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    Jon And Vangelis - Ill Find My Way Home


    Jon & Vangelis is the collaborative effort between the singer Jon Anderson (better known as lead vocalist of the British progressive rock band Yes), and the Greek synthesizer musician Vangelis. Together they released a number of successful albums in the 1980s.
    The two artists probably met in the progressive rock scene of London in the 1970s. Vangelis reputedly was to join Anderson in Yes, replacing Rick Wakeman as keyboardist, but this never came to fruition. Nevertheless, Jon contributed vocals to Vangelis' Heaven and Hell (1975), harp to Opera Sauvage (1979), and vocals to See You Later (1980).
    The two embarked on a series of albums between 1979 and 1991, producing the major hits I Hear You Now (a UK No. 8) and I'll Find My Way Home. Anderson wrote the lyrics, and Vangelis composed the music. This was during one of Vangelis' most productive periods, and a high level of experimentation is evident on some of their tracks.

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    Jon Anderson/Roine Stolt- We Are Truth


    I do not own this music or album cover. All rights reserved. Authors: Jon Anderson/Roine Stolt. From the album Invention of Knowledge (2016). Please purchase the original album.

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    Jon and Jane Anderson


    Hello everybody and thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed this very short video.

    This is my favourite singer Jon Anderson and his wife Janee. They are together over 20 years, they're just a beautiful couple.


    VIDEOS: They ARE NOT MINE. All you see was taken from the internet (except the first one... that's mine...).

    Here are the links where you can find them:

    (Jon Anderson- Tour Of The Universe (2005) Part 7- First Song/Nous Sommes Du Soleil)

    (Yes In Birmingham (2003) Part 1- Intro & Siberian Khatru)

    (Yes - Yesspeak)

    (Jon Anderson Argentina HD - Nous Sommes du Soleil - 28-09-2012 (15/26)

    (Jon Anderson performs Ritual (Nous Sommes Du Soleil) at the Robin 2 Bilston 3/7/09)

    (Nous Sommes du Soleil)

    (Jon Anderson Sunrise Marry Me Again Revealing Piano Medley)

    MUSIC: Jon Anderson- Tour Of The Universe (2005) Part 7- First Song/Nous Sommes Du Soleil (


    Thank you again for watching... I appreciate it a lot. :)

    Thank you, Jon.

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    Jon Anderson - Change We Must


    Change We Must to live again...

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    Christie by Jon Anderson


    For My Friend.....Mr. Achmad FC Barir
    Akhirnya dapet juga kan......
    sengaja aku bikin...supaya ada versi aslinya bukan cover version lagi...

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    Legend - Loved By The Sun


    1985 Riddley Scott film titled Legend. This is the American version soundtrack that i have.

    composed by Tangerine Dream.
    hope you enjoy

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    Jon Anderson State of Independence


    Originally recorded by Jon and Vangelis for their 1981 album The Friends of Mr Cairo, State of Independence was released as a single the same year but did not chart. The song subsequently became better known when Donna Summer released a cover version a year later in 1982, which became a Top Twenty UK single (and repeated the same feat 14 years later when issued as a remixed version in 1996) and becoming a Number One hit in the Netherlands. In 1992, a third version of the song - retitled Spiritual High (State of Independence) - was recorded and released as a single by Moodswings, with vocals by The Pretenders lead singer Chrissie Hynde.

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    Contemporary Youth Orchestra and Jon Anderson - Ive Seen All Good People


    Contemporary Youth Orchestra and Jon Anderson.
    Liza Grossman, Music Director
    I've Seen All Good People - performed LIVE
    Severance Hall, Cleveland Ohio May, 2010.
    Filmed by HDNet.

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    Vangelis & Jon Anderson - Deborah


    album Private Collection

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    Jon Anderson - Show Me


    Live At Montreux 2003.

