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    lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to


    ➤ Thank you for listening, I hope you will have a good time here :)
    *apologize if the stream crashes sometimes, I don't know how to fix that, just refresh the page and it should be online again*

    ➤ Check out Lophee (lofi hiphop channel), she helped me to find tracks/setup the livestream :

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    ➤full playlist/support beatmakers : (20/02/2017)


    -What's the name of the song currently playing?
    The name is indicated in the top left corner of the video

    -How many tracks played?

    I edit the playlist each day

    -When did you start streaming?
    5th february

    -How long will this be online?
    as long as my pc doesn't crash it should be online :)

    -What is this music genre?
    main genre : lofi hiphop
    other genres : chillhop/ambiant/electronic...

    -Where is this image from?
    it's a looped gif from whisper of the heart (anime movie)

    -What is this super chat button?
    The super chat button is some sort of donation button

    ➤lofi mixes [10mn] (Lophee)

    ➤lofi mixes [30mn] (ChilledCow)

    ➤Any questions? ask in the chat or contact me via mail

    ➤If any artist/label has issue with his music being include in the stream, please contact me by mail. (description of my channel)

    ➤If you're a beatmaker and want to be include in the livestream, please send me your tracks via soundcloud only.

    ➤Contact :

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    Chamillionaire - Hip Hop Police ft. Slick Rick


    Music video by Chamillionaire performing Hip Hop Police. (C) 2007 Universal Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc.

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    Lofi Hip Hop 24/7 🎧 Chill Study Beats Radio


    🎧 = ❤️️
    Welcome to our lofi hip hop livestream, full of mellow melodic beats perfect for studying, work, relaxing, smoking or focusing. Enjoy your stay. :)

    The Chillhop Cafe Stream is not gone:

    🎧 About the playlist 🎧
    650+ handpicked tracks. Track titles are in the top left.
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    Some Nightbot commands aren't working correctly yet, sorry for that.

    📷 Background visual 📷
    From anime 'Wolf Children'
    At 10k Likes I'll make it into a gif for you guys. :)

    Thanks to Axian ( ), Izzy, Philanthrope & Chilledcow.

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    Czech Vibes Radio - hip hop, lofi, relax beats and electro


    welcome to our live radio, hope you enjoy your stay! [24/7 live streaming radio]
    if the stream doesn't work, try to refresh the page and wait for a while! Thank you.
    pictures taken by us.

    ►what we play?
    old is new again - jazzhop, chillhop, lofi hip hop
    future is now - future bass, future sound, ambient, electronic

    ► who are we?
    - music channel
    - first live youtube radio in the Czech Republic
    - two girls, one passion, always with cameras in our hands
    - videography/photography
    - connecting music from all around the world with our visual content from our traveling.
    - this is our little music community, don't hesitate to submit your own track!
    Czech Republic and @ll over the world.

    ► where you can find us?
    Buy our prints:

    [ Disclaimer ]
    All music used with permission. If you have questions about this music, please contact the artist directly. All other inquiries, email: czechvibessound@gmail.com

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    Cardi B & Offset are the new Love and Hip Hop couple! On Instagram in Atlanta! Videos on WSHH Live.


    Cardi B and Offset are the new love and hip hop couple. They went to instagram to show them hanging out on WSHH, Worldstar, and Instagram. Would you live to see this couple on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta?

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    Dead Prez Hip Hop


    Revolution style video directed by Brian Beletic. Ipod compatible video.

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    Hip Hop Dut | SAYANG


    JIka sempat...silahkan kunjungi website sy di Sobat akan menemukan banyak yg km sukai disana......swear !

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    Hip Hop Dut | LUNGSET


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    Chillhop Cafe 🎧 Jazzy Instrumental hip hop Beats


    🎧 Enjoy our 24/7 Stream of the best Jazzy hip hop, Instrumental Hip hop and lofi hiphop. :)
    🎧 Check our other livestream with more calming music here:

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    Official: Issey Kehte Hain Hip Hop Full Video Song | Yo Yo Honey Singh | World Music Day


    T-Series presents to you the full video of Issey Kehte Hain Hip Hop by none other than Yo Yo Honey Singh. So put your party shoes ON and sing with us Issey Kehte Hain Hip Hop Hip Hop.

