Mike Badger

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    Culture City TV | Mike Badger - 27 Miles To Memphis


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    Mike Badger on This Morning ITV


    'By Design' Feature

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    Mike Badger - What You Done To Me


    This is Mike Badger and more about this artist and future videos can be found over at my site routesjukebox.com

    whilst my previous videos were edited by Brainface, this is the first one I attempted on my own. Hope you like it, there'll be more but next up is a short about Delta Maid, filmed by me and edited by Brainface.



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    John Got Shot - Mike badger and the Shady Trio


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    Mike Badger - Jump Back Down Up Around


    I've worked with Mike Badger loads over the last few years and one of my to do lists says I've got to finish a little film I made with him called Ashtrays & Tables and get that online as the version shown last year at The Bluecoat needs a bit of tweaking! In the past we've done photographs and acoustic sessions for Routes Jukebox but this is the first promo video we've ever shot and it's for a song called Jump Back Down Up Around from his debut Shady Trio album called 'Lucky 13′. Nowt like a bit of rockabilly to brighten up a rain soaked Monday afternoon and I would like to thank David and Jackie Watterson for the jiving, Brian Farrell for his dancing too, Rebekah Pichilingi for looking after us at the Epstein Theatre where we shot the video, Brainface for editing and Sam Barlow for the loan of his fantastic 1964 Ford Galaxy! Please feel free to share this one and repost where and when you can.

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    mike badger & the shady trio - jump back down up around.


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    Signed DC - Johnny Echols featuring Mike Badger


    LIMF festival Sefton Park Liverpool
    24th July 2016
    From Liverpool With Love

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    Mike Badger On Blue Peter 1999


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    Cover Stories- featuring: Tommy Scott and Mike Badger: Space - Tin Planet


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    Mike Badger & The Shady Trio at Sefton Park 2013


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    Mike Badger - Thank Hank


    The latest track to go up on RoutesJukebox is by Mike Badger & The Shady Trio and it's in homage to Hank Williams in call out for the country legend to be reinstated in the Grand Old Opry!

    Filmed by Mark McNulty & edited by Brainface

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    Granada Reports Go Penguins 2009 with Liverpool Artist Mike Badger


    Go Penguins from the Capital Of Culture. Granada's resident artist Mike Badger interviewed with Leah Holt the winner of It's Our Granadaland Go Penguin Design Competition.

    Mike Badger's Webpages -

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    Mike Badger & The Shady Trio, Action Packed, Liverpool


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    Liverpool: Next Stop New York - Exhibition feat. Horace Panter, Mike Badger, Pete McKee & more


    A behind the scenes glimpse of the Liverpool: Next Stop New York exhibition, August 2015.
    Featuring artwork by Horace Panter (The Specials), Mike Badger (The La's), Pete McKee, Low Coney and The Studio of Ezra.
    With documentary photography by Mark McNulty, Roger Sinek, Tricia Porter, Steve Howe, Robin Clewley, National Museums Liverpool and Liverpool Echo Archive.
    Curated by RedHouse Originals Gallery and Beaten Tracks.
    Presented in association with Liverpool International Music Festival at View Two Gallery as part of LIMF 15 Commissions.
    Filmed and edited by Dewi Roberts.

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    Johnny Vegas Interviews Mike Badger


    Filmed at the Lost and Found Exhibition at Liverpool Art School 1998 -The Ceramic piece at the end is a Johnny Vegas artwork- Mike and Johnny Vegas both attended St.Helens College of Art and design.

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    Mike Badger Memories Steve van der valk singing I miss you


    A short film of my beautiful son Mike, We all miss you Mike, until we meet again, God Bless you xxxx

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    Mike Badger and The Shadey Trio live at The Cavern Club Liverpool 24th May 2011


    Mike Badger and The Shadey Trio live at The Cavern Club Liverpool 24th May 2011

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    The Onset - Precious Love


    1989 promo video for Precious Love by Liverpool's Onset.

