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    Givin Up video featuring Richard Archer of Hard-Fi


    This video features Richard Archer from the band Hard-Fi (Formally from the band Contempo) and is featured in this music video. Tommy Hools wrote the lyrics and Richard Archer does vocals. This is rare in the way that not many Hard-Fi fans know about it... it was made back in 2003.

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    Radio Edit of the 2010 Version

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    Paul Weller & Richard Archer-Down in the tube station ...


    performance at the electric proms

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    Axwell ft. Richard Archer - Think About It Sedelic Remake


    Unreleased Axwell track featuring Richard Archer - Think About it. In the Sedelic remake. Free download:

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    Axwell Λ Ingrosso ft. Richard Archer & Karin Park - Think About It


    Axwell Λ Ingrosso ft. Richard Archer & Karin Park - Think About It (Subtitulado)

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    Dave Collins - Ill Be Loving You Where You Are


    Dave Collins - I'll Be Loving You Where You Are (Copyright 2016 CRS Music and Media Ltd.) Director: Richard Archer, Producer: CRS Music & Media Ltd

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    Hard-Fi - Ibiza Interview, 08-08


    Richard Archer interviewed about Ibiza Rocks 2008

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    Axwell Λ Ingrosso feat Richard Archer & Karin Park - Think About It


    Axwell Λ Ingrosso feat Richard Archer & Karin Park - Think About It
    ©UMG Def Jam Recordings

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    Axwell feat. Richard Archer - Think About It


    Axwell feat. Richard Archer - Think About It

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    Quinn Archer - Dark Places


    Quinn Archer - Dark Places
    Directed by Jacquie Gould
    Featuring Roger Cross, Richard Harmon and Stephen Lobo, stars of the TV Show Continuum.

    GET Quinn Archer's Debut EP Dark Places here:

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    Richard Wagner - Liebestod from Tristan und Isolde, transcribed by Archer Gibson


    William Sullivan performing on the Friday Pipes series at Third Baptist Church, St. Louis, Missouri. Complete information on Friday Pipes and the organ can be found at

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    Axwell feat. Richard Archer - Think About It


    Axwell played this track @ Monster Massive 2010. Best track EVER!

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    Think about my holidays, think all the ladies
    Think about dancing, feeling the waist
    Think about the time, the place where we met
    Sweating on my skin, I was all so wet
    Think about colours, think about
    Think about your body, how it moves in that dress
    Think about your touch, think about your kiss
    Feeling like a kid again, total utter of bliss.

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    hard-fi - move on now - live - hippodrome - london - 6/9/07


    Richard archer of hard-fi (attempting to perform) performing move on now at the hippodrome in London on 6/9/07

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    Carbon/Silicon with special guests Don Letts from the original BAD and Lauren Jones with Richard Archer and Ross from Hard-Fi perform BAD hit E=MC2 at Carbon Casino 4 at the Inn on The Green Ladbroke Grove 2008

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    Paul Weller - Down In The Tubestation At Midnight


    From The Electric Proms at The Roundhouse, 2006. Richard Archer from Hard Fi guests; even though Weller's not singing lead vocal, just check him out - screaming the occasional line form this 30 year old masterpiece. Fire and Skill. Pure.

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    Gary Allan man to man cover by Richard archer



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    Axwell feat. Richard Archer & Karin Park - Thinking About You @Cocorico - 17/07/2015


    Axwell play his own song yesterday at Cocorico in Riccione

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    Axwell Λ Ingrosso - Thinking About You & Dark River @ Tomorrowland 2015


    Axwell Λ Ingrosso playing the 2015 versions of Think About It together with Richard Archer and still an unknown female vocal artist on vocals, rumoured to be Karin Park, as well as the WMC '08 ID, known as 'Dark River' now, at this year's edition of Tomorrowland.

    The video got cut off before Dark River ended because my phone ran out of memory... Thank god I got TAI though!

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    Hard-Fi fans answer: Richard Archer - boxers or briefs?


    On 3rd September, Hard-Fi played an exclusive live set at the world famous Maida Vale studios. We asked them all... Richard Archer - boxers or briefs?

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    Richard Archer with Speed Caravan London


    Richard Archer from Hard Fi joins Speed Caravan on the track Dubai from their album Kalashnik Love (Real World) at London's Dingwalls 7 October 2009. The show really rocked! Promoted by Kazum! Join the mailing list for future gigs.

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    Archer Avenue - Missing You As Bombs Fall


    Archer Avenue - Missing You As Bombs Fall
    From the album I Was An Astronaut

    This is the original Archer Avenue With Richard Edwards From Margot and the nuclear so and so's On lead vocals! and is not some shit rock band from Texas!

    I love all of Richard Edwards work and I could not find a good uploaded version of this song, so i decided to share.

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    Axwell /\ Ingrosso - Thinking About You OFFICIAL VIDEO


    Our french boy Solberjum is Thinking About You and is back with another tune! He made a special remix of the hit record Thinking About You by the Swedish duo Axwell Λ Ingrosso featuring the magic vocal of Richard Archer. The future house master Solberjum came up again with his recognizable sound ready to smash this incoming summer!
    Grab your FREE COPY here:

    Art&Music Recording: dream bigger

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    Maria Moon Prettycool my New song inspired from Richard Archer Hard-Fi


    this song i wrote It back in 2007

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    Hard-FI at Glastonbury 2007


    Richard Archer explains to Q why Hard-Fi are playing a special secret show at Glastonbury 2007 for Love Music Hate Racism, and how that new album is shaping up.

