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    The Bannisters Perform Christain Country Music
    Go Close The Window is one of many
    The Bannisters are A husband and wife team
    Sharon singer and keyboard player, Brian a Pedal steel Guitar Player
    they own and operate NASHVILLE NORTH RECORDING STUDIO in Chippewa Falls, Wi.
    They Record All the Music in the studio, and the parts that they are not playing on stage
    are in a computer so they have the sound of a whole band with them when they do a concert.
    enjoy the music, and they are available for concerts, and if you would like to record in their studio please do contact them

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    Daz Lord x Lil Lawd x Lawliss - cross dem tracks


    Fuck EBE Cross Dem Tracks

    -uploaded in HD at

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    Curtis Bannister | Romeos Tomb Scene from Gounods ROMEO & JULIETTE


    Curtis Bannister sings Romeo's Tomb Scene (C'est la! Salut tombeau) from Charles Gounod's opera ROMEO & JULIETTE.

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    Naomi Rae & The Bannister - Hit The Road Jack!


    Naomi Rae & The Bannister cover Ray Charles song Hit The Road Jack!,
    You can follow Naomi Rae & The Bannister on twitter below:

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    Battle Tapes- Sweatshop Boys Badass Bands Blog Live


    Battle Tapes performing Sweatshop Boys for their Badass Bands Blog Live March Residency.

    See more from Battle Tapes at

    Brought to you by Silverlake Lounge-

    New music every Monday at!

    Sweatshop Boys- Battle Tapes


    Directed by: Charles Lopez
    Audio Engineer: Jordan Robins
    Audio Mixing & Mastering: Scott Coslett

    Produced by:
    Jolynn Braswell / BADASS BANDS BLOG
    Charles Lopez / BLACK TIE STUDIOS
    Jordan Robins / RIOT AT THE ZOO
    Scott Coslett / SCIENTIST SOUND LABS

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    Battle Tapes- Feel The Same Badass Bands Blog Live


    Battle Tapes performing Feel The Same for their Badass Bands Blog Live March Residency.

    See more from Battle Tapes at

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    Feel The Same- Battle Tapes


    Directed by: Charles Lopez
    Audio Engineer: Jordan Robins
    Audio Mixing & Mastering: Scott Coslett

    Produced by:
    Jolynn Braswell / BADASS BANDS BLOG
    Charles Lopez / BLACK TIE STUDIOS
    Jordan Robins / RIOT AT THE ZOO
    Scott Coslett / SCIENTIST SOUND LABS

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    Battle Tapes- Graveyard Shift Badass Bands Blog Live


    Battle Tapes performing Graveyard Shift for their Badass Bands Blog Live March Residency.

    See more from Battle Tapes at

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    Graveyard Shift- Battle Tapes


    Directed by: Charles Lopez
    Audio Engineer: Jordan Robins
    Audio Mixing & Mastering: Scott Coslett

    Produced by:
    Jolynn Braswell / BADASS BANDS BLOG
    Charles Lopez / BLACK TIE STUDIOS
    Jordan Robins / RIOT AT THE ZOO
    Scott Coslett / SCIENTIST SOUND LABS

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    Chalenam Rhythms LIVE at MOSHITO SOUTH AFRICA 2015


    11 September 2015 we performed LIVE at the MOSHITO music and conference in South Africa at Bannister Hotel in Braamfotein. Enjoy PART of our performance!!
    Contact us on +263772 380 929/ +263 772 521 968/ +263 772 923 932;

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    Seagulls Gaviotas


    Charles Miller, aos dez anos, foi estudar na Inglaterra. Desembarcou em Southampton e aprendeu a jogar futebol na Bannister Court School.

    Retornou ao Brasil em 1894 para trabalhar na São Paulo Railway, tornando-se também correspondente da Coroa Britânica e vice-cônsul inglês em 1904.

    Trouxe na bagagem duas bolas usadas, um par de chuteiras, um livro com as regras do futebol, uma bomba de encher bolas e uniformes usados.

