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    Fred Barnes: Sally the Sunshine of Our Alley


    Fred Barnes sings Sally the sunshine of our alley. Regal record. Should be 1922. (Other side is Give Me a Million Beautiful Girls.) HMV 130. Kodak M580.

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    Not While Im Around by Sarah Stone and Fred Barnes


    Sarah Stone and Fred Barnes performing 'Not While I'm Around' from the musical, Sweeney Todd. This was just one of the piano and vocalist's many romantic tunes they performed on Valentine's Day.

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    Give Me A Million Beautiful Girls, sung by Fred Barnes.


    Fred Barnes (1885-1938) records don't seem to turn up often, this example being the last of ten sides (Regal G7789) & was recorded 5th May 1922. He appears to have a fine baritone voice, knows how to put a song over & was one of the music hall greats. His stardom was curtailed due to his outrageous alcohol fueled lifestyle & the scandal of being openly gay. He had several good songs, including: The Black Sheep Of The Family & On Mother Kelly's Doorstep. The ten sides he recorded for Regal give a tantalizing glimpse of his talent.

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    My Romance by Fred Barnes and Sarah Stone


    Sarah and Fred performing Carly Simon's 'My Romance' on Valentine's Day.

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    The Very Things - When Father Papered the Parlour


    The Very Things were a Dadaist, post punk, new wave band from England. The band was initially born from the ashes of The Cravats. They formed in 1983 and included guitarist Robin Raymond (aka Robin R. Dalloway) and bassist/singer The Shend (aka Chris Shendo, born Chris Harz) formed The Very Things, recruiting drummer Gordon Disneytime (aka Robin Holland), with help from bassist Fudger O'Mad (aka Budge), who is band mate of And Also The Trees. The band also had a horn section which does not make an appearance on this E.P. Debut single The Gong Man was released on Crass's label in November 1983, with The Bushes Scream While My Daddy Prunes following in June 1984, now signed to Reflex Records. A short film was made based on the latter for Channel 4's The Tube. The band's debut album was released in August 1984, after which the band was trimmed to the core trio. The Very Things recorded two Peel Sessions, in 1983 and 1987, and two tracks, The Bushes Scream While My Daddy Prunes and This Is Motortown featured in the Festive Fifty. The band ceased to exist in 1988

    The name of the E.P. is Mummy You're a Wreck and it was released in 1985 on Reflex Records. We can all thank for this free upload and of course the very things that created it. I'M A RIOT! If you appreciate my sense of humor please leave a comment containing the name of your least favorite high school teacher and why you disliked him or her. If you don't appreciate my sense of humor please leave a joke reflecting your sense of humor on this video. Thanks for watching and remember to buy this on amazon!

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    Grown-Up Christmas List by Fred Barnes and Sarah Stone


    Fred and Sarah performed a mixture of jazz standards and holiday tunes including this Grown-Up Christmas List.

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    fred barnes - sally the sunshine of our alley 1922


    please note, some of these records came from an old hard drive. I didn't used to write label info or anything annoyingly enough, so I have little information on a lot of them. If you really need it I can try and find the disc again. - uploaded via check out my site! High quality stereo, mono, remastered or original flac or wav files are available for a fee on request, contact me at or through my site! discounts for more than one.

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    Rev FC Barnes 99 and a half wont do


    The great Rev F.C Barnes singing one of my favorites - 99 and a half won't do

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    RAMPED - Ramped


    Our first performance in our new lineup. Jamie Bowlin on drums, Fred Barnes Jr on Bass, Rowan Ayers on vox and guitar. At Montes in Dartmouth Dec 4th 2014

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    O - Deepthroat Love


    Deepthroat Love released July 24, 2015 on Hit City U.S.A.

    Download for free at

    Written by: O
    Produced/Mixed by Jeremy Black
    Co-produced by Fred Barnes & O
    Exec Prod Rob Halprin


    For more good music, concerts, and vinyl visit

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    Global Entrepreneur Movement


    The Global Entrepreneur Movement is a group of people who want to become financially free. We teach people how to take control of their life, inspire them to achieve more and show you how to create an extra income directly from your phone with an opportunity to build a business globally. My name is Fred Barnes and Execetive of GEM, for more information contact me

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    Billy Williams - When Father Papered The Parlour 1912