    Beautiful song by Jon anderson

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    Jon Anderson - Hold On To Love


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    Yes Stars Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Rick Wakeman to Tour as ARW


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    Jon Anderson - The New Music, Toronto, Interview 1982


    Jon Anderson interviewed on The New Music, Toronto in 1982 during the Animation tour.

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    What to Expect on the ARW Tour with Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Rick Wakeman


    Read the entire Newsweek interview here

    What to Expect on the ARW Tour with Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Rick Wakeman
    Expect a melting pot of lots of Yes of course but Anderson told Newsweek Magazine They also plan to do some new music on the tour which kicks of in October.. They've written some tunes that won't necessarily to put an album. He says, “A little bit of fresh musical ideas and, I can safely say, redesigning what we would think Yes would be doing in the 21st century. We are sort of Yes alumni, many years past, we’re not gonna lose that energy of wanting to perform songs we created.”

    Anderson co-founded Yes in 1968 but left in 2008 (he was kicked out). Wakemen joined three years later for their fourth album, the classic “Fragile.” He last played with this in 2004 and Rabin was in the less prog but more pop version from 1982–1994 that gave us “Owner of a Lonely Heart.”

    So expect a show that sounds exactly like Yes because it kind of is Yes. Anderson says the band is in his DNA. Adding, “When I was in the band, I was always pressuring them to do long-form pieces, from Fragile onward. The audience we had in those days was very into listening. They wanted to sit there and go through a visual and musical experience, a journey if you like. And I just knew that Yes was very talented enough to do long-form pieces and structure them in a way that would capture the imagination of the night for us. And if we got it, the audience would get it.”

    Anderson says he connected with late Yes bassist and founder founding member Chris Squire before he passed last June. “I emailed him, but he couldn’t speak at that time. I said, I want to thank you for your life, your music, without you and wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing, and I’m so blessed to have had you in my life. As a musical partner, he was so opposite to me. We were the yin and yang of the band. Like we would joke: I was Obi-Wan Kenobi, and he was Darth Vader. And the beauty of it was, I would be singing ideas, and his bass would reflect my song, my lyric, my everything.” Jon is a forgiving guy. - by John Beaudin

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    Jon Anderson - Surrender


    Jon Anderson (born John Roy Anderson on 25 October 1944) is an English musician best known as the former lead singer of the progressive rock band Yes. He recorded a number of solo singles from 1980 to 1983 whilst away from the band. This one is from 1982.

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    Jon Anderson - Unbroken Spirit


    Original music composed by Jann Castor. Polish composer.
    Jon Anderson from the famous rock band YES collaborated on this and other compositions with an instrumentalist and a composer Jann Castor since 2007. The lyric of Unbroken Spirit, although universal in its meaning, represents also a metaphorical journey of Jon Anderson recovery back to health from the acute respiratory collapse in May, 2008.

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    Jon Anderson Easier Said Than Done


    Jon Anderson singing a Christmas song for a Christmas video. Many different music artist joined in to make this video! Take a guess... who do you see? Write a comment and let me know!!!! Thanks, Peter Lippman, Video Director!

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    Soon - Jon Anderson


    Recorded in december 13th of 2011 at Citibank Hall in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
    Soon is an excerpt of the epic The Gates of Delirium, suite of the album Relayer of YES.

    Gravado em 13 de dezembro de 2011 no Citibank Hall em São Paulo, Brasil.
    Soon é um trecho da extraordinária suite The Gates of Delirium do aclamado álbum Relayer da banda britânica YES.

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    The Holly And The Ivy by Jon Anderson


    Porky Pig sings Blue Christmas

    The holly and the ivy, when they are both full grown,
    Of all the trees that are in the wood,
    the holly bears the crown.

    Oh, the rising of the sun and the running of the deer,
    The playing of the merry organ, sweet singing in the choir.
    The holly bears a blossom as white as lily flower,
    And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ to be our sweet saviour
    The holly bears a berry as red as any blood,
    And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ to do poor sinners good.
    The holly bears a prickle as sharp as any thorn,
    And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ on Christmas Day in the morn.
    The holly bears a bark as bitter as any gall,
    And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ for to redeem us all.