    Click to share on Facebook -

    Song Name - Issey Kehte Hain Hip Hop
    Singer - Yo Yo Honey Singh (Featuring Lil Golu)
    Music Director - Yo Yo Honey Singh
    Music Mixed & Master - Vinod Verma
    Lyrics - Yo Yo Honey Singh and Lil Golu
    Presentation - Anup Kumar
    Video - Gifty
    Mix & Master - Vinod Verma
    Wardrobe by - Brown Boys Fashion
    Music on T-Series

    Buy from iTunes:

    Enjoy and stay connected with us!!

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    Set Issey Kehte Hai Hip Hop as your caller tune - sms HPHP1 To 54646

    Set Million Dollors - Issey Kehte Hai Hip Hop as your caller tune - sms HPHP2 To 54646

    Set Pehela Gana Suna - Issey Kehte Hai Hip Hop as your caller tune - sms HPHP3 To 54646

    Operator Codes:

    1) Issey Kehte Hai Hip Hop

    Vodafone Subscribers Dial 5375214967
    Airtel Subscribers Dial 5432114153756
    Reliance Subscribers Dial 595017845
    Idea Subscribers Dial 567895214967
    Tata DoCoMo Subscribers sms SET 5214967 to 543211
    Aircel Subscribers sms DT 2272199  To 53000
    BSNL (South / East) Subscribers sms BT 5214967 To 56700
    BSNL (North / West) Subscribers sms BT 2272199 To 56700
    Virgin Subscribers sms TT 5214967 To 58475
    MTS Subscribers sms CT 87534781 to 55777
    Uninor Subscribers sms ACT CT 0813445 to 51234
    MTNL Subscribers sms PT 5214967 To 56789

    2) Million Dollors - Issey Kehte Hai Hip Hop

    Vodafone Subscribers Dial 5375214961
    Airtel Subscribers Dial 5432114153753
    Reliance Subscribers Dial 595017846
    Idea Subscribers Dial 567895214961
    Tata DoCoMo Subscribers sms SET 5214961 to 543211
    Aircel Subscribers sms DT 2272200  To 53000
    BSNL (South / East) Subscribers sms BT 5214961 To 56700
    BSNL (North / West) Subscribers sms BT 2272200 To 56700
    Virgin Subscribers sms TT 5214961 To 58475
    MTS Subscribers sms CT 87534782 to 55777
    Uninor Subscribers sms ACT CT 0813446 to 51234
    MTNL Subscribers sms PT 5214961 To 56789

    3) Pehela Gana Suna - Issey Kehte Hai Hip Hop

    Vodafone Subscribers Dial 5375214965
    Airtel Subscribers Dial 5432114153754
    Reliance Subscribers Dial 595017847
    Idea Subscribers Dial 567895214965
    Tata DoCoMo Subscribers sms SET 5214965 to 543211
    Aircel Subscribers sms DT 2272201  To 53000
    BSNL (South / East) Subscribers sms BT 5214965 To 56700
    BSNL (North / West) Subscribers sms BT 2272201 To 56700
    Virgin Subscribers sms TT 5214965 To 58475
    MTS Subscribers sms CT 87534783 to 55777
    Uninor Subscribers sms ACT CT 0813447 to 51234
    MTNL Subscribers sms PT 5214965 To 56789

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    Masa Lalu - Hip Hop Dangdut


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    Ombladon - Hip Hop Romanesc


    Pentru cele mai noi clipuri Aboneaza-te/Subscribe!

    Ombladon - Hip Hop Romanesc (Official Video)


    2015, asta nu-i piesă de single
    E creată-n Colentina, deci nu e hip-hop de niggeri.
    Prin Bucureşti, pentru cei ce mă-nţeleg,
    Am trăit mulţi ani frumoşi, pe străzi, în acelaşi jeg.
    V-am văzut pe voi criticându-ne, curgeau rândurile,
    Că suntem comerciali, dar fugeaţi că târfele.
    V-aţi dus pe p***a târfelor, pa-pa
    Că mă ia cu hi hi hi că aţi semnat cu HaHaHa.
    Mi-am ascuns un topor în colţu' minţii,
    De-aia când auziţi de Paraziţii voi daţi bir cu fugiţii.
    V-aţi simţit vizaţi cu white and proud,
    Viitorul sună bine doar dacă sună underground.
    Sunteţi rapperii p***, nimic n-aţi înţeles,
    Când v-aud, f*tu-vă-n gât, parcă mi-e dor de 3Sud Est.
    Îmi aprind jointu', mă grăbesc să închei strofa
    Mă culc odată cu găinile, de două ori cu mă-ta!