    Miller foi fundamental na montagem do time do São Paulo Athletic Club e a Liga Paulista de Futebol,

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    Macabre Mansion Presents… A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens - Audiobook


    Full Audiobook:

    This highly entertaining audio dramatization of Charles Dickens\' A Christmas Carol features a star-studded cast that includes John de Lancie, Daniel Roebuck, Jim O\'Rear, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Tiffany LaBarbera, Virginia Hey, Kyle Hebert, and Reggie Bannister. It\'s 80 minutes of fun for the whole family!

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    Mario Lanza - This Land - A Tribute to US Constitution Day


    This video is to commemorate US Constitution Day, today, Sept. 17. Mario Lanza's beautiful voice and paintings by master artists are joined together to honor this day. Sept. 17, is the day to remember the signing of the US Constitution, our very precious historic document. This document sets forth the framework for our government to operate. This song, itself, however, speaks to the love of one's own country which is generally shared by all people around the world.

    Photos of Mario are from his film The Great Caruso in the opening with the rest being from That Midnight Kiss.

    The song This Land is from The Lord Don't Play Favorites (9/17/56), an original musical play, with Jo Swerling and Hal Stanley adapting book from Patrick Malloy's short story, with music by Hal Stanley and lyrics by Irving Taylor, directed by Clark Jones; story of small-time traveling circus stranded in a drought-stricken small Kansas town, subjected to huge fine by city fathers as a way of raising money to pay for a professional rain-maker, when the circus needed money to enter its trick horse in the county races, with circus duping yokels into paying the race fee to the circus ringmaster posing as the rain-maker; stars Robert Stack, Kay Starr, Dick Haymes, Buster Keaton, Louis Satchmo Armstrong, large supporting cast.
    (The above quote is from:
    The plot sounds very much like the 1956 movie with Burt Lancaster and Kathryn Hepburn called The Rainmaker. It stars Burt Lancaster, Katharine Hepburn, Wendell Corey, Lloyd Bridges and Earl Holliman.
    It was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Actress in a Leading Role (Katharine Hepburn) and Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture. Earl Holliman won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor. The Rainmaker play was remade as for American television in 1982, directed by John Frankenheimer and starring James Cromwell, Tommy Lee Jones, William Katt and Tuesday Weld.
    (The above quote is from:

    The master artists and their paintings and the video screensaver are listed in the order of their appearance in the video:
    1) Flag waving screensaver from:
    2) William Etty (1787-1849) - Prayer at Valley Forge
    3) Frederic Edwin Church (1826 -- 1900) - Our Heaven Born Banner
    4) Edward Mitchell Bannister (1833 -- 1901) - Landscape with Cows Grazing near River
    5) artist unknown -- title unknown
    6) Antonio de Pereda y Salgado (1611- 1678) - The Holy Trinity
    7) Charles-François Daubigny (1817 -- 1878)- An Apple Orchard
    8) Mary Stevenson Cassatt (1845-1926) - Baby Reaching For An Apple
    9) Frederic Edwin Church (1826 -- 1900) - Otter Creek
    10) Frederic Edwin Church (1826 -- 1900) - View in Pittsford, Vermont
    11) Gilbert Stuart (1755-1828) - Portrait of a Young Woman, c.1803
    12) L. Prang & Co., Boston - Christoper Columbus Arrives in America
    13) Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (1863--1930) - The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth, 1914
    14) Howard Chandler Christy (1873-1952) - Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States
    15) Emanuel Leutze (1816 -- 1868) - Washington Crossing the Delaware
    16) John Trumbull (1756 -- 1843) - The Surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown
    17) George Caleb Bingham (1811-1879) - The Emigration of Daniel Boone
    18) Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902) - Oregon Trail, 1869
    19) Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902) - Surveyors Wagon in the Rockies, 1859
    20) Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902) - Yosemite Valley, Yellowstone Park, 1868
    21) Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902) - Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak 1863
    22) Edward Mitchell Bannister (1833 -- 1901) - Five Cows in Pasture
    23) Edward Mitchell Bannister (1833 -- 1901) - Man with Cows
    24) Benvenuto Tisi (or Il Garofalo) (1481 -- 1559) - God Blessing the Earth
    25) Marie Egner (1850-1940) - Farmhouse with Blossoming Fruit Trees
    26) Abraham Archibald Anderson (1847-1940) - Thomas Alva Edison (1847 -- 1931), c. 1889
    27) William Merritt Chase (1862 - 1917) - The Chase Homestead,1893
    28) Thomas Cole (1801 -- 1848) - Haven Wood
    29) Gilbert Stuart (1755-1828) - Elizabeth Corbin (Mrs. Griffin Gatliff) & Daughter Elizabeth, 1798
    30) Frederic Edwin Church (1826 -- 1900) - Our Banner in the Sky
    31) Frederic Edwin Church (1826 -- 1900) - Niagara Falls, from the American Side, 1867
    32) Frederic Edwin Church (1826 - 1900) - The Natural Bridge, Virginia, 1852
    33) Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902) - Deer at Sunset
    34) Jasper Cropsey (1823 - 1900) - Greenwood Lake
    35) Ferdinand Reichardt (1819-1895) - View on the Mississippi River
    36) Edward Henry Potthast (1857 -- 1927) - Grand Canyon
    37) Alfred Thompson Bricher (1837-1908) - Saddleback Light, Maine
    38) William Guy Wall (1792 -- 1864) - New York From the Heights
    39) Gilbert Stuart (1755 -- 1828) - Dolley Payne Todd Madison, c. 1807
    40) Jennie Brownscombe (1850-1936) - Examining the flag

