Russ Abbot

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    Russ Abbots Atmosphere


    Guaranteed to clear any party, this is funnyman Russ Abbot's attempt at music.

    It's enough to make you hunt him down.

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    Russ Abbot - Atmosphere 1984


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    Russ Abbot – All Night Holiday


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    Russ Abbot – Atmosphere


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    Joy Division / Russ Abbot - ATMOSPHERE


    UPDATE: The reverse Russ Abbot / Joy Division version is here..
    Joy Division 1980 / Russ Abbot 1984.
    Joy Division released Atmosphere in 1980 shortly before the tragic death of Ian Curtis. Russ Abbot released Atmosphere in 1984 shortly before the well overdue death of his TV career. A dear friend told me in 1985 that he felt the best song ever released was Atmosphere. I thought he was winding me up, because I only knew of the Russ Abbot song. Since then the two songs have always been intertwined in my mind.
    The re-release of Atmosphere had an awful video, so I finally did what had to be done and I have fused them together in unholy matrimony. Russ Abbot is still alive and well. Only the good die young.

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    Russ Abbot - Atmosphere


    RUSS ABBOT - Atmosphere

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    Russ Abbot / Joy Division - ATMOSPHERE



    (Huge thanks to for the idea - it worked way better than I thought it would)

    Joy Division 1980 / Russ Abbot 1984.
    Joy Division released Atmosphere in 1980 shortly before the tragic death of Ian Curtis. Russ Abbot released Atmosphere in 1984 shortly before the well overdue death of his TV career. A dear friend told me in 1985 that he felt the best song ever released was Atmosphere. I thought he was winding me up, because I only knew of the Russ Abbot song. Since then the two songs have always been intertwined in my mind.
    The re-release of Atmosphere had an awful video, so I finally did what had to be done and I have fused them together in unholy matrimony. Russ Abbot is still alive and well. Only the good die young.

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    Queen Vs Russ Abbot


    This is like Blurred Lines vs Marvin Gaye all over again

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    russ abbot atmosphere drum and bass old skool hardcore remix


    russ abbot atmosphere drum and bass old skool hardcore remix video uploaded at

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    Russ Abbot A Day in the life of Vince Prince


    Russ Abbot 'A Day in the life of Vince Prince'
    Original UK Chart Information:
    Label: EMI
    Cat No: EMI 5249
    Flipside: I love 'em:- Russ 'Geronimo' Abbot
    Chart Position: 61
    Chart Entry: 6 Feb 1982
    Time on Chart: 1 wk
    Re-entry: 20 Feb 1982
    Chart Position: 75
    Time on Chart: 1 wk

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    Russ Abbot - Ode To A Spouse


    B-side to Atmosphere follow-up, 'All Night Holiday', released 1985. Enjoy.

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    Russ Abbot - Cliff - Stereo


    A tongue-in-cheek tribute to Cliff Richard from 'Russ Abbot's Madhouse', with the Madhouse Choir, 1981.

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    Russ Abbot in The Job Centre


    make you think dont it

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    Russ Abbot Atmosphere promo video as shown on Top of The Pops


    Promo video for Russ Abbot's hit single as shown on Top of The Pops, January 17th 1985.

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    Russ Abbott - Atmosphere


    Cheesy fun!

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    RUSS ABBOT - The Space Invaders Meet The Purple People Eater


    A rare video from Russ Abbot shown on the children's TV programme, Tiswas, back in 11th October 1980 !!!

    A record which will certainly clear the dance floor of people !!!!

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    Russ Abbot Atmoshphere


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    Russ Abbot Cut By The Sabres Of Paradise - Atmosphere


    When I first saw this I had to do a double-take -- thought I was pretty up on my Sabres stuff, but then I remembered about all the other nonsense that Mr Weatherall was touching up with those godlike hands at this point. I shit you not - I actually heard Martin from Rub-A-Dub play the ORIGINAL version of this outside in Kelvingrove Park at this party they had to commemorate the last day you could drink a carry-out outside before they made it illegal. I remember dancing about when this slowly crept in and after I'd got up off the floor thought, actually, that's not too bad a wee tune.

    I heard last year that Mr Abbot himself has bought the performing rights to this and refuses to let it be played on the radio as it is a dire representation of his talents. Oh yeah??