    When Father Papered the Parlour is a popular song, written and composed by R. P. Weston and Fred J. Barnes in 1910. It is performed by comedian Billy Williams, and was one of his most successful hits.
    Richard Isaac Banks (1878 - March 1915), who changed his name to Billy Williams after leaving his birthplace of Australia, was one of the most recorded popular entertainers of his and indeed of all time. His recordings sold in their thousands long after his early death in 1915. Born in Melbourne, Williams tried a number of jobs before embarking on an entertainment career which led him to come to England in 1899. He became a popular entertainer in the music halls singing what were known as chorus-songs - he also appeared in pantomime.
    Sadly this fame was not to last as Williams became ill in late 1914 and died in Hove near Brighton in March 1915, the proximate cause being complications after an operation, but rumoured to be connected with previous social excesses.
    He recorded this in 1912, sang it in dance halls before that.
    Our parlour wanted papering,
    And Pa says it was waste
    To call a paperhanger in,
    And so he made some paste.
    He bought some rolls of paper,
    Got a ladder and a brush
    And with my mummy's nightgown on,
    At it he made a rush.
    When Father papered the parlour
    You couldn't see him for paste
    Dabbing it here! dabbing it there!
    Paste and paper everywhere
    Mother was stuck to the ceiling
    The children stuck to the floor
    I never knew a blooming family
    So 'stuck up' before.
    The pattern was 'blue roses'
    with its leaves red, white, and brown;
    He'd stuck it wrong way up and now,
    we all walk upside down.
    And when he trimm'd the edging
    off the paper with the shears,
    The cat got underneath it,
    and dad cut off both its ears.
    Soon dad fell down the stairs
    and dropp'd his paperhanger's can
    On little Henrietta sitting there
    with her young man,
    The paste stuck them together,
    as we thought t'would be for life,
    We had to fetch the parson in
    to make them man and wife.
    We're never going to move away
    from that house any more
    For Father's gone and stuck the chairs
    and table to the floor,
    We can't find our piano,
    though it's broad and rather tall,
    We think that it's behind the paper
    Pa stuck on the wall.
    Now, Father's sticking in the pub,
    through treading in the paste,
    And all the family's so upset,
    they've all gone pasty faced.
    While Pa says, now that Ma has spread
    the news from north to south,
    He wishes he had dropped a blob
    of paste in Mother's mouth.

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    The Christmas Song


    Bill Carmichael and Fred Barnes serenaded us with great holiday favorites like 'The Christmas Song', as well as show tunes and songs from the American Song Book.

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    They cant take that away - Ruby Braff and George Barnes in Berlin 1974


    They can't take that away from me Braff Ruby 1974

    The Ruby Braff/George Barnes Quartet live in Berlin in 1974

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    Rough-Side of the Mountain - F.C. Barnes & Company


    After more than 40 years, the ministry of 75-year old Bishop F.C. Barnes shows no sign of slowing down. His total commitment to serving the Master and lifelong love of gospel music continue to be the driving forces in the life of this quietly amazing man.

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    Variations on a Korean Folks Song USAF Heartland of American Band, Frederick Fennell, conducting


    Frederick Fennell conducting the USAF Heartland of America Band's performance of Jophn Barnes Chances' Variations on a Korean Folks Song. Recorded November 1992 at the University of Nebraska at Omaha's Strauss Auditorium.

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    Justin Bieber - Boyfriend


    Music video by Justin Bieber performing Boyfriend. ©: 2012 The Island Def Jam Music Group
    #VEVOCertified on July 11, 2012.

    Buy It Now!
    iTunes -
    Amazon -

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    clif barnes


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    Be Still Tiffany Mosley & Memphis S.D.A. Mass Choir


    Tiffany Mosley and the Memphis S.D.A. Mass Choir sing Be Still written by Gale Jones Murphy, during the morning worship service for the 2015 South Central Conference Camp Meeting at Oakwood University. Band: Calvin Barnes (keyboard). Fred Edwards (organ). Reginald Owen II (drums). Shun Reddic (bass).

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    Chelsea Packard - Stay


    Chelsea Packard

    The Songs of Michael Kooman and Christopher Dimond
    Winners of 2013 Fred Ebb Award winners
    May 5, 2014 - York Theatre Company

    Musical Direction by Meg Zervoulis
    Directed by Isaac Klein

    Filmed by Michael Hull -

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    Trump vs. Clinton flatters Obamas legacy - 2016 US Presidential Election


    The ugliness of Trump vs Clinton flatters Obama's legacy in US election 2016
    CNN - Barack Obama will probably leave office on a high. His weekly average approval rating now stands at 54%. Given the state of the economy and America's troubles overseas, the likely explanation is that voters are contrasting him favorably with the election candidates.

    One legacy of Donald Trump might be to give Obama a better legacy -- a reminder of the calmer, simpler time that we all lived in 18 months ago.
    Of course, most presidents enjoy a bump in their final few weeks. Obama's is relatively small. Ronald Reagan stood at 63% despite Iran-Contra. Bill Clinton stood at 66% despite Monica Lewinsky. In their last year they become politically lame and thus -- almost -- apolitical.
    Yes, Obama has been campaigning hard for Hillary Clinton. But he's also chilled on TV with Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert and launched a nonpartisan and rather dazzling plan to reach Mars by the 2030s. He has finally come out as a Vulcan, as his moving tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy showed.