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    Tributo a Charlie Chaplin


    Escuchas música,
    Escuchas, Radio ElViejoWinco

    Todas las noches compartiendo música
    Y en las madrugadas compartiendo grandes recuerdos.
    Música de la película tiempos modernos (1935)

    LP : Tributo a Charlie Chaplin
    Stanley Black Dirigiendo The London Festival & Coro (1974)

    Tiempos modernos : sonrie
    (Smile) (Chaplin - Tuner - Persons) Bourne Música

    Productor: Ray Few
    Grabado en Kingsway Hall. London
    Ingeniero: Arthur Bannister.

    Stanley Black OBE (de 1913 14 de junio - 27 de noviembre de 2002)
    fue un conductor inglés de música ligera, arreglador y pianista.
    Escribió y organizo musica para peliculas y grabo mucho para el sello
    Decca (incluyendo Londres y fase4)
    Empezando por el jazz en colaboracion con músicos de Estados Unidos como Coleman Hawkins y Benny Carter durante la década de 1930,
    también grabo en el estilo de América Latina y también ganó premios para su realización clásica.

    Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, KBE (Londres, 16 de abril de 1889 -- Vevey, 25 de diciembre de 1977) fue un actor cómico, compositor, productor, director y escritor británico. Adquirió popularidad gracias a su personaje Charlot en múltiples películas del período mudo.1 A partir de entonces, es considerado un símbolo del humorismo y el cine mudo.2 Para el final de la Primera Guerra Mundial, era uno de los hombres más reconocidos de la cinematografía mundial.
    Nacido en un campamento de gitanos de Smethwick, cerca de Birmingham,3 algo que siempre quiso ocultar sugiriendo que era de origen judío, sus padres también estuvieron relacionados al mundo del espectáculo, especialmente al género del music-hall. Chaplin debutó a la edad de cinco años, reemplazando a su madre en una actuación. Para 1912, ya había actuado con la compañía teatral de Fred Karno, con quien recorrió diversos países.
    Con su personaje Charlot, debutó en 1914 en la película Ganándose el pan,4 y durante ese año rodó 35 cortometrajes, entre ellos Todo por un paraguas, Charlot en el baile y Charlot y el fuego. Sin embargo, las películas más destacadas de Chaplin fueron La quimera del oro (1925), Luces de la ciudad (1931), Tiempos modernos (1935) y El gran dictador (1940). Sus técnicas al momento de filmar incluían slapstick, mímica y demás rutinas de comedia visual. Desde mediados de la década de 1910 dirigió la mayoría de sus películas, para 1916 también se encargó de la producción, y desde 1918 compuso la música para sus producciones. En 1919, en colaboración con Douglas Fairbanks, David Wark Griffith y Mary Pickford, fundó la United Artists.