    Anyway, I reckon Audrey probably knocked this out in about half an hour when he'd had a few, certainly not one of his best but well worth hanging in there for the ending. You'd be a fool not to give it a listen...

    *originally posted on on 1 April 2009*

    As featured on Mr Abbot's Wikipedia page thanks to a random RiG viewer...

    Thanks to Chris for reminding me about this...

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    Teddy Boy-Stampin Stan


    Ok this is a song called The Ballad Of Stampin' Stan (Big Bad John).It's by Russ Abbot as Vince Prince.The story of a Teddy Boy who's girlfriend leaves him for a Punk Shocker!A lot of Teds don't like Russ Abbot because he is a cartoon Ted but I do & I love this song.I never found a video for it so made one.I hope the Teds out there like it.

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    Trev, Russ Abbot and Cory English in my Garden.


    This event 'just happened' and it was a great day Russ Abbot and Corey English are both top blokes and it was great to be able to jam with them - especially in my own garden.

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    The Russ Abbot Show: Liberté, égalité, fraternité


    The Russ Abbot Show
    Recording a scene with wine and not Ribena juice, can cause you problems!

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    Russ Abbot - Thoughts Of A Child


    B-Side to the classic 'Atmosphere' single, released 1984.

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    The Black Abbots - Somewhere over thre rainbow.mpg


    The Black Abbots,Clive Jones,Lennie Reynolds,Russ Abbot and Bobby turner,these lads were fron Chester in Cheshire

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    RUSS ABBOT & THE BLACK ABBOTS - The Painter - EVOLUTION E3004 - 1971 Northern Soul Pop Dancer


    TV comedian Russ Abbot in his Black Abbots group. He was the drummer, not the high voiced lead. Catchy Pop Northern Soul dancer

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    bbc 1 christmas 1989 the russ abbott christmas show slide trail


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    A day in the life of Vince Prince.wmv


    Classic Russ Abbott track 'A day in the life of Vince Prince' - Cant remember who asked me for this one but here it is .... Definately worth a listen .

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    Abbot, Russ - Atmosphere | Instumental


    Let's Sing: Abbot, Russ - Atmosphere (with lyrics)

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    Ted Chippington - Atmosphere


    Ted Chippington's version of the Russ Abbot party, err, 'classic'. From the 1986 album 'Man In A Suitcase'

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    smelly feet


    A modern tale of love and feet and love of feet.

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    strictly slum dancin.avi


    flying in the face of convention , classicaly trained dancer nigel roughlove, who studied for 2 years at the russ abbot school of modern dance , takes street dance and turns it on its head by taking it to the fields , woodlands and industrial wastelands of great britain

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    Legs & Co - Another One Bites The Dust - TOTP TX: 25/09/1980


    Mike Read, Russ Abbot & Leo Sayer present the chart hits of the week from 25th September 1980 featuring Black Slate, Split Enz, Diana Ross, Ottawan, Shalamar, Linx, The Police, Change and a dance sequence by Legs & Co.

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    Smelly Feet: The Official Music Video


    Jess and Gemma on vocals.
    Once again, inspired by India.

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    Ro Ransom - See Me Fall ft. Kensei Abbot


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    Halloween! - Bobby Pickett - Monster Mash -


    Like the facebook page!

    Find this stereo version here:

    Many other novelty hits in true stereo as well!

    from Wikipedia:

    Monster Mash is a 1962 novelty song and the best-known song by Bobby Boris Pickett. Pickett was an aspiring actor who sang with a band called The Cordials at night while going to auditions during the day. One night, while performing with his band, Pickett did a monologue in imitation of horror movie actor Boris Karloff while covering The Diamonds' Little Darlin'. The audience loved it and co band member, Lenny Capizzi encouraged Pickett to do more with the Karloff imitation.

    Pickett and Capizzi composed Monster Mash and recorded it with Gary Paxton, Leon Russell, Johnny McCrae and Rickie Page, credited as The Cryptkickers. This song was partially inspired by Paxton's earlier novelty hit Alley Oop, as well as by the Mashed Potato dance craze of the era.

    The song is narrated by a mad scientist whose monster, late one evening, rises from a slab to perform a new dance. The dance becomes a hit when the scientist throws a party for other monsters. The producers came up with several low-budget, but effective sound effects for the recording. For example, the sound of a coffin opening was imitated by a rusty nail being pulled out of a board. The sound of a cauldron bubbling was actually water being bubbled through a straw and the chains rattling were simply chains being dropped on a tile floor. Pickett also impersonated the horror actor Bela Lugosi as Dracula when he said, What ever happened to my Transylvania Twist?