    E hip-hop, e hip-hop, e hip-hop grotesc,
    E hip-hop, e hip-hop, e hip-hop românesc,
    E hip-hop, e hip-hop exact cum a mai fost
    Pe beat-uri low cost:20CM Records. (x2)

    Am fonduri insuficiente când îmi verific cardurile,
    Dar nu pun accent (akcent) ca Adi Sînă pe toate căcaturile.
    Dacă Paraziţii dispar, mi se-ndoaie
    Măcar noi am fost odată că niciodată, c****.
    Lumea ne-ascultă de ani de zile, înţelegi
    În timp ce muzica ta, grasule, sună a C. C. Catch.
    Am învăţat din şcoala primară să fiu o brută ordinară
    Să-i trag pe mulţi după mine când o dau în bară.
    E ca muia cu topping de herpes, e trist
    Morar şi Buzdugan, o zreanţă şi-un manelist.
    Toţi DJ-ii de radio azi ocolesc rapu'
    Dacă aveam p***a fosforescentă le lumina tot capu'.
    Toate curvele-s la TV şi stau de vorbă
    Nu-nţeleg de ce, după ce se f*t nu se dizolvă
    Filat prin lunetă, la Cotroceni sar gardu'
    Ridic steagu', îmi fac dreptate cu briceagu'!

    E hip-hop, e hip-hop, e hip-hop grotesc,
    E hip-hop, e hip-hop, e hip-hop românesc,
    E hip-hop, e hip-hop exact cum a mai fost
    Pe beat-urï low cost:20CM Records. (x2)

    Music by Ombladon performing Hip Hop Romanesc © 2015 20cmrecords

    Bass: Matei Caramitru
    Mix/Master: Mircea Moldovan (BuFu)


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    The Real - Hip Hop ft.Fucking Hero


    Hip Hop

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    August Alsina - Hip Hop


    ‘This Thing Called Life’ Available Everywhere Now!
    Stream/Share On Spotify And Add To Your Playlist:

    SHOP: August Alsina Women’s & Men’s Bundles Available Including A Deluxe Autographed Album, T-Shirt/Hoodie, 2016 Calendar & Skully Cap

    Follow August:

    Snapchat: imjustAUG

    I came from drop tops and old school Chevy's
    Dope boys rollin' through, shittin' on ya heavy
    Fifteens in the trunk beatin' down your block
    Only 4 years old when Biggie got shot
    I remember playing on the block, hanging on the block
    Young niggas slanging on the block, getting off them rocks
    Now we livin' better now, Coogi sweater now
    Weather still getting colder, we could change the weather now
    But I...

    Came up in criminal days
    Living these criminal ways, what can I say
    Hugging the block every day
    Grindin' and making a way
    And that I pray, for better days
    That it don't be the same tomorrow
    Now I celebrate my sorrows with this bottle
    And say

    (Hip-Hop, hey, Hip-Hop, hey, Hip-Hop, hey, Hip-Hop, hey)
    I pray for more better days
    (Hip-Hop, hey, Hip-Hop, hey, Hip-Hop, hey, Hip-Hop, hey)
    I know that I can feel change [x2]

    Everyday ain’t good but everyday ain’t bad
    Mama always said show thanks for what you have
    Boy never forget to realize you're blessed
    This cold world can rot you if you let it
    Now I'm out here tryna get it, really out here tryna get it
    Always knew that I would make it, maybe it was so prophetic
    Cause I came from the bottom and the humbleness beginnings
    From the youngest nigga grindin' to the youngest nigga wining

    Came up in criminal days
    Living these criminal ways, what can I say
    Hugging the block every day
    Grindin' and making a way
    And that I pray, for better days
    That it don't be the same tomorrow
    Now I celebrate my sorrows with this bottle
    And say

    (Hip-Hop, hey, Hip-Hop, hey, Hip-Hop, hey, Hip-Hop, hey)
    I pray for more better days
    (Hip-Hop, hey, Hip-Hop, hey, Hip-Hop, hey, Hip-Hop, hey)
    I know that I can feel change [x2]

    'Fore you die you make your mark and reach new levels
    Want the bread, want the diamonds and the bezels
    And if these bitches that you want, have several
    Just gotta know, lotta shit's temporary
    It won't last, no, no, it won't last, no
    Meaning it til' here
    Next thing you know it's all gone
    That's why I been on my grizzy outchea
    Long as I grind, better days are near