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    James Bannister & Alfred Harris ~ Blues And Trouble& Gold Digger 1954


    Modern Harmonica Electric Chicago Blues 1954
    Earl Dranes on guitar Alfred ''Blues King'' Harris harmonica
    James Bannister vocals drums
    Recorded August 9 , 1954
    Enjoy , my friends !!!
    *Disclaimer: All audio & visual parts in my videos are the sole property of their respective owners.
    The videos are purely for entertainment and recreational purposes.
    No Copyright infringement intended!
    All rights go to their rightful owners.
    I do not own the rights of the music.
    For your information, if a band or an artist wishes one or some of the songs/videos to be removed from my channel's upload list, it is advisable to come into contact with me by sending a personal message and I will delete it or them as soon as possible.

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    Go Close The Windows


    Go Close The Window -Written By-Charles Isbell,and zane king (used by permision)
    Singer -Sharon Bannister, Recorded At NNRS-Nashville North Recording Studio
    Chippewa Falls, WI.
    Audio, and Video Arranged, and Produced By Brian And Sharon Bannister.
    A Special Thanks To for the royalty free video clips used to produce the background video.

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    Ferrets - Dont Fall In Love


    After favourable reactions from audiences in Melbourne and Sydney, The Ferrets produced a demo tape that caught the attention of Ian Molly Meldrum talent coordinator for Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) TV series Countdown. Meldrum had them signed to Mushroom Records and started producing their debut album, Dreams of a Love, in July 1976. In April 1977 they released their debut single, Robin Hood, which did not chart. After nearly a year, production of the album was still incomplete, so The Ferrets took over—assisted by recording engineers Tony Cohen and Ian MacKenzie—Meldrum was attributed as Willie Everfinish. Album production was finalised in August and it was released in October.

    Meldrum had carefully crafted their first single's A side Lies taking weeks but the B side Don't Fall in Love (written by Ian Davis and Firth) was rushed in three hours. The Ferrets premiered on Countdown in an episode compered by Jon English however, they used their B side. Don't Fall in Love quickly sold out its initial pressing and many customers wanted a copy of The Ferrets' debut album -- there was concern at Mushroom Records as Meldrum had not organised an album cover: a white hand stamped cardboard sleeve was issued with a promise of the album artwork to follow! The Ferrets released a promo as the single peaked at No. 1 on Melbourne's charts and No. 2 Nationally. They were awarded with 'Best Australian TV Performer' at the 1977 King of Pop Awards for their Countdown appearances.

    Although generally remembered for their biggest hit, their follow-up single Janie May reached No. 25 nationally and was televised on Countdown on 13 November 1977, which also featured the infamous Prince Charles interview.Their debut album Dreams of a Love achieved Gold record status and the long awaited album cover depicted a model (Wendy Bannister) holding a snarling ferret on her shoulder (front), a photo of the seven member band (back), lyrics and recording details including a photo of Willie Everfinish (inside).

    (extract from Wikipedia 2011)

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    Down by the River - Artemis & Post:Ballet


    This video is presented by Artemis, Oakland, CA

    and is Distributed by Sugo Music Group, Half Moon Bay, CA

    Courtesy of RTFM Records, Oakland, CA

    'Down by the River', from Artemis' latest release, 'Sephyra', is available as a digital download or limited edition CD and LP via Bandcamp:

    iTunes -

    Amazon MP3 -

    Directed by Robert Dekkers, artistic director of Post:Ballet

    Director of Photography: Keith Crusher

    Editor: Amir Jaffer

    Assistant DPs: Walter Yamazaki, Harry Oestricher

    Featuring Post:Ballet dancers Raychel Wilson-Weiner, Hiromi Yamazaki, Jane Hope Rehm, Jackie McConnell, Megan Steffens, and Caroline Langner

    Fire spinning by Jan Berletti and Carey Jerome

    Styling by Shonna Stevens-Hall and Juliana Medina

    Special thanks to Jeff Lee, Jan, Charles and Craig Berletti, Walter Yamazaki, Christian Squires, Tricia Cronin ( Harry Oestricher, Diane Jackson, Dale Allen Boland, Urban Art Farm, Brenda Montano, Jeff Crowle, East Bay Regional Park District

