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    Kingdom Hearts: Simple & Clean - Jazz Cover || insaneintherainmusic


    This cover is pretty simple. Now that you mention it... it's also pretty clean. Insaneintherainmusic's jazz cover / remix of Simple and Clean from Kingdom Hearts, featuring Carlos Eiene!

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    This arrangement is pretty different from my usual stuff, but I'm really happy with it personally! Partially inspired by the title, I made an effort to keep this cover pretty simple in terms of instrument. The arrangement here is heavily inspired by Joshua Redman's Stop This Train, which comes from his record Walking Shadows, one of my current jazz records out there! I was planning on doing another Persona 5 tune this week, but I spontaneously had an idea to do this cover.. and I'm glad I did! Thank to my friend Carlos Eiene for helping me out with this video :)

    I make jazz covers & remixes of video game music every Saturday at 12:30 PM EST on my channel! My channel combines my loves of jazz and video game music, creating covers and remixes you'll enjoy.

    ♫ Simple and Clean from Kingdom Hearts composed by Hikaru Utada

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