    The State of the 2016 Presidential Election, the Role of the Media, and Obama’s Legacy | Trump vs. Clinton flatters Obama's legacy

    Recorded on October 7, 2016 Fred Barnes and Stephen Hayes discuss the media's role in the 2016 presidential election and how

    Donald Trump On The Legacy Of Hillary Clinton! Must See!

    More results for the ugliness of trump vs clinton flatters obama's legacy

    Trump: Clinton’s Legacy Is Death, Destruction, Terrorism
    Bloomberg Politics

    July 21 -- In his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, Donald Trump attacked his ...
    More results for the ugliness of trump vs clinton flatters obama's legacy

    FULL: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton - First Presidential Debate 2016 - Hofstra University NY

    More results for the ugliness of trump vs clinton flatters obama's legacy

    Clinton vs. Trump: The first U.S. presidential debate on CBC News

    The 1st U.S. presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton promises to be interesting. To see more U.S. election ...
    CC More results for the ugliness of trump vs clinton flatters obama's legacy

    FULL: Fiery Presidential Debate - Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton

    Watch the First Clinton and Trump Presidential Debate - Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump ...
    More results for trump versus clinton

    Kurtz: Clinton and Holt versus Trump

    'MediaBuzz' host Howard Kurtz weighs in on the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and why ...
    More results for trump versus clinton

    FULL: The Second Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) Oct 9, 2016

    WATCH LIVESTREAM LIVE HQ Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton Second presidential debate Time: 9pm ET (8pm CT, 7pm MT, ...
    More results for trump v clinton

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    Luther Barnes - You Keep On Blessing Me


    Thanks for listening, may God bless you! Feel free to stop by and listen to the other videos, or make a request..

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    Geoff Packard (Matilda) sings Gotta Get Out from THE NOTEWORTHY LIFE OF HOWARD BARNES at Prospect Theater Company's 2015-16 Season Kickoff: Fred Ebb Award Winners in Concert.

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    mighty clouds - certain people i know


    disclaimer: this is not my property. i did not create it. fred thomas and betty marie barnes did; it belongs to them. check out the link above to sample the whole album and/or purchase it!

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    Sam Dees - Lonely for You Baby : Northern Soul


    Northern Soul classic with some video clips of Mods, Scooters from the Fred Perry Subculture films

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    Kathy Barnes Be Honest With Me


    Kathy does a fine version of this tune (penned by Gene Autry & Fred Rose), doesn't she? And looks fine on that album cover! Reached #92 in 1975.

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    I Told The Storm - Greg OQuin N Joyful Noize


    Not as current but still powerful!

    Even though your winds blow
    I want you to know
    You cause me no alarm
    Cause I'm safe in his arms

    Even though your rain falls
    I can still make this call;
    Let there be peace
    Now I can say go away
    I command you to move today
    Because of faith, I have a brand new day
    The sun will shine - and I will be okay
    That's when I told the storm!

    I told the storm to pass (oh yes I did)
    Storm you can't last (oh oh, you've got to go away)
    Go away - I command you to move today
    Storm - when God speaks; (when God speaks, you don't have a choice in the matter)
    Storm - you've got to cease
    That's what I told storm!

    Wind stop blowing!
    Flood stop flowing!
    Lightning stop flashing!
    Breakers stop dashing!
    Darkness go away!
    Clouds move away!
    That's what I told the storm!

    Death can't shake me!
    Job can't make me!
    Bills can't break me!
    You can't drown me!
    Cause my Gods surrounds me!
    That's what I told the storm

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    Min Harmonika - Ove Sopps Sekstet; Kordt Sisters 1947


    Min Harmonika (Accordéon)

    Musik: Fred Freed
    Tekst: Howard Barnes og Marcel Paul
    På dansk ved Peter Spar = Victor Skaarup

    Ove Sopp's Sekstet
    Sang: Kordt Sisters


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    Frederick Fennell Wind Ensemble: Joyces 71st NY Regiment March


    The Frederick Fennell Wind Ensemble from the Orange County School of the Arts in Santa Ana, CA, performs Joyce's 71st N.Y. Regiment March by Thornton Barnes Boyer, arr. James Barnes. Performed live at Clowes Hall on Saturday, March 8, 2014, at the Music for All National Festival. Teren Shaffer, conductor.