    Came up in criminal days
    Living these criminal ways, what can I say
    Hugging the block every day
    Grindin' and making a way
    And that I pray, for better days
    That it don't be the same tomorrow
    Now I celebrate my sorrows with this bottle
    And say

    (Hip-Hop, hey, Hip-Hop, hey, Hip-Hop, hey, Hip-Hop, hey)
    I pray for more better days
    (Hip-Hop, hey, Hip-Hop, hey, Hip-Hop, hey, Hip-Hop, hey)
    I know that I can feel change [x2]

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    lofi hip hop radio - study/relax/chill/sleep music


    Hello there! Need help? Trying to study/relax/chill or sleep - lofi is for you!
    Welcome to our 24/7 lofi hip hop radio - we hope you enjoy your time here :)

    If you want to show your support, please do so by Liking/Subscribing/Sharing this stream.

    Our NEW lofi hip hop mix:

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    Listen to our lofi/chillhop mix!

    lofi chill hop radio - study/relax/chill/sleep music
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    College Music - Discover the undiscovered

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    OFFICIAL MV EM TAO HIP HOP - Jombie Ft Lục Lăng & Endless


    Link Soud :
    QT Product

    mấy thằng em của..............tao nó hip hop....
    trong máu... nó có....... từ kiếp trước....
    thằng anh nó.... tài... nên tụi nó cứ... tiếp bước....
    mấy thằng nhóc mà cản đường.... gặp tụi nó bị giết trước...

    và 5 giờ khua..roi....... vào buổi sáng...
    uống... ly cfe..... xẽ thịt ra chợ bán....
    công chuyện nó làm.....lai rai theo ngày tháng...
    kiếm tiền cho nhiều..... cuộc đời nó đỡ chán

    có thẳng chủ dựa...... và thằng thu à thằng... chi... bạc khoảng 60...
    ngu mượn làm... chi...
    chủ ..cái... trại gà... nhà........ của nó thì cũ kĩ.... mà tróng túi cả trăm chai...
    nói chuyện thì... thủ thỉ...

    tụi mày đừng hăm nó... tư cách đừng nhăn nhó...
    .mày thấy nó cười.....quay lưng,,,, nó đâm đó...
    bước vào trong đây......nó xem mày như chó...
    chuyện nhỏ...... không khó.....tao nói........nó.... lo... cho...... mày

    yeah... thằng em tao.... vừa tròn được 10 tuổi...
    buôn hàng thuốc phiện.... khi trái buổi....
    có khi trốn tránh..... công an đuổi...

    vào hẻm nhà nó... đéo biết đường.... là ngắt đuôi....
    tiền nó đang giữ.... lúc nào cũng đầy túi..
    khuôn mặt của nó... chẳng hiện được ngày vùi...
    đừng cố giạy nó..... vì mày đéo đủ tuổi..
    .......... Mấy thằng Em......
    Em Của Tao Nó Hiphop x3
    Luc Lang
    tụi mày muốn chơi âm nhạc như tao... nè... mời dô đây... dô đây.... dô đây...
    khi tao rap là không cần cỏ tụi mày cũng bê.... okay okay...
    lúc tao dope.... phải đi khám phá....miệng mày nói tanh như bán cá...
    tao phải đợi chú năm tan ca.... để ổng chở tao..... đi ăn tân gia....

    của nhà cậu 7,,,,, ông làm ăn... phát tài và phát lộc,, rồi đó...
    tao không như mấy.. cậu nhóc..,,,. cành vàng hoa... lá ngọc...
    và nắm mới đến...có nhiều vận may... G5R lên tới nóc...
    cho ra lo cậu nhóc như tao... chơi... vậy nó mới shock