    This video was made possible by the amazing faith and generosity of 152 lovely Kickstarter pledgers. THANK YOU!!! Ray Toler, Kathy and Ross Wagner, Jennifer Chuang, Robert Fischer, Jan Hanford, Dave Warner, Jim Nichols, Ro Cutler, Jan Berletti, Pluma Kluess, Darin Wilson, Rod C. Taylor, Hudson Leick, Brendan Miranda, Ben Davis, Tom Lattanand, Awaken Café, Brian Ball, Trista Musco, Audrey Penven, Aaron Muszlaski, Neil Girling, Laura Kidd, Jenafer Owen, Tim Quigley, Pieter Waldenmaier, Cary Norsworthy, Reuben Anziani, Eduardo Medeiros, Heidi Burbidge, David Anderson, Susanna Goldenstein, Gina Gil, Donna Lascell, Don Albonico, David Earl, Molly Grebens, Janelle Durrett Tirrell, Chris Gill, Simone Born, David Kay, Joerg Langhorst, Suzi Fisher, Irene Sleight, Bernard Cooper, Chad Hessoun, Barry Eisenhart, Anton Jøsef, Jamie Evenson, Daniel Durrett, Myvanwy Morgan, Stan Stewart, Brannon Blaylock, Brian Andres Scott, Michael Brotherton, Jason Andrews, Leon B. Washburn, Diane Jackson, Jason Rubenstein, Post:Ballet, Christian Squires, Lynda Arnold, Michael Roache, Pat Tufts, Kira Small, Edward McPherson, Derek Greenberg, Sivan Gur-Arieh, Christopher Daddio, Marya Hunsinger, Henry Fields, Don Monaco, Amy London, Cliff Tune, Scott McLemore, Allen Wentz, Preston L. Bannister, Paula Chacon, Robert Schroeder, Anna Maria Stjarnell, Hilary Reed, Benjamin House, Orin Kurtz, Colin and Caroline Fraser, Rena Jones, Alex Kim, Russ Livermore, Lissa Parker, Lynn Leyda, Andrew Woodward, Thomas Stensitzki, Lindsay Glesener, Buzz Noe, Lynn Chaplin-Noe, Earl Shores, John T. Adian Jr., Jessica Donahue, Keisha, Jane Hope Rehm, Gary Goldman, Mike Colquhoun, Julia Lancaster, Connie LaFitte, Deborah Harlow, Thanapaulis Films, Kimberly and Camden Stoddard, Mark Komarinski, Ethan Shvartzman, Chris Haber, Renee Carson, Patrick Daugherty, Mark Boutilier, Chris Bartling, Emily Pitcher, Alaster, Mike Hallenbeck, Nathan Olmstead, Joshua Freeland, Ian Fradgley, Michelle Clark, Atle Hauge, Christopher T. Palmer, Ted Lovejoy, Keith Van Tassel, Micropixie aka Single Beige Female, Sue Hazlett, Kat Mulkey, Baptiste Lepilleur, Tim Thompson, Evann Gey, Susan Roemer, Fatemeh Tabib, Steven Haan, Brian McDonell, Richard Valk, Anton, Tom Foy, Czarina, Owen Lewery, Christopher Grey, Christer Ståbis, Dave, Reileen van Kaile, Josh Vermaas, Daniel McLaughlin, Markus Hametner, Marcie Vargas, The Ireland, Christopher Dunnbier, Kazuhisa Sakai, Matt Gaspari, Jim Acker, Gabriel Roland

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    Taylor Swift - New Romantics


    Check out Taylor’s new video “New Romantics off her multi-platinum release 1989...Available Now on iTunes

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    Will Bannister at Northern Nashville Festival


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    The Tom Seals Band - Cheltenham Jazz Festival


    The Tom Seals Band - Cheltenham Jazz Festival


    Tom Seals - Piano/Vocals
    Nick Bayes - Bass
    Rick Wilson - Drums
    Jamie Bannister - Saxophone

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    Five Finger Death Punch - Wash It All Away


    Five Finger Death Punch - Wash It All Away (Explicit)

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    Lyrics Taron Egerton - Im Still Standing


    👉 Taddee channel:
    👉 SING 2016 PLAYLIST:
    👉 I'm Still Standing - Taron Egerton

    👉 I do not own this audio. All rights belong to its rightful owner.