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    Hezekiah Walker - Second Chance


    **** Follow me on Instgram @ ****

    Hezekiah Walker & The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir

    Album: Live in New York by Any Means...
    Year of Album Release: 1995
    Label: Verity
    Song: Second Chance
    Lead Songstress: Minister Monique Walker

    Thank God, not only for a second chance, but ANOTHER CHANCE...because some of us, for me at least, HE's given more than a second chance...However, we are not to take God's mercy and forgiveness as a cloak to sin or live in iniquity, but to live FREE & TOTALLY SEPARATED FROM SUCH. (Read 1st Peter 2:15-16 & Galations 5:1, KJV)

    Oh yes,the wages of SIN is still DEATH, but when we REPENT (means turn AWAY FROM) our sinful ways, God in turn, forgives us and GIVES us a GIFT called ETERNAL LIFE through CHRIST JESUS our LORD. (See - Romans 6:23, KJV)

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    John Tartaglia - Gotta Get Out


    John Tartaglia

    The Songs of Michael Kooman and Christopher Dimond
    Winners of 2013 Fred Ebb Award winners
    May 5, 2014 - York Theatre Company

    Musical Direction by Meg Zervoulis
    Directed by Isaac Klein

    Filmed by Michael Hull -

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    Clive Barnes - Highway 61


    Clive Barnes performing Highway 61 (Mississippi Fred Mcdowll), live at Cleere's Theatre, Parliament Street, Kilkenny.

    You can buy The Ghost Country, the latest studio album offering from Clive Barns on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and CDBaby.

    For more, visit

    Video by Ken McGuire for Rewind PR, a division of Event Media. Visit

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    Northern Soul .. The cover up.


    The cover up was a practice by D.J's to keep a song secret and exclusive.
    It started at the Twisted Wheel club. A label would be pasted over the disc to cover the artists name and song title. When asked what the record was, a false name would send you off to chase the wild geese.
    The false name would often be the same song by a different artist. Darrell Banks' 'Our Love' rather than the J.J.Barnes version is a good example. The idea of this upload was to not name the track as a reminder of how it used to be .... but now that YouTube names the song .........

    Duet by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.
    Twisted Wheel website.

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    My Soul Is Anchored by Douglas Miller


    Hello, everyone. I'm here with another YouTube gospel video. This time I decided to do this one in memory of a good cousin of mine who passed away this week. Reggie Walker had a very remarkable Baritone voice who could sing like an angel. So, in honor of him, I am doing Douglas Miller's My Soul is Anchored from the album, Unspeakable Joy , released back in 1988. I hope that as I do, you find comfort in this song. I do not own this song, nor am I seeking monetary gains or publicity. The words on the song are on the video for those who would like to follow along, or who want to learn the song. If there are any other songs that you would like for me to upload, let me know. Enjoy and God Bless!!

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    George Jones - Whos Gonna Fill Their Shoes?


    Rest in peace, George Jones (September 12, 1931 -- April 26, 2013). Thank you for the music!

    There's just something about this video that almost makes me want to cry every time I watch it. So many of the country greats are gone and, like George, I wonder, Who's gonna fill their shoes?

    Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes?
    Written by: Max D. Barnes; Troy Harold Seals

    You know this old world is full of singers
    But just a few are chosen
    To tear your heart out when they sing

    Imagine life without them
    All your radio heroes
    Like the Outlaw that walks through Jessi's dream.

    No, there will never be another
    Red-headed stranger
    A Man in Black and Folsom Prison Blues
    The Okie from Muskogee
    Or Hello, Darling
    Lord, I wonder who's gonna fill their shoes?

    Who's gonna fill their shoes?
    Who's gonna stand that tall?
    Who's gonna play the Opry
    And the Wabash Cannonball?
    Who's gonna give their heart and soul
    To get to me and you?
    Lord, I wonder who's gonna fill their shoes?

    God bless the boys from Memphis
    Blue Suede Shoes and Elvis
    Much too soon left this world in tears

    They tore up the Fifties
    Old Jerry Lee and Charlie
    And Go, Cat, Go! still echoes through the years.

    You know the heart of country music
    Still beats in Luke the Drifter
    You can tell it when he sang I Saw the Light
    Old Marty, Hank, and Lefty
    Why, I can feel them right here with me
    On this Silver Eagle rolling through the night.

    Who's gonna fill their shoes?
    Who's gonna stand that tall?
    Who's gonna play the Opry
    And the Wabash Cannonbal?l
    Who's gonna give their heart and soul
    To get to me and you?
    Lord, I wonder who's gonna fill their shoes?

    Yes, I wonder, who's gonna fill their shoes?...

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    Good-Bye Dolly Gray


    A marching song written during the Spanish-American War.
    A Boer War anthem often sung in the British music hall.

    words by Will D. Cobb, music by Paul Barnes
    published by Howley Haviland & Dresser, New York City

    sung by sheet music singer Fred Feild
    piano according to the sheet music
    tempo = 100 bpm, Moderato Marcato

    1. I have come to say good-bye, Dolly Gray
    It's no use to ask me why, Dolly Gray
    There's a murmur in the air, you can hear it everywhere
    It is time to do and dare, Dolly Gray
    Don't you hear the tramp of feet, Dolly Gray
    Sounding thro' the village street, Dolly Gray
    'Tis the tramp of soldiers true, in their uniforms of blue
    I must say good-bye to you, Dolly Gray!