    The Onset were formed in 1987 by Mike Badger when he left his former band the La's. The band also featured fellow La's guitarist Paul Hemmings, who went on to join Ian Broudie's Lightning Seeds in 1991

    Precious Love was recorded in 1988 for the Onset's debut LP The Pool Of Life. It was subsequently released on both the Onset's 1994 CD Pool of Life Revisited (Probe Plus Records), and the 2001 compilation CD Unearthed: Liverpool Cult Classics Volume 2 (Viper).

    For further information check the Onset page on Mike Badger's website

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    The Onset - Trees and Plants


    The Onset from 1988 at the Rainhill Youth Club, St.Helens, playing Trees and Plants.

    This prophetic eco-anthem was penned by Mike Badger before he left the La's, and was a regular song in the Onset's live set.

    A 1993 recording of Trees and Plants appeared on the Onset's 1994 CD, Pool Of Life Revisited.

    Trees and Plants also features on Mike Badger's Country Side CD released in 2008.

    To find out more about the Onset's releases follow this link

    Wierd to think that the youngest person on this video is now 31 years of age! By the way, who are Charlie McGrafton and the Cadillac Kid?


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    The Onset - Save Me


    Recorded by Liverpool's Onset in 1991, Save Me appears on Mike Badger's CD Lo Fi Acoustic Excursions, released by the Generator Label in 2003 (Gen9).

    Mike Badger recalls, My sister bought me a Sony walkman to record on. Save Me was the first song we recorded, live in the practice room on Aigburth Road. This recording captures the moment, it has a great feel to it, just rolling along.

    No film of the Onset performing Save Me exists, so I've had a go at a video collage! Characatures by Roger Llewellyn, photo's by Brian Morrow, film by George! Great fun to make. Hope you enjoy the sound, and vision...


    To find out more about Mike Badger and the Onset, follow this link to the Onset's Biography on Mike's website

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    The Onset - Rhapsody


    Liverpool band The Onset was formed in 1987 by the La's founding, singer / songwriter Mike Badger. The Onset also included ex La's guitarist Paul Hemmings, who went on to play with Ian Broudie's Lightning Seeds in 1991.

    Rhapsody was first released in 1999 on Mike Badger's solo CD Volume (Viper 001).

    This version of Rhapsody was recorded by The Onset in 1994 and appears on their 2005 CD The Onset (Gen10).

    The film features footage from Mike Badger's exhibition of sculpture and artwork Lost and Found, when it was shown at Bristol Museum in 1998/9.

    The exhibition combined photographs, collage and Mike's trademark sculpture made from reclaimed and recycled tin. Recently, Mike produced three Superlambananas for the Liverpool Capital Of Culture superlambana hunt / exhibition in 2008

    Mike's tin sculpture was featured in the artwork for Space's 1998 CD Tin Planet and their 1997 single and promotional video for Avenging Angel .

    The sculpture used for the Space video and other artwork by Mike Badger is currently being featured in the Liverpool Museum's The Beat Goes On Exhibition.

    The Beat Goes On displays the Guitar played by Paul Hemmings in the Onset's Precious Love video and includes the Onset 2005 CD The Onset in its display of Liverpool Record and CD releases.

    For more information about Mike Badger and The Onset click the following link

    For more information on Mike Badger's sculpture and artwork follow this link

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    SPACE Tin Planet - TV Advert


    Advert for Space album Tin Planet. Featuring Mike Badger's animated tin sculptures.

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    The Onset - Too Proud To Start


    Too Proud To Start from the Onset's Pool Of Life Revisited CD (Probe Plus).

    The track featured Mandolin by Nick Hrydowy and Banjo by Roger Llewellyn.

    This promo video was filmed in 1989. Opening with the New Mersey Beat Rock Family Tree by Pete Frame, where the Onset are firmly rooted between the La's and the Lightning Seed.

    Onset Biography page

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    The Onset - Underworld


    Recorded live at the Wherehouse Derby in 1992. A studio recording of Underworld can be found on Mike Badger's solo CD Double Zero (Viper 004) released in 2000. An alternative mix of the 2000 recording of Underworld was released in 2006 on the CD Lo- Fi Electric Excursions - Mike Badger and Friends (Gen 11)

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    The Onset - Talkin Record Sales Blues


    This advert for the Onset's first LP The Pool Of Life was recorded by Mike Badger during the filming of the Onset's Precious Love video in 1988.

