xnylhsa feel like i owe you after listening to this stream and ch for a week straight, keep driving
    €8.50 TonioAA: So so good, sound mostly, video great bonus, Keep it up !! (and no adds is cool, thats why i donate)
    $7: FrankTheTank :
    $5: Kirkendall : You popped up on my recommended. Good stuff! Keep it up.
    $5: ASFALT21 :Absolutely amazing channel, so great for listening to in the background and even when watching a movie or gaming streams, this type of music just works. Favourites are lo-fi rap beats.
    $5 : GinsengDoge - Adam und josh stinken
    $5 : Abs0lutTrah - Getting out of the Military next week, sending good vibes all
    $5 : Awuwish - This kind of curation is really great. I rarely find (maybe never have found ...) such a consistent stream of music. Well done.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~420 club~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    $4.20 : Seth Wright #TUNNELBOIZ
    $4.20 : Mauricio Portasio
    $4.20 x 4 : Negrodamus
    $4.20 + $4.20 : TCharlieA: Wharf Rats Never Die
    $4.20: TheNoahMoore
    $4.20 nunyadangtube : Thanks so much for the stream
    $4.20 : cwclynes #blazebus MuchChill
    $4.20 : GraveD1gger - I listen at work and at home. High or Sober. Night or Day. #blazebus is the one!
    $4.20 : Vorumm - Been helping me through finals. This is the least I can do.
    $4.20 : illhavethemixedvegetables - thanks for the dope music constantly. big ups, chef.
    $4.20 : mellovated : yo keep on doin you Ryan, you're the best one out here and write the soundtracks for every bump session, smoke session and game session. B L A Z E B U S S T A Y M E L L O V A T E D
    $4.20: JackCycling : Great stream. #blazebus all the way. Stick on some Yung Vamp.
    $4.20 : RigG3d : try to get these mixes on spotify so i have new playlist for high driving in los angeles/orange county ca
    $4.20 : Hunter Killerer - Keep doing what you're doing.
    $4.20 : Krism
    $4.20 : jakelikesnaps thanks for the beats man:thumbs

    Bother me on social media things
    twitter: @RyanCelsius
    IG: @Ryan.Celsius
    SnapChat: ryancelsius

    카페음악, 로파이, 로파이 힙합, 24시간, 배경음악, 라디오, 비트, 잔잔한 음악, 공부할 때, 듣기 좋은 음악, 편안한 음악, 연주곡

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    Take a Chill Pill - 24/7 💊 lofi hip hop, beats to relax/study/chill


    Welcome to our live radio, hope you enjoy your stay! [24/7 live streaming radio] we play all kind of beats, mainly electronic, hip hop, oldschool and future music.
    ✎ updates:

    ♞ Huge thanks to for powering our stream!

    Donations for keeping the livestream alive and some treats for you:

    Illustration by amazing Maori Sakai

    ►what we play?
    1000+ songs,
    old is new again - jazzhop, chillhop, lofi hip hop
    future is now - future bass, future sound, ambient, electronic

    ► when we started streaming?
    February, 2017.

    ► who are we?
    music channel, but a bit more personal. Everything you see here, the visual side of it, is made by us during our traveling.
    audio-visual blog
    two girls, one passion, always with cameras in our hands
    shooting music videos :)
    first live youtube radio in the Czech Republic
    connecting music from all around the world with our visual content.

    ► where you can find us?
    Buy our prints:

    [ Disclaimer ]
    All music used with permission. If you have questions about this music, please contact the artist directly. All other inquiries, email:

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    Homework Radio 🍀 New Songs Added! | 24/7 Lofi ambient & hip hop radio - beats to chill & study to🎧


    Support the stream: it's easy to join the Homework Radio club - Just click SUBSCRIBE...its free! Please help this live stream grow with a share & like🍀

    Welcome to my lofi chillhop & hip hop livestream. I've put everything I have into creating a fantastic experience full of mellow melodic rich beats perfect for studying, work, relaxing or focusing. Enjoy your stay - MANY of the songs are my own edits 👌 My stream sounds best with headphones 🎧

    Please feel free to use my radio station in gaming livestream's for background music etc! My music is safe to use (a link or credit to the stream would be very kind)

    🙏Recent donations: bluefrancis14 (£2.90), Timothy Paxton ($1.00), Amaan D. ($2.99), Vincent B. ($2.99), Angela P. ($3.00), Sergio S. ($1.00), Matt Rogers ($7.00), zei sri zen (£17.00)

    Thanks you for listening, I hope you will have a good time here and get along with each other!
    (Sorry if the stream crashes, just refresh the page and it should be online again)

    Rules: Please keep swearing to a minimum, please be friendly and kind to other listeners, please do not spam with comments like come see my channel. Most of us just want to enjoy the music and nice vibe

    🌷How long will this be online?
    A very long time as long as my PC does not crash/internet goes down.

    🌹What is this music genre?
    main genre : Chillhop
    other genres : lofi/Hip-hop/ambiant/electronic

    🌻What is this super chat button?
    Its a donation button

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    Summer Chill & Lounge Radio • 24/7 Chillout Music Live Stream | Deep & Lounge House Music Mix


    24-7 chillout music stream, the best way to chill your mind with the best music. Live stream music radio live music online.

    Chillout & Lounge Radio • 24/7 Chillout Music Live Stream | Deep & Lounge House Music Mix.

    Chill & Lounge Radi is live streaming the Best of Lounge, House & Chillout Relaxing Music, 24/7!

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    Playlist - Best Chill Music for Relaxation

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