    Good-bye Dolly, I must leave you, tho' it breaks my heart to go
    Something tells me I am needed, at the front to fight the foe
    See the boys in blue are marching, and I can no longer stay
    Hark! I hear the bugle calling, Good-bye Dolly Gray!

    2. Hear the rolling of the drums, Dolly Gray
    Back from war the reg'ment comes, Dolly Gray
    On your lovely face so fair, I can see a look of care
    For your soldier boy's not there, Dolly Gray
    For the one you loved so well, Dolly Gray
    In the midst of battle fell, Dolly Gray
    With his face towards the foe, as he died he murmured low
    I must say good-bye and go, Dolly Gray!


    Famous songs at
    1922 project at YouTube: sheet music singer

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    Christmas Time is Here - Instrumental Guitar


    A fan asked me if I could play this, so I worked up an arrangement! Christmas Time is Here from Charlie Brown's Christmas Special was written by Vince Guaraldi is such a beautiful tune! Wishing you all a happy holiday and good health in 2015! Played on my Maton EBG808 Artist; unplugged! Martin Life Span Extra Light strings; Fred Kelly thumb pick!

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    Giulio Caccini - Amor, io parto - Johannette Zomer


    High resolution and stereo sound:

    Giulio Caccini

    Amor, io parto
    Madrigal for soprano voice, from Le nuove musiche, 1601 set on an anonymous text

    In this recording:

    Johannette Zomer, soprano
    Fred Jakobs, theorbo
    Channel Classics

    The score I used is from a facsimile copy of Caccini's Le Nuove Musiche, 1601. I didn't edit the score at all, except that I cleared the specks around it . Here and there, the text may not be so easy to read on the score. But, as always, I included the text in modern spelling and the translation.

    Caccini's Le Nuove Musiche is a collection of works for solo voice and basso continuo. Caccini uses two distinct compositional styles in the collection: twelve madrigals -- through-composed, somewhat rhythmically-free compositions with rhapsodic passages designed to emphasise the important words in the text -- and ten arias which are shorter and usually strophic.
    The type of solo madrigal pioneered by Caccini is distinguished from the polyphonic madrigal which was the most popular form of secular composition during the late Renaissance.
    - Sheila Barnes

    Madrigals are, according to Caccini's definition, through-composed one part pieces which are usually elaborately ornamented on non-strophic texts whose metric structure is irregular.
    One main theme dominates all of the poems upon which Caccini's Nuove Musiche is based: love. Two literary forms reflect the two aspects of love, the elegiac madrigal, in which the plaint of the hapless lover finds its expression, and the canzonetta, in which the joy of reciprocated love and the rapturous desire of the young lover is celebrated in many stanzas. In setting the madrigals Caccini chose a free recitative form, whereas the canzonette find their musical counterpart in rhythmically striking arie, which bear similarity to dance songs
    - Silke Leopold

    Among the notational innovations developed by Caccini was the specification and writing out of ornamentation. Previously, ornamentation had always been left to the discretion of the performers. In order to eliminate excesses on the part of singers (which presumably obscured the text), Caccini wrote out the music exactly as he wished it to be performed. He did, however, still allow for improvisation to emphasise significant words and cadences. The use of ornamentation was thus restricted to expressing the text, and was no longer an end in itself, as had been the case in earlier vocal practice. One type of ornamentation specified by Caccini, which may be less familiar to modern ears is the trillo: a kind of tremolo in which fluctuations of intensity are sounded like a reiteration of the note. Caccini includes the trillo in the good manner of singing as a thing written one way, but sung another way for more grace and refinement (squisitezza), qualities of which Castiglione would have approved.
    - Sheila Barnes

    Original text:

    Amor, io parto, e sento nel partire
    al penar, al morire,
    ch'io parto da colei ch'è la mia vita,
    se ben ella gioisce
    quand'il mio cor languisce.
    O durezza incredibil'e infinita
    d'anima che 'l suo core
    può restar morto, e non sentir dolore!
    Ben mi trafigge amore
    l'aspra mia pen', il mio dolor pungente,
    ma più mi duol il duol ch'ella non sente.

    Translation (by Flavio Ferri Benedetti):

    Love, I depart, and I feel while I part,
    while I suffer and while I die,
    that I part from her who is my life,
    although she rejoices
    when my heart languishes.
    O incredible, endless harshness
    of the soul: her heart
    can die without feeling pain!
    Love pierces well
    my bitter pain and my sharp grief,
    but even more painful is the grief that she does not feel.