    The Onset were formed in 1987 after Mike Badger had left his former band the La's.

    The Pool Of Life LP was recorded in the winter of 1988/9 and released by Liverpool's Probe Plus record label.

    For more on the Onset follow the link to their biography page

    Hope you enjoy the video, thanks for watching


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    The Onset - On the Road 5 of 6 - Dresden 1991


    Formed by La's co-founder Mike Badger in 1987, the Onset included ex La Paul Hermmings who went on to play with Ian Broudie and the Lightning Seeds. This is the fifth of six home videos filmed on Super 8 during their European Tours 1989 - 1991.

    From Onset's third and last trip to Europe, which was organised by the Band's drummer and ace promoter Tony Russell. The Onset arrive in Dresden in 1991, where they go to the fair, shoot a few pellets, drive the dogems and fight an East German Ogre.

    Song featured is I Do What I Can, which was recorded in 1991 but remains unreleased. A different version of this song recorded by the onset in 1992 was released on the Onset CD 2005 (Generator Records).

    To find out more about the Onset visit or

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    The Onset - First I Feel You


    The Onset's 1991 promo video for First I Feel You, filmed at the Pier Head in Liverpool.

    The Onset were formed in 1987 by ex La's front man Mike Badger, for further information check the Onset page on Mike Badger's website

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    Anthony Lamarr: Were Smelling Roses Cascia Films


    The Badger Anthem of the 2011 Rose Bowl available on iTunes:

    We're Smelling Roses & We're Smelling Roses 2012
    Anthony Lamarr featuring JDante & LaVar Jovan Charleston
    Directed by Logan Cascia

    * More beats from Anthony Lamarr:

    * Phat tracks from JDante:

    * Book your trip to the Rose Bowl with Badger Trips:

    * Hop on the Badger Short Bus:

    * More from Cascia Films:

    *DNA Music Labs:

    * * * * *
    Chancellor David Ward

    Michael Leckrone (UW Marching Band Director)

    University of Wisconsin Marching Band Members:
    Nate Raiche - Trumpet
    Cassie Bauknecht - Trombone
    Patrick Doty - Tuba
    Brad Wigh - Drums

    Ron Dayne

    Arwen Fonzen as Restaurant Waitress

    Top Promotions
    Mike Drake

    Badger Trips
    Alex Goldstein
    Michael Garson

    Madison Concourse Hotel
    Stephen Zanoni
    Stephanie LaBella
    Cheratee James

    Badger Short Bus
    Tom Davich
    Dain Peer
    Brian Snouffer
    Paul O'Hara

    Andy Schecher
    Erica Ritchie
    Jillian Ritchie
    Julia McConahay
    Kelly Underwood
    Jay Williams
    Mike Unitan
    Katie Koznarek
    Mal Warner
    Hayes Cascia
    Brian Daly (DNA Music Labs)
    State Street Brats
    Badger Fans

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    Fred Morrison, Michael McGoldrick and Donal Lunny


    Medley - Farewell to Uist, The Lochaber Badger, RIP the Badger:

    Fred Morrison - whistle and pipes
    Michael McGoldrick - whistle and pipes
    Donal Lunny - bouzouki
    Jerry Douglas - dobro

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    Extreme - Hip Today


    Extreme (Gary Cherone, Nuno Bettencourt, Pat Badger, Mike Mangini) perform Hip Today on the Dave Letterman show to promote their fourth album, Waiting for the Punchline. Nuno was using a Washburn N4 and Pat Badger a Washburn XB900. Unlike some of the other TV performances to promote 'Punchline,' this one had a particularly 'raw' sound.

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    The Onset - Talkin Space Travel Blues


    The Video is edited from Georges Méliès' 1902 film A Trip to the Moon. (Le Voyage dans la Lune)

    Talkin' Space Travel Blues was released on the Onset's debut LP in 1988 The Pool Of Life (Probe Records). The recording features Mike Badger on guitar and vocals and Paul Hemmings on slide guitar. Both Mike and Paul were in The La's and Paul went on to play with Ian Brodie and The Lightning Seeds.