    Mấy người anh của tao nó hiphop/// anh của tao nó hiphop
    anh của tao nó hiphop.... yeah... anh của tao nó hiphop cho nên....
    lũ tụi mày đi bắt chước,,,,, okey... đợi lục lăng để ban phước ..okey
    chơi như mày..... kết cục....... này.... đói.. không như tao mà no nê...
    mấy thằng em của tao nó khác người.......mỗi khi nó buồn thì miệng vẫn cố cười
    nó thèm nhét vào trong đầu là xã hội, ko còn đi học nhưng còn hơn cả số 10
    mày còn đi học là nó đã bôn ba.......mỗi lần ra sân là thêm sẹo ở trên da
    ko sợ số má....nó chỉ làm đúng theo tạo hóa....em tao hiphop
    có thằng thích uống coca, nhưng mà
    tránh xa nó ra
    nó đã muốn đấm thì mày ko thể tránh khỏi x2
    có thằng tao khuyên, có thằng tao bỏ, có thằng đã nuốt biết bao nhiêu vào cuốn phổi
    có thằng đi đá.....có thằng hút cỏ
    có thằng thích mặc adidas....từ rất nhỏ
    có thằng ba mẹ nó đại gia....nhưng mà nó.... thích tự lập nên đi xa
    có thằng dính mực đầy trên da.......ghi lại những gì trong đời....nó đi qua

    em của tao nó hiphop.........có thằng breakdance có thằng BMX
    em của tao nó hiphop......luôn hiên ngang, cỡ mày nằm sau đít
    em của tao nó hiphop

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    Lembranças - Hungria Hip Hop


    Ouça nas principais plataformas:

    Escute o melhor do rap nacional:

    Best Produções Artísticas
    Dubai Films: contatodubaifilms@gmail.com
    Roteiro: Mateus Rigola / Hungria / Eduardo Bastos
    Direção: Mateus Rigola
    Assistente de Direção: Ricardo Diniz
    Produção Musical: Neguim (Pacificadores) / Kadyn (Violão)
    Drone: Eduardo Bastos / Marco Oliveira
    Making of e fotografia : Deivide Leme
    Produtora: kava music
    Produção Executiva : Amanda Kagami
    Assistente de produção: Jadi Marques e Herick Peterson
    Técnico de Luz: Joatan Lira e Bruno Castro
    Maquiagem: Praia Salão de Boniteza

    Instagram: @hungria_oficial
    Twitter: @HungriaOficial

    Lembrei daquela ta-feira
    Pé descalço e poeira
    Menino que se achava dono da quebrada inteira
    Disbicando pipa, saudade dessa idade
    Nunca tive nada, mas tinha minha vaidade

    Entre o sonho da bicicleta
    Quem sabe a mobilete
    Carrinho de rolimã não atiçava as piriguete
    E que se foda o personagem que quer me ver infeliz
    Que olha pro meu troféu mas não vê minha cicatriz

    Os vizinhos xaropando com o som desses cara-preta
    (não abaixa não, não abaixa não, não abaixa não)
    Me deixa longe dessa longe dessas treta
    Não vou perder meu tempo com indireta na minha letra
    (ow trás outra cerveja pra mim aí)
    Me deixa longe dessas tretas

    Essas dona sensual mexe com minha mente
    Me deixa muito louco sem usar entorpecente
    Mas eu sou paciente, porém meio delinqüente
    Os olhos observam mas o coração que sente

    Começo pode ser final, final pode ser começo
    A escolha de um sonho claro que vai ter um preço
    Hoje é rolê de aro 20, champanhe nessa suíte
    Ta vendo o lado bom mas não me viu no madeirite
    Então quer me taxar de boy, não sabe meu passado
    Quem disse que o favela não pode morar no lago?
    E dar um frevo tipo aqueles que rola lá em Dubai
    Acordar no outro dia com a ressaca do carai


    Eu quero a quebrada sorrindo
    E a tristeza na lona
    Os pivete jogando nos time de Barcelona
    E se hoje ta de Nike já teve com os pés no chão
    Pra provar que o corpo pobre a mente rica faz milhão
    Quantas vezes no choro já regou meu sonho
    O pensamento alto igual nuvem no céu
    Talvez seja por isso que hoje componho
    Meu sentimento num pedaço de papel.

    Tim: (11) 9 8196 0396

    Inscreva-se :

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    Three hardcore east coast underground hip hop indie independent rap god legends on the same track, Necro (Brooklyn, New York), Vinnie Paz (Philly, Philadelphia), Immortal Technique (Harlem, New York) rapping/rhyming violent/political/conscious lyrics over Necro’s beat (hip hop instrumental), a dark evil production jazz boom bap piano style track. Add this song to your playlist please!



    This track features scratching DJ cuts by DJ Kwestion, with samples/scratches of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy, Hit Squad’s Das EFX, Big Daddy Kane, Rhyme Syndicate/$yndicate’s Ice-T from his song Colors about LA/Los Angeles street gang culture, Queenbridge Nas’s song Represent from Illmatic, Rakim of Eric B. & Rakim, Flipmode Squad/The Conglomerate’s Busta Rhymes on the hook/chorus.