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    Barry Barnes and Dan Vlaspoel play Rory Gallaghers Daughter of the Everglades


    Live at Havenfestival 2012, IJmuiden

    Were you raised by the river
    Down in the low, low land
    Where the air is dark and sinister
    In the night there's no safe place to stand

    In the reeds there are eyes that peek
    Voices I can't understand
    Flamingos flying endlessly
    Into the silent sky

    Daughter of the everglades
    You never made it clear
    Child of the river
    If you wanted to be here
    Daughter of the everglades
    I never saw your tears

    Well you looked like your mama
    Before you walked, you swam
    Learned to make that snake tail stew
    From your daddy
    Crazy talking fisherman

    In this place there is no law
    The river makes all the rules
    What they are, I found out
    When I came to look for you

    Daughter of the everglades
    Why did you bring me here?
    Daughter of the everglades
    My love has turned to fear
    Daughter of the everglades
    Let me feel you near

    Well you laughed in the city
    But I knew after a year
    That you'd cry in the city
    I should not have brought you here
    So far from the bayou
    Down in the low, low land
    Don't know why you left me
    But now I think I understand

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    Henry Red Allen Docu 6.05 BBC-series by Mike Pointon & John Chilton 1957 Algiers Bounce


    6.05 7:58 3/27/57 NYC., HENRYREDALLEN & HIS ALL STARS: Red Allen (t) J.C.Higginbotham (tb) Buster Bailey (cl) Coleman Hawkins (ts) Marty Napoleon (p) Lloyd Trottman (b) Cozy Cole (d) Everett Barksdale (g): 6:52 ALGIERS´ BOUNCE (now on BB-CD-2497-2-RB )
    (here separated for copyright reasons because SME/GEMA would close the complete BBC-part in Germany, although non-commercially used for historical docu. and I own directly permission by the late Pearlie Mae Allen for use)
    6.06 6:41 12/5/57 Sounds Of Jazz- part-1: HENRYREDALLEN ALL STARS: Red Allen (t) Rex Stewart (c) Vic Dickenson (tb) Pee Wee Russell (cl) Coleman Hawkins (ts) Nat Pierce (p) Milt Hinton (b) Jo Jones (d): 4:50 WILD MAN BLUES -#2 / added: 8:45 WILD MAN -#1 (on Col.CD-CK66082 a must for any jazz collector)
    ( here separated take#2 and added #1 because for copyright reasons SME / GEMA would close the complete BBC-part-6.06-6.11 in Germany. I used #2 from Col.LP and many thanks for Col.CD release with uniss.#1. Perhaps SME will tolerate such non-commercial use with illustrations of Col.label & cover scans and screen passages from the TV-clip for a vivid historical documentation and as PR for their phantastic Col.CD)
    6.07 5:19 11/9/59 Basel, KID ORY (tb) & RED ALLEN (t,v) Bob McCracken (cl) Cedric Haywood (p) Squire Gersh (b) Alton Redd (d): St.James Infirmary
    6.08 5:19 2/20/66 London Marquee Club, telerec.BBC-2TV-JAZZ 625, transmitted 8/24/66 Red Allen (t,v) ALEX WELSH BAND: Roy Williams (tb) Johnny Barnes (cl,ts) Fred Hunt (p) Jim Douglas (g) Ron Mathewson (b) Lennie Hastings (d): 4:18 CANAL STREET BLUES (the BBC-6.08 docu. used 5/1/64 BBC-TV-Red Allen & Alex Welsh: Rosetta - already uploaded)
    6.09 4:27 April/May-64 Carmel Court, London, Doug Dobell record shop party -- Red Allen played solos to records; taped by Eric Saunders, there's no balance between the rather quiet records and the loud Red Allen trumpet in the foreground at the mike: 4/5/58 NYC, Johnny Hodges (as) Roy Eldridge (t) Vic Dickenson (tb) Ben Webster (ts) Billy Strayhorn (p) Jimmy Woode (b) Sam Woodyard (d): Gone With The Wind + Honey Hill (cut) (the BBC-6.09 original used: 1934: Big John Special -already uploaded)
    6.10 5:50 speech about Don Ellis´ statement: Allen is the most avant-garde trumpeter
    + 8/18/65 Blue Spruce Inn, Roslyn; Red Allen (t,v) Sammy Price (p) Bennie Moten (b) George Reed (d): 4:21 ALL OF ME -vRA unissued (on RA-CD-25c), (BBC-6.10 original used: Feeling Good -already uploaded)
    6.11 5:56 3/4/67 Manchester Sports Guild; Red Allen (t.v) & THE ALEX WELSH BAND: Roy Williams (tb) Al Gay (cl) Fred Hunt (p) Jim Douglas (g) Ron Rae (b) Lennie Hastings (d): 4:02 PATROL WAGON BLUES -vRA, on to 7/15/30 Henry Allen: Patrol Wagon Blues /cut
    Ride Red Ride BBC series; Radio Times, 2000 Jazz File Red Allen in 6 parts with John Chilton & Mike Pointon discussing Red´s life and style to records; prod. David Perry;
    more details in Red Allen Bio Disco Nat

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    Best Drum Lesson | Halftime Dubstep Drumming Pattern