    Mike Badger and Paul Hemmings co run the Viper Record Label

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    The Onset - Lets Go Home


    1989, London, Let's Go Home was the final song of the Onset's gig at the New Pegasus in Islington.

    The studio version of this song was recorded for the Onset's 1988 debut LP The Pool Of Life (Probe Plus). It features on the 2008 CD release Mike Badger's Country Side (Generator).

    For further information on both releases follow this link

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    The Onset - What Say You?


    Civil Rights, freedom, slavery and imprisonment are all themes of the song recorded in 1990 and released as the title track of the Onset's What Say You? EP.

    The video includes clips and edits of Rosa Parks, Dr Martin Luther King Jr., the Little Rock Nine and many other women and men who made sacrifices, with courage beyond my capability to imagine, in the struggle for equality.

    I felt a need to link these images with the November 5th 2008 speech of President Barack Obama. As the song says, Rosa sat so Martin could walk, Martin walked so Barack could run.

    What say you?

    For more Barack Obama speeeches go to

    For more on Mike Badger and the Onset go to

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    Badger Band at Waukesha South


    Badger Band at Waukesha South

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    Glastonbury 2013: festival badger oven


    Glastonbury 2013: festival badger oven

    Subscribe to the Guardian HERE:

    Mike tells us about his badger oven in the Green Futures field at Glastonbury - and why we need to stop badger culls

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    The Onset - Rockin Out The Depression


    Recorded live at the Earthbeat Festival, Sefton Park, Liverpool in the Summer of '89. The Onset opened their set with Rockin Out The Depression.

    A studio version of the song was included on the Onset's debut LP The Pool Of Life, released in 1988 by Liverpool's Probe Plus label (Probe 19)

    Follow this link for Probe Plus'website

    Thank you Mike for the footage. Rock 'n' Roll!


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    Badger Vs Oregon State Officials Make Bad Call on onside kick


    mike pereira is stupid

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    Honky Tonk at the Bluecoat 2011


    (Dir. Marta Pevida, Prod. Phil Bridges)

    Honky Tonk is an exhibition at Liverpool´s creative hub the Bluecoat that investigates the country and western aesthetic found both in the music and popular culture of Liverpool and the United States, the original home of the honky tonk. These traditionally rough establishments offer cheap drinks, food, live music and dancing for a working class clientele and have over time been immortalised by iconic songs such as Hank Williams' Honky Tonk Blues and Gram Parsons' Close up the Honky Tonks.

    Featuring work by; Mike Badger, Ed Blackburn, Linda Blackburn, Derek Boshier, Jim Burton, Randall Friedman, Steve Hardstaff & Neil Morris, Adrian Henri, Henry Horenstein, Norman Killon, Bruce Lee, Nicki McCubbing, Mark McNulty, Cruz Ortiz, Trish Simonite, Barry Worrall, Chen Xinpeng & Wong Hoy Cheong.

    Fri 22 July - Sun 18 Sep 2011. thebluecoat.org.uk

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    BLACKOUT NYE Behind the kit with Mike D. 2013


    New Years Eve Stoney Badger Tavern Mike D.

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    Zombie - Shirley Badger


    Aug 29, 2009 @ McKinney's Pub in Powell River, BC, Canada with Dan Riley (Bass Player on my right (your left), Corey Matsumoto (Drummer), Wendell Beeching (Guitarist), Mike Slootweg (Lead Guitarist), and Shirley Badger (Vocals)

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    The Onset - Loves Inspiration


    Video from the 1921 Charlie Chaplin movie The Kid, with Jackie Coogan (later Uncle Fester in the Adams Family of the 60s) playing an abandoned child that Charlie finds as a new born baby. This clip starts where the authorities are going to take the Kid away...

    Love's Inspiration from the Onset's 1991 recording session at the Pink Studios Liverpool remains unreleased on CD. Different recordings of this song appear on The Onset CD (2005) and Mike Badger's Volume CD (1999) where it is retitled Where Love Is.