    👉 Taron Egerton:
    👉 SING Movie:

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    Rebecca Ferguson - Ill Meet You There LYRICS


    'I'll meet you there' from Rebecca's album 'Superwoman' which is out now!

    'Superwoman' is available to pre-order now
    Google Play

    Follow Rebecca

    Rebecca Ferguson - I'll meet you there LYRICS:
    It's been a long time, how can this go on
    You said the wrong words, so I'm writing this song
    The mess you left was my crying best
    It wasn't my fault

    And how was I to know I was nothing, nothing
    Did I ever truly mean nothing, nothing
    I like to try to tell myself I was something
    Cos that's easier to take

    And I'll meet you there
    Between the right and the wrong
    I'll meet you there
    Between the good and the bad
    I'll meet you there
    There's a field of peace
    Where our children will greet
    I'll meet you there
    I'll meet you there
    Between the right and the wrong
    I'll meet you there
    Between the good and the bad
    I'll meet you there
    There's a field of peace
    Where our children will greet
    I'll meet you there

    It was a cold night, a bitter Wednesday
    You had an ice tongue, it took my breath away
    The words you used cut me inside

    And how was I to know I was nothing, nothing
    Did I ever truly mean nothing, nothing
    I like to try to tell myself I was something
    Cos that's easier to take

    And I'll meet you there
    Between the right and the wrong
    I'll meet you there
    Between the good and the bad
    I'll meet you there
    There's a field of peace
    Where our children will greet
    I'll meet you there
    I'll meet you there
    Between the right and the wrong
    I'll meet you there
    Between the good and the bad
    I'll meet you there
    There's a field of peace
    Where our children will greet
    I'll meet you there

    There, there
    And I'll meet you there

    Rivers were full with the tears you left
    Skies could fall with every prayer I sent
    Crossing borders and killing time
    Waiting for the day we'd draw the line
    There's a peace waiting on the other side

    Written By:
    Andrew Bannister, Richey McCourt & Rebecca Ferguson
    Release Date:
    October 14, 2016

    Enjoy & subscribe for more videos!

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    The Wrong Voice


    Here is a loop-based thing that took me about 4 hours to make and about another half an autumn day more to tweak. Conceptually, it is a tribute to any person(s) who ignore pessimists, naysayers and dissuaders. Some of the people who might have been told that whatever they believed or were doing is impossible or a waste of time or can't be done but chose to proceed anyway are:

    Johann Gutenberg
    Christopher Columbus
    Leonardo da Vinci
    Blaise Pascal
    Isaac Newton
    Benjamin Franklin
    Michael Faraday
    Charles Babbage
    John Deere
    Louis Pasteur
    Alexander Graham Bell
    Thomas Edison
    George Eastman
    Nikola Tesla
    Henry Ford
    George Washington Carver
    Marie Curie
    Wright Brothers
    Guglielmo Marconi
    Albert Einstein
    Enrico Fermi
    James Watson
    Chuck Yeager
    Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay
    Roger Bannister
    Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin

    Musically affected by Paul Hardcastle 19 Golden Earrings Radar Love Sugarloaf Green-Eyed Lady Van Halen Running With The Devil

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    David Brinston-Two Way Love Affair


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    A. R. Rahman, Jiya Jale


    Jiya Jale (Dil Se) is a tribute to A. R. Rahman by the Berklee Indian Ensemble in gratitude for his immense contribution to our lives through his inspiring music and journey.

    A. R. Rahman is an Indian composer, singer-songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and philanthropist. In 2009, Time Magazine placed Rahman in its list of World's Most Influential People. In a notable career spanning two decades, he has garnered particular acclaim for redefining contemporary Indian film music, and putting Indian music on the global map, in a way that no other Indian composer/performer has achieved.

    On October 24, 2014, Berklee College of Music will confer A. R. Rahman with an honorary doctor of music degree. Berklee Faculty and students from the Berklee Indian Ensemble will pay tribute to the living legend, who will join them on select pieces in a concert celebrating his music and life at Boston's Symphony Hall.

    Mr. Rahman's visit is a signature event under Berklee India Exchange, a new initiative co-founded by two Indian Berklee alums, Annette Philip (artistic director), and Clint Valladares (artist relations and strategy), as a platform for cultural conversation, through the composition, collaboration, and performance of original Indian music. Proceeds from the concert will go towards a scholarship fund in Mr. Rahman's name for students from India to attend Berklee.