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    CBS 460693 1 , 1988 JON ANDERSON-LEAD AND BACKING VOCALS, Bass - Jimmy Haslip , Drums - John Robinson, Guitar - Paul Jackson, Jr., Keyboards - Larry Williams, Percussion - Lenny Castro, Written-By - L. Dozier* /jon anderson.

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    Jon Anderson - Far, Far Cry Promo Video 1989


    Far, Far Cry promo video by Jon Anderson from 1989.

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    Jon Anderson - Hold on to love - HD


    Vídeo Remasterizado Y Audio Equalizado: Aqui les dejo este vídeo del ex-vocalista de Yes como solista.

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    Jon Anderson - For You


    From Jon Anderson's solo album 'In the City of Angels.'

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    Jon Anderson - Oh Holy Night


    3 Ships is the fourth solo album by Yes lead singer Jon Anderson, released on Elektra Records in 1985. It includes versions of traditional Christmas carols as well as original material by Anderson. The album title references the song I Saw Three Ships, which states, I saw three ships come sailing in, on Christmas day in the morning. It was dedicated to the organisation Beyond War.[2] Trevor Rabin plays guitar on the album.

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    Jon Anderson - Hearts


    From Change We Must album

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    Jon Anderson and CYO And you and I


    Sublime versión del clásico de Yes,

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    Jon Anderson & Milton Nascimento - Estrelada


    Show no Palácio das Artes | Belo Horizonte MG | Brasil | 19.12.1993
    Vocal: Jon Anderson, Milton Nascimento
    Guitar: Fred Ramos
    Bass: Eduardo Del Signore
    Keyboards: Tulio Mourão
    Drums: Robertinho Silva
    Percursion: Ronaldo Silva, Wanderlei Silva

    Free tranlation to english:
    You are the Star Sun girl
    You are the queen of the Sea World
    Your sheen make me sing
    Earth,Earth you are so starry

    Your blue mantle command
    To breath all creation
    And after the rain falls
    The rainbow come to crown

    The forest is your dress
    And the clouds your collar
    You are so beauty Oh my Earth
    Consecrated in your spin round

    Navigator of solitudes
    Carrying us through the space
    Our home Mother ship
    Earth, Earth, you are so delicate

    Your men don't have wisdom
    They forgot so absolute Love
    Do you Offer your treasures
    But no one sees your value

    Earth, Earth I'm your son
    Like the plants and animals
    Only in your ground I can rest
    With Love, I sign your peace

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    Album OST Scream For Help 1985

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    Jon Anderson - Days


    This is from Jon Anderson's solo album 'Song Of Seven'

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    Anderson Ponty Band Owner Of A Lonely Heart Live from the album Better Late Than Never


    Order the album now! iTunes: | CD: | CD+DVD:

    One of the most eagerly awaited releases of 2015 by the AndersonPonty Band, featuring music icons Jon Anderson and Jean Luc Ponty, is scheduled to hit the streets on September 25th 2015!
    “Better Late Than Never” is the new studio album taken from a live performance, and enhanced with innovative production. The package includes a bonus DVD featuring outstanding performances by the band captured in September 2014 at the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen, Colorado.

    “Better Late Than Never” will be released on September 25th 2015 as CD+DVD (Deluxe Edition) and CD (jewel) through earMUSIC.

    The AndersonPonty Band has created some breathtaking new musical compositions.
    “Better Late Than Never” also showcases rearrangements of classic YES hits like “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”, “Roundabout” and “Wonderous Stories”, as well as some of Jean Luc Ponty's beloved compositions, with Jon's lyrical vocals and melodies enhancing the music and creating a very special and unique sound such as “Infinite Mirage” a new song incorporating Jean Luc's classic tune “Mirage”.