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    intersella aliens ft Richard Archer


    Song written by Smiley/Turner
    Animation by Dave Welsh

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    Axwell Ft. Richard Archer - Think About It | Reason Remake


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    Expected release date: Unknown. Coming soon on AxtoneTV:

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    Richard Archer Playing Stylaphone


    Richard Archer playing a stylaphone at Liverpool Uni.

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    Contempo - Kicking off Tonight


    Kicking off Tonight
    Lyrics and Music by Richard Archer

    Seen for the first time is the only video my old band ‘Contempo’ made for our 3rd (and last!) single ‘Kicking Off Tonight’.
    A classic example of a video idea not coming out as you would hope.
    The idea is that we’re at a ‘Dance-athon’ and as the hours pass dancers drop out through exhaustion until only the band are left standing to take the cup.
    Unfortunately the clock which was to show time passing was forgotten and it looks like the band play and everyone falls asleep…
    We had some great dancers both in the funk and northern soul styles turn up to the groovy Rivoli Ballroom on the Brockley Road.
    On bass my bruv Steve Archer, guitar - Steve Friend, drums Steve Cutts (the three Steve’s - when Steve Cutts left we replaced him with your favourite Hard-fi tub thumper Steve Kemp. Mainly cos he was called Steve.) Keyboards (and later Hard-fi Tour manager) Dave Teape, Trumpet - the gorgeous Ruth Thomas and on Sax - the handsome Matt Todd.

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    Paul Weller & Richard Archer - Thats Entertainment


    Paul Weller and Richard Archer from Hard Fi performing That's Entertainment at the roundhouse in camden part of the BBC electric proms 25 October 2006

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    Should I Stay or Should I Go - Mick Jones & Hard-Fi


    Richard Archer, Ross Phillips & Mick Jones playing Should I Stay or Should I Go at Inn on the Green, Portobello December 2007

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    Weller & Richard Archer-Down In The Tube Station At Midnight


    Paul Weller and Richard Archer from Hard Fi performing down in the tube station at midnight at the roundhouse in camden part of the BBC Electric Proms 25 October 2006

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    Mick Jones and Hard Fis Richard Archer at London Scala, December 8, 2011


    Follow me on Twitter @ damianjones1

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    Contempo - Stronger


    Contempo - 'Stronger' (featuring Richard Archer of Hard-Fi)
    Live photos taken at the West End Centre, Aldershot, 10 November 2000 & the Monarch, Camden, London, 28 November 2000 by Pete Cole.

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    BBC Electric Proms


    Hard-Fi's Richard Archer & Paul Weller at the Roundhouse in Camden. (Nokia N90)

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    Hard-Fi - Live Lounge - 12 March 2008 - I Shall Overcome


    Hard-Fi's Richard Archer performing a solo acoustic rendition of I Shall Overcome. Recorded for the BBC's Live Lounge and broadcast 12 March 2008.

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    C.O.G. - Krazed Archer live 8-20-97 at Jimmys Music Club


    From the vault! The Consortium of Genius rock 'Krazed Archer' live at the legendary Jimmy's Music Club in New Orleans

    vocals - The Archer
    guitar - Dr. Wolfgang A. Wissenschaft
    bass - Filbert W. Snodgrass, Jr. Scientist in Training

    camera: Alfred Richard
    sound: Spike

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    Carbon Silicon @ CC4 - ENCORE Hitsville UK


    Carbon Silicon w/ Richard Archer from Hard-Fi

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    Hard-Fi performing new track Bring It On at Jam in Brighton


    In April 2011 Hard-Fi returned to live performing for the first time in two years with a number of fresh tracks from their forthcoming album Killer Sounds under their belts.

    Richard Archer fronts as the band perform Bring It On at Jam in Brighton, one of three small UK gigs.

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    Carbon Silicon @ CC4 - ENCORE E=MC2


    Carbon Silicon, Don Letts, Richard Archer out of Hard-Fi, and friends...

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    Hard-Fi Move on Now


    I do not own the rights of this audio.
    This video contains audio from itunes Festival 2011 where Hard-Fi performed, Richard Archer performs move on now solo.
    This can be purchased on itunes for 0.99p or the itunes Festival Album (containing 6 songs) for £4.99

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    me doing a rap i made

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    new rap


    new rap

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    Foo Fighters - 606 - V Festival


    Foo Fighers at V Festival under the guise of 606. Dave introduces the band.

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    Altitude Gig - Ubley 140810 - Girl From Mars


    song 3

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    London Calling


    Altitude Play Dave Pearson's 25th Wedding Anniversary Party.

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    what people dont know


    working my way up to rapping with snow tha product

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    Open-mic Session - Because The Night


    Open mic session at the start of the Altitude gig. Sixth song.

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    Altitude Gig - Ubley 140810 - Teenage Kicks


    Song 9 - end of first set

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