    More info @

    Best Drum Lesson | Halftime Dubstep Drumming Pattern

    Drum Solo Aaron Spears Abe Laboriel Jr. Ahmir Thompson uestlove Akira Jimbo Alan White Alex Acuna Alex Van Halen Anton Fig Atom Williard Barry Altschul Benny Greb Bill Bruford Bill Kreutzmann Bill Ward Billy Cobham Billy Martin Carl Palmer Carmine Appice Carter Beauford Chad Smith Chad Wackerman Charlie Adams Charlie Benante Charlie Watts Chris Coleman Clarence Penn Cobus Potgieter Cozy Powell Danny Carey Dave McClain Dave Weckl David Garibaldi Dennis Chambers Derek Grant Derek Roddy Don Brewer Earl Palmer Eric Singer Erick Kretz Frank Iacovazzi Gene Krupa George Kollias Ginger Baker Hal Blaine Hannah Ford Ian Paice Jeff Porcaro Jim Keltner Jim Riley Jimmy The Rev Sullivan Joe Morello Joey Jordison Joey Kramer John Bonham Johnny Vidacovich Jon Farriss Jon Theadore Jose Pasillas Josh Freese JR Robinson Karen Carpenter Keith Moon Larry Mullen Jr. Lenny White Levon Helm Liberty DeVitto Louie Bellson Mark Zonder Max Weinberg Mike Bordin Mick Fleetwood Mickey Hart Mitch Mitchell Morgan Rose Neil Peart Nick Mason Nicko McBrain Nicky Topper Headon Peter Erskine Phil Collins Phil Rudd Phil Taylor Ray Luzier Ringo Starr Rob Hirst Roger Taylor Ronnie Verrell Roy Haynes Sheila E. Simon Phillips Stanton Moore Stephen Perkins Steve Gadd Steve Gorman Steve Jansen Steve Jordan Steve Smith Stewart Copeland Taylor Hawkins Terry Bozzio Thomas Lang Tim Herb Alexander Tommy Aldridge Tommy Lee Tony Royster Jr. Tony Williams Zigaboo Modeliste buddy rich dave weckl steve gadd vinnie colaiuta simon phillips gavin harrison jojo mayer spanky chris coleman Dave Grohl Vinnie Paul Dave Abbruzzese Matt Abts Alex Acuña Daniel Adair Charlie Adams Chris Adler Henry Adler Steven Adler Rob Affuso Charly Alberti Tommy Aldridge Ted Nugent Tim Alexander Rashied Ali Carl Allen Rick Allen Tony Allen Barry Altschul Vinnie Amico Paul Amorese Andy Anderson Nicke Andersson Elias Andra Carmine Appice Vinny Appice Fernando Arbex Kenny Aronoff Duncan Arsenault Steve Asheim Sampsa Kita Astala Nick Augusto Jerry Augustyniak Mick Avory Martin Axenrot Donald Bailey Mike Baird Ginger Baker Donny Baldwin Butch Ballard Frankie Banali Paul Barbarin David Barbarossa John Barbata Lori Barbero Danny Barcelona Nicholas Barker Travis Barker Brandon Barnes Barriemore Barlow Steve Barnard Joey Baron Carlton Barrett Frank Beard Carter Beauford Marty Beller Louie Bellson Leila Bela Fred Below Charlie Benante Brian Bennett Taz Bentley James Bergstrom Bill Berry Wuv Bernardo Pete Best Bev Bevan Graham Bidstrup Les Binks Chuck Biscuits Gregg Bissonette Curt Bisquera Jason Bittner Cedric Bixler-Zavala Jet Black Jimmy Carl Black Cindy Blackman Alfonzo Blackwell Ed Blackwell John Blackwell Brian Blade Hal Blaine Art Blakey Michael Bland Jody Bleyle Jan Axel Blomberg Bobby Blotzer Felix Bohnke Mickey Bones Jason Bonham John Bonham Maya Bond Oskar Bonde Paddy Boom Mike Bordin Paul Bostaph Mike Botts Albert Bouchard Roy Boulter Rob Bourdon Jimmy Bower Garry Magpie Bowler Terry Bozzio Matt Brann Don Brewer Robert Brian Billy Brimblecom Jon Brookes Ned Brower Harold Brown Mick Brown Lynch Mob Ian Browne Bill Bruford Mike Buck Rick Buckler Brendan Buckley Phil Collins Grant Collins Simon Collins Bobby Colomby Scott Columbus Christian Coma Chuck Comeau Ricardo Confessori John Convertino Gerry Conway Paul Cook Tré Cool Rick Coonce Jason Cooper Stewart Copeland Caroline Corr Budgie Luke Bullen Clive Bunker Larry Bunker Christian Burchard Richard James Burgess Aaron Burckhard Chuck Burgi Clem Burke Dominik Burkhalter Hugo Burnham Clive Burr Andrew Burrows Ron Bushy Chad Butler Frank Butler Dean Butterworth Chuck Comeau David Calabrese Will Calhoun Phill Calvert Mauricio Clavería Matt Cameron Jeff Campitelli Brendan Canty Jim Capaldi Frank Capp Danny Carey Karen Carpenter Bun E. Carlos Denny Carmassi Patrick Carney Eric Carr Randy Carr Terri Lyne Carrington Adam Carson Ernest Carter Michael Carvin Ed Cassidy Torry Castellano Joey Castillo Randy Castillo Deen Castronovo Igor Cavalera Cerrone Chris Cester Romeo Challenger Dennis Chambers buddy rich dave weckl steve gadd vinnie colaiuta simon phillips gavin harrison jojo mayer aaron spears spanky chris coleman Jimmy Chamberlin