    For more info on the Onset visit Wikipedia

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    Rebellious Blues Dogs - Love You So Good


    Rebellious Blues Dogs Live at Zendeja's in San Dimas California - Mike Cortez, Big Mike Vasquez, Jimmy Delgado, Leo Badger, Tony the Teddy Bear

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    James Buddy Rogers .. White Rock Blues Society Yuletide 2013


    December 8, 2013

    James Buddy Rogers - Guitar & Vocals
    Slammin' Mike Wedge - Bass
    James Badger - Drums


    find us on FB at /jamesbuddyrogers

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    Wailin Al Walker -plays It Takes Time


    Wailin' Al Walker plays -- Kingbee ( by Slim Harpo ) with James 'Buddy' Rogers - Slammin' Mike Wedge - James Badger - and video by Just A Guy With A Camera - Bill Railian at the Kingfisher Waterfront Bar & Grill - Maple Ridge

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    Over A Thousand People Came Together To Break a Record And Bring This Moving Christmas Hymn To Life


    The Piano Guys, Peter Hollens, David Archuleta, and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir get together to sing Angels We Have Heard On High Watch the #sharethegift video:

    Download MP3 “Angels from the Realms of Glory” (mixed with “Angels We Have Heard On High”) FREE at:

    Thanks to Radiant:


    OWN A RADIO STATION? Play this song on the radio:

    Behind the Scenes YouTuber Interviews by Devin Graham:

    Largest Live Nativity World Record: 1039 people


    Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, Peter Hollens, David Archuleta, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir

    Peter Hollens, Evynne Hollens, Ashland Hollens, David Archuleta, Shay Carl, Shaytards, Mommytard, Alex Boyé, Jeremy Warner (Studio C), Stuart Edge, Devin Graham, The McKnights (Mindy, Shaun, Kamri, Rylan, Daxton, Paisley, Brooklyn & Bailey McKnight) Kid History The Piano Guys (Steven Sharp Nelson & family, Paul Anderson & family, Al van der Beek & family)

    Mary: Flo Donelli
    Joseph: Andrew Jueidi
    Baby Jesus: Hudson Scott
    Shepherds: Stuart Edge, Peter Hollens, Jeremy Warner, Natalie Madsen
    Wisemen: Shay Carl, Alex Boyé, Richard Sharrah

    All angels in the final nativity formation are real, NOT computer generated. No angels were added or subtracted.