    YES's original singer/songwriter for 35 years, Jon Anderson has had a successful solo career, which includes working with such notable music artists as Vangelis, Kitaro, and Milton Nascimento. International violin superstar Jean Luc Ponty is a pioneer and undisputed master of his instrument in the arena of jazz and rock. He is widely regarded as an innovator who has applied his unique visionary spin that has expanded the vocabulary of modern music. Together these two music legends have formed a musical synergy that is unparalleled!

    “A breakthrough feeling came as I sang with Jean Luc's music, to be in a band again is very exciting on many levels, we will play and sing our way around the world and have fun, for music is pleasure, music is all that is.” - Jon Anderson

    “Collaborating with Jon who is such a creative singer/songwriter is unlike any project I have done before. I knew that we had plenty of musical affinities to make it work, but the result is way beyond my expectations. It is also a lot of fun to reunite with these excellent musicians who played with me in the past, they really put their heart in this project and with Jon's creative input we are not just rehashing the past but giving a new life to the music we started developing decades ago.” - Jean Luc Ponty

    The AndersonPonty Band also includes Jamie Glaser on guitars - well known guitarist who has worked with Jean Luc Ponty, Chick Corea, Bryan Adams and Lenny White; Wally Minko on keyboards - virtuoso player and composer who has performed and recorded with many worldwide stars including Pink, Toni Braxton, Jean Luc Ponty, Tom Jones, Gregg Rolie and Barry Manilow; Baron Browne on bass who has played with Steve Smith, Billy Cobham and Jean Luc Ponty; and Rayford Griffin on drums and percussion, who has played with Stanley Clarke Band, George Duke, Jean Luc Ponty and Michael Jackson.
    The band visit the music created by Jon Anderson and Jean Luc Ponty over the years with new arrangements, virtuosic performances and new energy.

    Jean Luc Ponty was originally approached by Jon Anderson with the idea of working together as far back as the 1980's. Now 30 years later the dream has finally come to fruition! In support of the new release, a world tour is currently in the works. Also, a videography documenting the making of the “Better Late Than Never” album will be released along with videos and performances.

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    Vangelis & Jon Anderson : So Long Ago,so Clear - Olyan régen, olyan tisztán HD-BS


    From Vangelis: So Long Ago, So Clear.[ Heaven And Hell ] vocals by Jon Anderson
    - Hungarian subtitles
    Vangelis: Olyan régen, olyan tisztán.[ Menny és Pokol ] vocal Jon Anderson
    - Magyar felirattal.

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    Yes - Wonderous Stories


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    I awoke this morning love laid me down by a river.
    Drifting I turned on upstream bound for my forgiver.
    In the giving of my eyes to see your face.
    Sound did silence me leaving no trace.
    I beg to leave, to hear your wonderous stories.
    Beg to hear your wonderous stories.

    He spoke of lands not far or lands they were in his mind.
    Of fusion captured high where reason captured his time.
    In no time at all he took me to the gate.
    In haste I quickly checked the time.
    If I was late I had to leave to hear your wonderous stories.
    Had to hear your wonderous stories.

    Hearing your wonderous stories.

    It is no lie I can see deeply into the future.
    Imagine everything you're close and were you there to stand
    So cautiously at first and then so high.
    As he spoke my spirit climbed into the sky.
    I bid it to return to hear your wonderous stories.
    Return to hear your wonderous stories.



    written by: Jon Anderson


    Jon Anderson: Vocals
    Steve Howe: Vachalia, electric guitar and vocals
    Chris Squire: Bass guitar and vocals
    Rick Wakeman: Polymoog
    Alan White: Drums and percussion


    Going For The One was first issued as Atlantic #19106 (7/7/77)
    Album recorded at Mountain Studios , Montreux, Switzerland.


    See YES on Tour in 2014 performing 3 full-length albums:
    The Yes Album, Close To The Edge & Going For The One.