    This is a huge milestone for the Berklee Indian Ensemble, one of largest and most diverse ensembles at the college, with members representing 37 countries, and counting. Founded in 2011 by faculty member, Annette Philip, the ensemble performs an expansive repertoire of Indian classical, semi-classical, folk, Sufi, and contemporary Indo-jazz music, with the ultimate goal of presenting concerts entirely consisting of original student compositions. Every year, there is at least one composition by A. R. Rahman featured in their repertoire.

    Berklee Indian Ensemble
    Jiya Jale (A. R. Rahman)
    From the film Dil Se

    Arrangement: Inna Dudukina
    Vocal arrangement, Producer: Annette Philip
    Instrumental interlude: Berklee Indian Ensemble

    Ishita Sinha: voice, Patna, India
    Harshitha Krishnan, voice, Chennai, India
    Nalini Krishnan, voice, Seattle, Washington
    Rohith Santosh Jayaraman, voice, morsing (jaw harp), San Jose, CA

    Instrumental Soloists
    Yazhi Guo: dizi, Hong Kong, China
    Sashank Navaladi: sarod, New Delhi, India
    Harini Srinivasa Raghavan: violin, Chennai, India
    Layth Al Rubaye: violin, Amman, Jordan
    Patrick Simard: drums, Ottowa, Canada

    Indian Ensemble Choir
    Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, New Delhi, India
    Dhruv Goel, Lucknow, India
    Vasundhara Gupta, Kolkata, India
    Rohith Santosh Jayaraman, San Jose, CA
    Harshitha Krishnan, Chennai, India
    Nalini Krishnan, Seattle, Washington
    Armeen Musa, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Kanika Patawari, Antwerp, Belgium
    Annette Philip, Kerala, India
    Purvaa Sampath, Bangalore, India
    Ishita Sinha: Patna, India
    Harini Srinivasa Raghavan, Chennai, India
    Aseem Suri, New Delhi, India
    Adriel Tjokrosaputro, Surakarta, Indonesia
    Sanchitha Wickremesooriya, Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Layth Al Rubaye: violin, Amman, Jordan
    Harini Srinivasa Raghavan: violin, Chennai, India
    Daniel Urbanowicz: viola, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Naseem Al Atrash: cello, Beit Sahour, Palestine
    Victor Manuel Gonzalez Quezada: double bass, Rancagua, Chile

    Rhythm Section
    Annette Philip: piano, Kerala, India
    Aleif Hamdan: electric guitar, Jakarta, Indonesia
    Shubh Saran: electric and acoustic guitar, New Delhi, India
    Achal Murthy: bass, Strassen, Luxembourg
    Ullas Rao: mridangam, Westwood, MA
    Kaushlesh Purohit: tabla, percussion, Jodhpur, India
    Ranajoy Das: cajon, New Delhi, India
    Joe A Galeota Jr.: percussion, Arlington, MA
    Patrick Simard: drums, Ottowa, Canada

    Recorded live at The Record Company
    Simon Katz: recording engineer, mixing engineer
    Chris Geller: assistant engineer
    Pietro Milanesi: assistant engineer

    Teo Karakolev: videographer, editor
    Kevin Greene: videographer
    Sam Harchik: videographer

    Mastered by M Works Studios
    Jonathan Wyner: engineer

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    broken butterflies by andy bole and brian bannister


    broken butterflies - a lucinda williams song performed by andy bole and brian bannister.

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    You Dont Know Me - Eddie Bailey.m4v


    Eddie Bailey sings You Don't Know Me arranged by Hazen Bannister, filmed by Jon and David Holloway at Sundance Galleries - Greenwood, SC - Summer of 2011

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    Johnny Cash - The Beast In Me


    Follow me on twitter - @NessaBannister

    Johnny Cash - The Beast In Me

    As this is the song that is receiving the most views, I please ask you to check out the other Johnny Cash songs I have uploaded. There are many other great songs that you may wish to discover. - Thanks.