    Necro’s verse references The Hyphy Movement, disses Soulja Boy while paying homage to Ice-T, talks about shooting up Commercial Rap/Hip hop for disrespecting DJ Kool Herc (The originator of Hip Hop Music) & selling out the culture. He then says that he has no problem battling Jay Z, suburban children should study the history of Hip Hop before claiming it, and compares his hustle/grind to that of Def Jam’s Russell Simmons & No Limit’s Master P.

    Vinnie Paz’s verse references the extreme Death metal band Carcass while explaining how he is an old school head. He then tells the listener how Necro, himself & Immortal Technique are the hardest rappers alive, and everyone else is biters. Vinnie then ends his verse off referencing the Amadou Diallo shooting where four New York City Police officers/cops shot 19 bullets into him in the Soundview section of The Bronx in 1999.


    Immortal Technique’s verse drops a whole spectrum of knowledge, with him explaining he is immune to the Ebola virus at the start of his verse. Alot of his verse can be open to interpretation with lines about science, politics & America rubbing it’s pussy to dead children. He says that you are brainwashed by cable TV, not smart enough to solve your own problems because you lack the knowledge, while the government officials are not even humans. He speaks on the government & media’s views of Hip Hop culture with disdain ending the verse off with a threat to crack you with a Blackjack weapon.


    The video was directed by Tom Vujcic of Reel Wolf Productions shot in Times Square, NYC/New York City & Toronto, Canada. It features images of Graffiti pieces, burners, spray cans, Breakdancing/B-boying/Breaking/Headspins & a DJ with two turntables Technics 1200’s cutting/scratching wax. The single cover artwork is influenced by old Blaxploitation movie artwork from the 1970’s.

    The first single off Necro's upcoming studio album titled, KILLaborations, an entire album of collaborations all requested by Necromaniacs, set to drop soon

    Produced by Necro
    Cuts by DJ Kwestion
    Mixed by Elliott Thomas for Pubic Hairs Everywhere Productions

    Directed/Edited by: Tom Vujcic
    Executive Producer: Necro
    Production Manager: Lukasz Furczon
    Cinematography: Delaney Siren
    Key Grip: Amir Radi
    Production Assistants: Kevan Browne, Julien Dos Santos & Ryan
    VFX Artist: Dave Cadiz
    Graffiti Artist: Kismet32
    Video DJ: DJ Chino

    Booking: necroproduct@yahoo.com
    Snapchat: necrohiphop
    Necro Forum

    Psycho+Logical-Records 2015

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    Rap / Hip-Hop 24/7 Music Livestream | Hype Rap / R&B / Hip-Hop Radio - Chill Tracks


    Rap / Hip-Hop 24/7 Music Livestream | Hype Rap / R&B / Hip-Hop Radio - Chill Tracks

    This rap live stream serves as you #1 place to find all sorts of artists like Logic, G-Eazy, Russ, Croosh and so much more.

    Almost all the songs featured in this live stream can be found on our channel.
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    Support ChillTracks:

    Background Credit:

    If you happen to be the owner of this video and want it removed, contact me and we'll solve it asap, no drama!


    Want a more portable version of our rap live stream? Check out our rap mixes!

    Best Hype Rap Mix of 2016 | Summer Rap Mix - [45 mins]

    Hip Hop / Rap Mix - Best Of 2016 | Rap Mix - [1 Hour]

    More coming soon...

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    Pirates of the Caribbean Hip-Hop Beat/Instrumental


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    Pirates of the Caribbean Hip-Hop Beat/Instrumental
    Prod. By KsTBeats

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    © If anyone has an issue with any of the uploads please contact (hiphopmixtapeshiphop@gmail.com) and we will delete it immediately. This channel is strictly for promotion towards the artists of the music.