    Crew Credits:
    Sponsored by Radiant (Sheri Dew, President)
    Produced by Harmon Brothers ( and Mystery Box ( with additional production from Boncom ( Plaid Social Labs ( Creatus ( and DevinSuperTramp Productions (
    Music Written and Composed by Marshall McDonald & Mack Wilberg
    Music Performed by Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, Peter Hollens, David Archuleta, Evynne Hollens, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Violin- Kristiana Sandberg, Kathryn Collier, Kathryn Leavitt, Sarah Crowther, Viola- Candace Wagner, Emily Brown, Cello- Kelly McConkie Stewart, Sarah Arnesen, Bass- Ben Henderson, & Percussion- Giles Reaves with special thanks to Meredith Campbell the Orchestra at Temple Square Music Coordinator
    Music Production: Marshall McDonald, Steven Sharp Nelson, Al van der Beek, Blair Leishman, Giles Reeves, Trent Walker
    Executive Producers: Jeffrey Harmon, Daniel Harmon, and Katie Schwarz
    Executive Creative Director: Jeff Taylor
    Creative Director: Daniel Harmon
    Director & Cinematographer: Jacob Schwarz
    Second Unit Directors: Daniel Harmon, Jeffrey Harmon
    Producers: Katie Schwarz, Derral Eves, Ricky Ray Butler, Jay Davis, Theron Harmon, Benton Crane.
    Screen Writers: Jeffrey Harmon, Daniel Harmon, Jeff Taylor
    Storyboards: Daniel Harmon, Austin Craig
    Public Relations: Derral Eves and Mike Grass
    Crowd Recruiting: Derral Eves
    YouTuber Coordination: Ricky Ray Butler, Derral Eves
    YouTuber Travel & Logistics: Chani Boyce
    Camera Operators: Jacob Schwarz, Devin Graham, Justin Ahlmann
    Gaffer: Phil Shepherd
    Key Grip: Kevin Woodward
    Best Boy Electric: Spencer Scanlon
    Electrician: Danny Shepherd
    Best Boy Grip: Tyler Stevens
    Grip & Lighting Equipment: Shepherd Grip & Lighting
    Special Effects: Bruce Sundstrom
    Special Effects Assist: Parry Willard
    DIT & Post Production Supervisor: Sam Bilodeau
    Post Production Effects: Joshua Badger and Ben Thompson
    Blimp Operators: Jeffrey Harmon, Chris Newman, Alex, Jordan Harmon, Shane RIckard.
    Blimp Creator: Jeffrey Harmon
    Aerial Video: CineChopper (Pilot: Chris Newman; Camera Operator: Matthew Butler)
    Editing: Jacob Schwarz, Katie Schwarz, Daniel Harmon
    Art Director: Chloe Huber
    Art Assist: Rubie Baker
    Costume Designer: Alyson Hancey
    Costuming Assist: Brooke Westberg Grama
    Live Nativity Costumes provided by LDS Motion Picture Studios
    Overhead “bell” costumes: Designed by Anniele Harmon. Pattern created by Alyson Hancey
    Costume Construction & Assembly: Theron and Valerie Harmon, the moms of George Muller Academy homeschooling coop.
    Makeup (live nativity): Danielle Donahue
    Hair (live nativity): Heather Donahue
    Makeup (family nativity play): Raquel Burr
    Super connectors: John Dye, Mike Evans, Derral Eves
    Logistics and Crowd Control: Jay Davis, Benton Crane, Daniel Harmon, Theron Harmon
    Media Outreach: Creatus and Grassroots Media
    Guinness coordination: Boncom
    Behind the Scenes: Austin Craig producing, Jordan Nash, Michael Boren, and Davey Orgill on camera, Alex Moore editing
    Nativity formation design: Daniel Harmon, Benton Crane
    Craft Services: Amy Bigler
    Craft Assist: Jennifer Carter
    Security: Jay Davis, Derral Eves
    Editing: Katie Schwarz, Jacob Schwarz, Daniel Harmon
    Nativity Ornament Artist: Valerie Atkisson

    Angels We Have Heard on High - Guinness World Record - ThePianoGuys Christmas #ShareTheGift

    Check more of our great videos!: Angels We Have Heard o High - ThePianoGuys -

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    Spring Hill College Greek Week 2016 - Lambda Chi Alpha


    Greek week
    We going Greek we going Greek we going Greek

    There's only one way to go
    Whether a sister or bro
    Just as long as you rush
    Sign the bid then hush
    Everybody got their secrets
    Everybody pledge their allegiance
    Panhellenic show the door to me
    I’m trying to find a sorority

    Phannel, Enos, chaos,
    Like whoa whos that
    Children's miracle network
    It's the phi mu frat

    Ladies of tri delta
    Be bald be bold
    They can help ya help ya help ya
    That's what I'm told

    Alpha kappa alpha ladies
    they know how to stroll
    Na it ain't nothing new
    That's just how they roll

    DG help the blind see
    But they still can't out stomp me
    Sigma kappa with the olymics
    So good they put on a clinic

    We going Greek. We going Greek
    You getting mad, we going Greek. You getting mad. We going Greek.

    TKE with st Jude's
    Out there making moves
    Delta chi, earth ball
    Cancer research y'all
    Sigma chi, Catalina
    Derby days lemme see ya
    Lambda chi we back
    Feeding America, cans stacked
    Watermelon bashing
    Slip n slide splashing
    Pretty girls they laughing
    After party we crashing
    43 men strong
    Brotherhood lifelong
    Oktoberfest, beer me
    Badger bus driver steer me

    father mike is a savage
    mustache swag, gotta have it
    hom-il-es on tha sabbath
    making our values, habits
    held together, in Christian bond
    to infinity and beyond
    is this too much to handle
    feel the vibes and channel

    its ya boy slicc vicc
    and I’m back on the track
    i gotta say one thing
    purple gold and green
    always tryna get better
    on any day in any weather
    i love my badger community
    its was always about greek unity

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    GTA: SA - Funny Mike Toreno Phone Call


    This is the final phone call Mike Toreno makes to CJ to make him learn to fly. I think it's the best phone call of the game.