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    Octopia perform Angel Eyes


    A slow funk ballad arranged by Matt Harris. Angel Eyes features Joe Northwood (Tenor Sax) and Tim Bannister (Guitar)

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    Weird russian singer - Chum Drum Bedrum


    I've come to give this song
    I've come to give this song
    I've come to give this song
    I've come to give this song
    Chandra Brambra Chandra Chandra Bendram...

    I've come to give this song
    From the world of dreams
    I've come to give this song
    From crystal tears
    I've come to give this song
    For love
    I've come to give this song
    Chandra Brambra Chandra Chandra Bendram...

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    The Carol Singers - Rule of Three


    Filmed live at Witham United Reformed Church on 23rd December 2014. Filming courtesy of Alice Tunningley.

    'The Carol Singers' by T.C. Sterndale Bennett & Charles Haynes.

    Rule of Three is a male, multi-genre vocal trio from Es.
    To find out more, go to:

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    Albatross - Original Song from From the Mouth of Elijah


    Bryan Davis's book: From the Mouth of Elijah.
    The song could also be called Flying. It's written for the moment when Lauren Bannister first rides a dragon. This is the theme for that cute, white giant Albatross--the upbeat, soaring, happy theme. I'll have to use the same theme, but meloncholy-it a little for another song. If you haven't read the book, I shouldn't tell you what happens... hope a future song title won't give too much away.

    Let me know if there is a certain scene in a book you'd like to hear! Don't forget to subscribe! Thanks!

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    Chris Eaton - Love For The Common Man


    Standout AOR/pop rock track from 1986 gospel rock cult classic 'Vision'. Originally released on Reunion Records, produced by Brown Bannister. Up until a few years ago quite a rare CD, but easier to come by these days.

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    Little Hudson - Im Looking For A Woman


    JOB Records 1953 B/W Rough Treatment.
    Hudson Shower, (voc/ guitar) Lazy Bill Lucas, (piano), James Bannister, (drums)

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    Amy Grant – “Grown Up Christmas List” 1992


    Written by David Frost and Linda Thompson Jenner. Produced by Brown Bannister

    A track from Amy Grant’s 1992 Christmas album, “Home For Christmas”, released as an edited 45 by A&M, with “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” as the flipside.

    The song was first recorded by co-writer, David Foster, with Natalie Cole on vocals. His version appeared on his 1990 album, “River Of Love” and then on an Atlantic 45, with “Freedom” as the flipside.

    Hailing from Augusta, Georgia, Amy Grant released her first album in 1977. In 1985, her first album for A&M, “Straight Ahead” reached #35 on the album chart and her chart success continues to this day.

    1992’s “Home For Christmas” was Amy’s third Christmas album and a huge success; reaching #32 on the US album chart.

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    Create In Me A Clean Heart-32nd Youth Congress Choir-COGIC-1967


    Down Memory Lane
    Song: Create In Me A Clean Heart
    Artist: 32nd Youth Congress Choir-COGIC
    Album: Walk With Me Lord - HOB Records HOB 280 - 1967
    Lyrics by Rev. Charles Watkins

    Disclaimer: No Copyright infringement intended. I own absolutely none of these videos (unless otherwise stated). Copyrights belong to their original owners. Musical videos posted on this channel are for entertainment purposes only.

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    Disciple - Hugh Bannister


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    Rev Thomas Banisters 10th Pastoral Anniversary


    The members of Temple Memorial Baptist Church, honored their pastor by giving him a 10th Pastoral Anniversary Gala. The event was held at Centennial Station, and the music was provided by The Envision Band.

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    Create in me a clean heart not Keith Green


    The first time I heard this was at the Light of the World prayer meeting at the XU CIT building, underground room. I fell in love with the song. I introduced it to Daimyo Church in Fukuoka City, Japan and Fr. Gabriel loves it so much that he often requested us to sing it after communion. I made this video because I think this song is appropriate for the Lenten season. By the way, I tried to remember the 2nd verse but couldn't. Also, If you know the composer of this song, please let me know.

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    The Way of the Cross_0001.wmv


    Anthem : 'The Way of the Cross'
    Words : Stephen Bridges
    Music : Noel Bannister

    Singers :
    Jennifer Maslin
    Stephen Lazell
    Graham Soar

    Chris Green

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    Ray Charles - This Love Of Mine