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    Quebra Cabeça - Hungria Hip Hop ft. Lucas Lucco


    Ouça nas principais plataformas:

    Escute o melhor do rap nacional:

    Best Produções Artísticas
    Instagram: @hungria_oficial / @lucaslucco

    Produção: Studio Siriguela
    Direção: Fred Siqueira & Lucas Lucco
    Produção Musical: Neguim (Pacificadores)
    Guitarra: Kadyn
    Atriz: Zoo
    Direção de Fotografia: Diogo Pedro
    Assistente de Direção: Pollyanna Stemut
    Figurino: Giulliano Puga
    Maquiadora: Nay Fogaça
    Maquinária: Chico Macedo, Fábio Felipe, David Rodrigues
    Ass. Câmera: Carlos Borges
    Cenografia: Gustavo Telles
    Montagem: Fred Siqueira
    Color Grading: Rafa Pereira
    Arte Coração: Raffael Fernandes
    Motion Design: Rafa Pereira, Walter Bicalho (Bujo)
    3D: Advaldo Vieira

    Ouça-nos nas principais plataformas:
    Facebook Hungria:
    Inscreva-se :
    Facebook Lucas Lucco:
    Inscreva-se :

    Tim: (11) 9 8196 0396

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    Białas ft. Paluch - To jest hip-hop


    Białas na fb:
    Deemz na fb:
    Luxx All na fb:

    Pobierz dzwonek! Wyślij SMS o treści HIT.72667 na numer 7268 (cena za wysłanie SMS 2,46 zł brutto) reg.: hitmuza.pl CTM Mobiltek S.A.

    Pobierz MP3 To jest Hip-Hop! Wyślij sms o treść MP3 B78 na numer 7368 (cena za wysłanie smsa 3,69 PLN brutto), regulamin: mp3zasms.mobiltek.pl

    Booking koncertowy: tel 883.027.400 koncerty@steprecords.pl

    W sieci pojawił się kolejny klip Białasa. W numerze „To jest hip-hop” gościnnie udzielił się Paluch. Klip to dzieło ekipy H D S C V M. Za produkcję muzyczną odpowiada Deemz – autor muzyki na całym albumie.

    Limitowane zestawy preorderów „Rehabu” wraz ze wspólnym krążkiem Białasa i Quebonafide „Demówka EP” w super cenie 39,99 za dwa wydawnictwa, dostępne są cały czas na preorder.pl Z ograniczonego nakładu 3000 sztuk, pakietów zostało już tylko kilkaset. Album „Rehab” pojawi się we wszystkich dobrych sklepach muzycznych 4 grudnia.

    REHAB to Białas, jakiego jeszcze nie było. Warszawski raper, znany głównie z mocnej braggi i częstych personalnych zaczepek w stronę kolegów z branży, debiutuje materiałem dojrzałym rozliczając się ze sobą i swoim dotychczasowym lekkomyślnym i melanżowym trybem życia.

    Solowy debiut Białasa, to przede wszystkim dużo gorzkich przemyśleń dorosłego człowieka, który jest zawieszony między dwoma światami – brutalną rzeczywistością i światem muzyki. W rezultacie powstał materiał pełen emocji i świetnie poprowadzonych życiowych historii. Mimo tego raper nie stracił charyzmy, z której był do tej pory rozpoznawany. Dalej obecna jest specyficzna stylowa SB Mafii, a chamskie i jednocześnie błyskotliwe wersy, których pełno, nie pozwalają nam zapomnieć, że mamy do czynienia z byłym freestyle’owcem.

    Brzmieniem zajął się jeden producent – Deemz. Przełożyło się to na spójną i bardzo nowoczesną warstwę dźwiękową, która świetnie współgra z tym, co do przekazania ma sam raper.

    Goście, którzy pojawiają się na płycie, wspomagają Białasa głównie w refrenach. Na „Rehab” usłyszymy m.in. Palucha, Quebonafide, Dannye’go, Solara i Gedza.

    Autorem okładki jest Tomasz Bojar.


    01. Intro-detoks-ja ft. DJ Taek
    02. Złamane skrzydło
    03. Rehab
    04. Życie ćpuna
    05. Aaliyah
    06. 6am in wwa ft. Olka
    07. Do grobu ft. Solar,Gedz
    08. Kroki ft. Danny
    09. Że cham
    10. Czy
    11. To jest hip-hop ft. Paluch
    12. Złote serca ft. Quebonafide
    13. Lepszego życia bilet

    Demówka EP to projekt Białasa i Quebonafide. Album zawierający 6 utworów został wyprodukowany przez White House Records, BobAir, The Returners i Wezyra.

    Wspólna EP reprezentantów SB Maffija i QueQuality to odskocznia od długogrających płyt w nowoczesnej stylistyce. Więcej klasycznego brzmienia i ukłon w stronę zwolenników truescholowych brzmień.