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    Jelly Roll Morton - Missisippi Mildred


    Bernard Addison - Guitar; Barney Alexander - Banjo; Henry Red Allen - Trumpet; George Baquet - Clarinet; Paul Barbarin - Drums; Paul Barnes - Sax (Soprano); Bill Beason - Drums; Sidney Bechet - Sax (Soprano); Bill Benford - Tuba; Tommy Benford - Drums; Barney Bigard - Clarinet; Pete Biggs - Tuba; Clarence Black - Violin; Lee Blair - Banjo; Marty Bloom - Sound Effects; Wellman Braud - Bass; Ernie Bullock - Clarinet, Clarinet (Bass); Happy Caldwell - Sax (Tenor); Cole - Drums; Cozy Cole - Drums; Sidney DeParis - Trumpet; Wilbur DeParis - Trombone; Baby Dodds - Drums; Johnny Dodds - Clarinet; Stump Evans - Sax (Alto); Geechie Fields - Trombone; Pops Foster - Bass; Joe Garland - Sax (Tenor); J.C. Higginbotham - Trombone; Andrew Hilaire - Drums; Howard Hill - Guitar; Darnell Howard - Clarinet; Charlie Irvis - Trombone; Manzie Johnson - Drums; Will Johnson - Guitar; Claude Jones - Trombone, Vocals; William Kato - Trombone; William Laws - Drums; John Lindsay - Bass; Lawrence Lucie - Guitar; Bubber Miley - Trumpet; George Mitchell - Cornet; William Moore - Tuba; Jelly Roll Morton - Piano, Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part, Vocals; Albert Nicholas - Clarinet; Kid Ory - Trombone; Ward Pinkett - Trumpet; Harry Prather - Tuba; Russell Procope - Clarinet, Sax (Alto); Gerald Reeves - Trombone; David Richards - Trumpet; Fred Robinson - Trombone; Boyd Red Rosser - Trumpet; Johnny St. Cyr - Banjo, Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part; Bud Scott - Guitar; Omer Simeon - Clarinet, Clarinet (Bass); Zutty Singleton - Drums, Vocals; J. Wright Smith - Violin; Edwin Swayzee - Trumpet; Billy Taylor, Sr. - Bass, Tuba; Joe Thomas - Clarinet, Sax (Tenor); Walter Thomas - Sax (Alto), Sax (Baritone); Quinn Wilson - Tuba.

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    The Charlie Daniels Band - Caballo Diablo.wmv


    Fire on the Mountain is a 1974 album by Charlie Daniels appearing on the record label Kama Sutra Records, then later in 1976 by Capitol Records. Most of the tracks on the album are studio recordings, while the last two songs are live performances, recorded at the War Memorial Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee on October 4, 1974.

    Track listing

    All tracks composed by Charlie Daniels; except where indicated

    Side one

    Caballo Diablo - 4:28
    Long Haired Country Boy - 4:03
    Trudy - 4:51
    Georgia - 3:06
    Feeling Free (Barry Barnes) - 4:10

    Side two

    The South's Gonna Do It - 4:00
    New York City, King Size Rosewood Bed - 3:26
    No Place to Go - 11:24
    Orange Blossom Special (Ervin T. Rouse) - 3:00


    Band members:

    Charlie Daniels -- electric, slide and acoustic guitars, banjo, fiddle, lead vocals
    Barry Barnes -- electric and acoustic guitars, vocals
    Mark Fitzgerald -- Bass guitar
    Joel Taz DiGregorio -- keyboards, vocals
    Fred Edwards -- drums, percussion
    Gary Allen -- drums, percussion

    Additional musicians:

    Richard Betts -- dobro on Long Haired Country Boy
    Jaimie Nichol -- Congas on New York City, King Size Rosewood Bed, No Place To Go and Feeling Free

    Additional personnel:

    Paul Hornsby -- Production
    Roslav Szaybo and Simon Cantwell -- Design
    James Flournoy Holmes and Kent Griggs -- Photography
    Ovie Sparks -- engineer
    Tony Humphreys -- assistant engineer