    On October 20, 1962, eight weeks after it was recorded, Monster Mash reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart just in time for Halloween. It has been a perennial holiday favorite ever since. The single was re-released twice, the first re-release was in 1970, and the second re-release resulted in the single peaking at #10 in early-May, 1973. The song remains a staple on oldies radio.

    Monster's Holiday, a Christmas-themed follow up, was released in December 1962 and peaked at #30 on the Billboard chart. The tune was penned by the renowned novelty song composer Paul 'Oops! upside ya head' Harrison.

    The Bonzo Dog Band released a version of Monster Mash on their 1969 album Tadpoles.

    Bobby 'Boris' Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers charted with Monster Mash in the UK in 1973 where it peaked at #3 in the early October. The BBC banned the record in 1962 on the grounds they thought the song was too morbid. Hence part of the reason why the record failed in the UK.

    In 2005, Climate Mash, a version with re-written lyrics about global warming and new vocals by Pickett, was released on the Internet by the organization Clear the Air. Monster Mash was written by Pickett and Leonard Capizzi.

    Stereo remix from original 3 track master.

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    Oliver! Stage Door London - Kerry Ellis, Steven Hartley and Russ Abbott 27/08/10


    This is a few pictures and videos of my time at Oliver! at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London. It was the best night of my life getting to meet Kerry :)
    She was so lovely x and Steve and Russ were also really nice!!! I got an autograph and photo with them all :D

    No copyright infringemant intended.

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    Ro Ransom - See Me Fall


    Buy See Me Fall (ft. Kensei Abbot) on iTunes now -
    Listen on Spotify:
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    Directed by Anthony Pellino
    Produced by Joshua Barbagallo-Ledger
    Director of Photography - Zach Lowry (
    Twitter - @roransom
    Instagram - @roransom
    Soundcloud -

    2015 S-Rank Records

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    Drink the Elixir - Salad -


    aloof and very exciting band live. slightly posh dutch lady fronted, very talented personnel. some of the best 'atmosphere' had at their gigs. (apologies to russ abbot.)

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    Bay Jazz Project - Rev. Russ -


    Bay Jazz Project - Live performance excerpt of Rev. Russ arr. by Sean Lane. Sean Lane - Piano, Seth Kibel - Sax, Bob Abbott - Bass, Mark Lucas - Drums

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    Demis Roussos - Una Paloma Blanca


    Thanks for watching
    Hope you enjoyed !

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    Gettin some Head


    This is how its like when me and Abbott hang in the car. nothing but GTs

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    DANA Little Things Mean a Lot 1985


    DANA on the Mary O'Hara and Friends Show on ITV in 1985. Her cover of Kitty Kallen's 1954 US and UK #1 entered the UK charts on 13 July 1985 at #92... and then ran out of steam. The single would later appear on her tribute album to the 1950s If I Gave My Heart To You, released on the Ritz label in time for Christmas. The album's front cover shows her dressed in the style of the fifties, and the back cover in the style of the eighties. In both pictures she looks immaculate. There's one track on the LP not from that era, her own (Crying) Till The Morning Light, the B-side to Little Things. It reached #27 in Ireland, doing nearly as well as her famous self-penned Irish song Lady of Knock (#23 in September 1981).

    The 33-year-old entertainer was doing a summer season with Russ Abbot at the time, in Bournemouth's International Centre. It ran from 13 July to 7 September. She was joined at the south coast resort by her daughter's Grace (4) and Ruth (2), along with her 10-month-old son John James and her husband Damien Scallon (39).

    Busy DANA also promoted the record on the Des O'Connor Now Show, the Jimmy Cricket Show, 3-2-1 and Ultra Quiz. And in her spare time she had to write a book for publication in November by Hodder and Stoughton, entitled Dana - An Autobiography.