    01. Mój kawałek w czasie przeszłym (prod.The Returners)
    02. Muszę lecieć (prod.BobAir)
    03. Czeszę umysł (prod.White House Records)
    04. Pusty materac (prod.BobAir)
    05. Idą pomimo (prod.Wezyr)
    06. Za długo już (prod. BobAir)

    Album Rehab dostępny na na platformach cyfrowych:



    Apple Music


    Muzyka T-Mobile




    Google Play


    Muzyka Tu i Tam



    Paluch na fb:
    Grrracz na fb:

    Title: To jest hip-hop ;
    Artist: Białas ;
    Album: Rehab ;
    Lyrics: Białas ;
    Featuring: Paluch ;
    Producer: Deemz ;
    Mix/master: Grrracz ;
    Video: H D S C V M ;
    Label: Step Records ;

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    No Sleep - Hard Trap Hip Hop Beat Instrumental


    🔊No Sleep - Hard Trap Hip Hop Beat Instrumental (Prod: Danny E.B)

    ▶Business / Negocios : t_hedany2@hotmail.com

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    ▶No registres tu canción si estas usando mi beat ( derechos de autor ), Todos los beats son de uso libre para fines no lucrativos.
    Si utiliza beats siempre dar crédito (Prod by: Danny E.B) en la descripción o título.

    ▶Not register your song if you're using my beat (copyright), Feel free to use our beats for non-profit projects but be sure that
    proper credit is given! Prod. by Danny E.B, include YT/FB/Website links in the description) Thanks!

    All Rights Reserved Danny E.B Tracks.

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    🎵 NEON LiGHTzZ Hip-Hop/Trap 「DJ SonicFreak」


    Back with another instrumental. Did some different things on this one. Enjoy!

    ▶ Mp3 Download:

    ▶ Twitter:

    ▶ E-Mail: djsonicfreakchannel@live.com

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    HIP HOP DANCE : Best Dance Hip Hop Dance Kids Dance Hiphop Dance Choreography Dance Video Forever Dance Center Jakarta Dance School Indonesia
    Kids Dance Choreography by Mikael Rendy Halim ( Forever Dance Crew Indonesia Dancer Jakarta )
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    Dapatkan pemberitahuan Video terbaru di Email kamu GRATIS :


    FDC Ballet Hip Hop KPOP Modern Dance Choreographer and Official Team :


    Forever Dance Center Ballet Hip Hop Dance KPOP Dance Cover and Modern Dance School Jakarta
    Sekolah Ballet Sekolah Hip Hop Dance KPOP Dance Cover dan Modern Dance Jakarta Indonesia

    Ballet Class :

    Hip Hop Modern Dance Class :

    K-pop Dance Cover Class :

    Breakdance BBOY BGIRL Class :

    Private Class ( Choreographer ) :

    Join with Forever Dance Center Jakarta Dance School Jakarta :

    ▶ Phone : (+62) 02147866343
    ▶ Hotline : (+62) 081296420360 ( WA )
    ▶ Website :
    ▶ Address :

    Forever Dance Center Indonesia Dance Video :
    Sekolah Ballet Jakarta :
    Sekolah Hiphop Modern Dance Jakarta :
    Sanggar Tari Dance Anak Jakarta :
    Sekolah KPOP Dance Cover Jakarta :
    Liputan Televisi :

    For business enquiries please contact : ( job / show / performance )
    Forever Dance Crew Indonesia Dancer Jakarta Dance Company Indonesia :
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    Dance Costume Rental by @FDCostume :
    Celebrate your event with Forever Dance Crew Indonesia Dancer Jakarta


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    AfazNatural & RadioMck - Noche De Reggae Hip Hop TEMOR 2013


    Link Official Radio Mc:
    Link Official VIP Records :


    Video by Afaz Natural © Afaz Natural media.
    Contact Email: info@afaznatural.com
    Booking: (+57) 321-753-6724 - booking@afaznatural.com


    Todos los derechos reservados © Afaz Natural 2014. / All rights reserved © Afaz Natural 2014 -
    Contacto/Booking: afaznatural@hotmail.com

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    The Humma Song | Ok Jaanu | Hip Hop Dance Routine | Choreography by Sonali & Shashank


    Finally a dance routine on 'The Humma Song' from the movie 'Ok Jaanu', performance and choreography by Shashank Shetty & Sonali Bhadauria. Hope you guys like it!!

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    Keep Dancing!

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