    Blow me a kiss from across the room
    Say I look nice when I'm not
    Touch my hair as you pass my chair
    Little things mean a lot
    Give me your arm when we cross the street
    Call me at six on the dot
    A line a day when you're far away
    Little things mean a lot

    Don't have to buy me diamonds and pearls
    Champagne, sables, and such
    I never cared much for diamonds and pearls
    And honestly, honey, they just cost money

    Give me your hand when I've lost the way
    Give me your shoulder to cry on
    Whether the day is bright or gray
    Give me your heart to rely on
    Send me the warmth of a secret smile
    To show me you haven't forgot
    For now and forever, that's always and ever
    Little things mean a lot
    Yes, now and forever, that's always and ever
    Little things mean a lot

    Words by Edith Lindeman
    Music by Carl Stutz
    Published in 1953

    (Another rescued bondbrookebond upload from 2009.)

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    Pick a Pocket or Two from Hey Mr Producer


    Pick a Pocket or Two (Oliver!) (Track 21) from the 1998 live recording of Hey Mr Producer - The Musical World of Cameron Mackintosh at the Lyceum Theatre, London featuring Russ Abbott & The 'Hey Mr Producer!' Children's Company
    More like this at

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    Sarah Vaughan ft Hal Mooney & His Orchestra - September Song


    September Song is an American pop standard composed by Kurt Weill, with lyric by Maxwell Anderson, introduced by Walter Huston in the 1938 Broadway musical Knickerbocker Holiday. It has since been recorded by numerous singers and instrumentalists. It was also used in the 1950 film September Affair, and for the credits in the television series May to December (a quote from the opening line of the song).

    September Song is based on a familiar poetic metaphor that compares a year to a person's life span from birth to death. The song is an older person's plea to a younger potential lover that the courting activities of younger suitors and the objects of their desire are transient and time-wasting. As an older suitor, the speaker hasn't got time for the waiting game. The song consists of a chorus, the section that starts, Oh, It's a long, long time . . . and two different verses, one describing the courting activities of a young man and one describing the disdainful reaction of the girl and the suitor's patience until she changes her mind. Singers may omit both verses, as Frank Sinatra did in his 1946 version, sing one verse, as Huston did in his, or both, as Sinatra did in his 1965 recording.

    There are major differences between the version of the song recorded in 1938 by Walter Huston and the versions heard today. Huston's version is tailored specifically to the character he's playing, Peter Stuyvesant. For example, Huston sings, I have lost one tooth and I walk a little lame, referring to his peg leg. And later he says, I have a little money and I have a little fame, an unusual courting comment. Both of these lines, and several others, have disappeared from the song.
    Other changes involve the point of view of the singer — in Huston's version, the activities of the young man are described in the second person to the girl (When you meet with a young man . . .). Contemporary versions make the singer the young man (When I was a young man . . .). One subtle difference between Huston's version and other versions is the final line. Huston sings, These precious days I'd spend with you. Modern singers sing, These precious days I'll spend with you. The difference is between a proposal offered but not yet accepted, I would spend with you if you accept, and one accepted, I will spend it with you.

    September Song was used in the 1950 film September Affair, and the popularity of the film caused Huston's recording to hit the top of the 1950 hit parade. In a 1961 episode (Fly Away Home) of the TV series Route 66, it is performed by actress Dorothy Malone, and serves as the background music to much of the episode. It was also used in the 1987 Woody Allen film Radio Days. Woody Allen mentioned that the song may be the best American popular song ever written. The title was used for a UK comedy-drama television series starring Russ Abbot and Michael Williams which ran for three series between 1993 and 1995. The music was also used for the credits British sitcom in the television series May to December (a quote from the opening line of the song), which ran for 39 episodes, from 2 April 1989 to 27 May 1994 on BBC One. It was covered by Anjelica Huston (Huston's granddaughter) in an episode of the NBC musical series Smash(S01.ep14). The BBC Radiophonic Workshop recorded a cover of September Song, which was commonly used in intervals on both BBC1 and BBC2.

    Sarah's accompanied by Hal Mooney & His Studio Orchestra. Recorded November 2, 1956, New York. (Mercury Records)

    When you meet with the young men
    Early in spring
    They court you in song and rhyme
    They woo you with songs and a clover ring

    But if you examine the goods they bring
    They have little to offer but the songs they sing
    And a plentiful waste of time of day
    A plentiful waste of time

    For it's a long, long while
    From May to December
    But the days grow short
    When you reach September

    And the autumn weather
    Turns the leaves to flame
    One hasn't got time
    For the waiting game

    Oh, the days dwindle down
    To a precious few

    And these few precious days
    I'll spend with you
    These precious days
    I'll spend with you