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    Fred Barnes: Sally the Sunshine of Our Alley


    Fred Barnes sings Sally the sunshine of our alley. Regal record. Should be 1922. (Other side is Give Me a Million Beautiful Girls.) HMV 130. Kodak M580.

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    Give Me A Million Beautiful Girls, sung by Fred Barnes.


    Fred Barnes (1885-1938) records don't seem to turn up often, this example being the last of ten sides (Regal G7789) & was recorded 5th May 1922. He appears to have a fine baritone voice, knows how to put a song over & was one of the music hall greats. His stardom was curtailed due to his outrageous alcohol fueled lifestyle & the scandal of being openly gay. He had several good songs, including: The Black Sheep Of The Family & On Mother Kelly's Doorstep. The ten sides he recorded for Regal give a tantalizing glimpse of his talent.

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    fred barnes - sally the sunshine of our alley 1922


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    The Very Things - When Father Papered the Parlour


    The Very Things were a Dadaist, post punk, new wave band from England. The band was initially born from the ashes of The Cravats. They formed in 1983 and included guitarist Robin Raymond (aka Robin R. Dalloway) and bassist/singer The Shend (aka Chris Shendo, born Chris Harz) formed The Very Things, recruiting drummer Gordon Disneytime (aka Robin Holland), with help from bassist Fudger O'Mad (aka Budge), who is band mate of And Also The Trees. The band also had a horn section which does not make an appearance on this E.P. Debut single The Gong Man was released on Crass's label in November 1983, with The Bushes Scream While My Daddy Prunes following in June 1984, now signed to Reflex Records. A short film was made based on the latter for Channel 4's The Tube. The band's debut album was released in August 1984, after which the band was trimmed to the core trio. The Very Things recorded two Peel Sessions, in 1983 and 1987, and two tracks, The Bushes Scream While My Daddy Prunes and This Is Motortown featured in the Festive Fifty. The band ceased to exist in 1988

    The name of the E.P. is Mummy You're a Wreck and it was released in 1985 on Reflex Records. We can all thank for this free upload and of course the very things that created it. I'M A RIOT! If you appreciate my sense of humor please leave a comment containing the name of your least favorite high school teacher and why you disliked him or her. If you don't appreciate my sense of humor please leave a joke reflecting your sense of humor on this video. Thanks for watching and remember to buy this on amazon!

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    Not While Im Around by Sarah Stone and Fred Barnes


    Sarah Stone and Fred Barnes performing 'Not While I'm Around' from the musical, Sweeney Todd. This was just one of the piano and vocalist's many romantic tunes they performed on Valentine's Day.

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    My Romance by Fred Barnes and Sarah Stone


    Sarah and Fred performing Carly Simon's 'My Romance' on Valentine's Day.

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    Rough-Side of the Mountain - F.C. Barnes & Company


    After more than 40 years, the ministry of 75-year old Bishop F.C. Barnes shows no sign of slowing down. His total commitment to serving the Master and lifelong love of gospel music continue to be the driving forces in the life of this quietly amazing man.

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    fred barns - give me a milion beautiful girls 1922


    Check out my site!
    If you have any old 78rpm records to sell, why not contact me? I'm based in England.
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    Song Beside My Grave by JL Stiles


    Music by JL Stiles
    Created & Directed by Fred Barnes. / Assist. Dir./D.O.P: Sean Fee.
    Edited: F.Barnes & S.Fee.
    Style/Clothing/Hair&Make Up by Antonia Russo
    Howard Dillon played the man with the flower
    Nicole McFeely played the woman
    Original concept by Fred Barnes.
    Produced by M. Levy.
    © 2010 All rights reserved

    When I die I hope you play this song beside my grave
    So I know a part of me will always be saved with you
    Play with your bare hands on my beat up old guitar
    Play on a warm night like the one when our desire burned bright

    If I walk away through this long long lonely winter
    In truth you will remain
    And if I make the grade I will never fall nor fade,
    Calling forever more

    So if I die I hope you play this song beside my grave
    Think of it as one more little thing I had to say to you
    To you

    And if I walk away through this long long lonely winter
    Our love will remain.
    And I will feel the rain on a long hot summer day
    Calling forever more

    So you see I'm not a liar tryin' to get along
    I'm telling you I love you even though my body's gone
    for good

    And I will feel the rain on a long hot summer day
    Calling forever more
    Calling forever more
    Yeah I'll be calling forever more

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    Rev FC Barnes 99 and a half wont do


    The great Rev F.C Barnes singing one of my favorites - 99 and a half won't do

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    RAMPED - Ramped


    Our first performance in our new lineup. Jamie Bowlin on drums, Fred Barnes Jr on Bass, Rowan Ayers on vox and guitar. At Montes in Dartmouth Dec 4th 2014

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    O - Deepthroat Love


    Deepthroat Love released July 24, 2015 on Hit City U.S.A.

    Download for free at

    Written by: O
    Produced/Mixed by Jeremy Black
    Co-produced by Fred Barnes & O
    Exec Prod Rob Halprin


    For more good music, concerts, and vinyl visit

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    On Mother Kellys Doorstep, sung by Tom Barratt.


    A song of 1925, made famous by Fred Barnes & Randolph Sutton. This version was issued by Winner (Cat. No. 4283), in the autumn of that year. Its enduring popularity is perhaps because every town had its share of 'Paradise Rows', with a strong sense of community. Children playing in such areas often had few toys, but their games were rich in imagination. Whilst no-one would want a return of those hard times, we seem to have lost a lot in the slum clearances of the 60's & 70's.

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    Ferocious Few | Francisco Fernandez | Gasoline and Cocaine | Amnesia | San Francisco


    Gasoline and Cocaine
    The Ferocious Few Francisco Fernandez

    Vocals, Guitar: Francisco Fernandez
    Drums: Jeremy Black, Andrew Laubacher
    Bass: Fred Barnes


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    Luther Barnes - You Keep On Blessing Me


    Thanks for listening, may God bless you! Feel free to stop by and listen to the other videos, or make a request..

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    The Christmas Song


    Bill Carmichael and Fred Barnes serenaded us with great holiday favorites like 'The Christmas Song', as well as show tunes and songs from the American Song Book.

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    Ferocious Few | Francisco Fernandez | Run Run Run | Gallery Show | San Francisco


    The Ferocious Few Run, Run, Run
    Art Gallery, San Francisco, California

    Vocals, Guitar: Francisco Fernandez
    Drums: Jeremy Black
    Bass: Fred Barnes


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    Justin Bieber - Boyfriend


    Music video by Justin Bieber performing Boyfriend. ©: 2012 The Island Def Jam Music Group
    #VEVOCertified on July 11, 2012.

    Buy It Now!
    iTunes -
    Amazon -

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    Variations on a Korean Folks Song USAF Heartland of American Band, Frederick Fennell, conducting


    Frederick Fennell conducting the USAF Heartland of America Band's performance of Jophn Barnes Chances' Variations on a Korean Folks Song. Recorded November 1992 at the University of Nebraska at Omaha's Strauss Auditorium.

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    O - Ireek


    Ireek released July 24, 2015 on Hit City U.S.A.

    Download this and b-side Deepthroat Love for free at -

    Written by: Gregory Di'Martino

    Gregory Di'Martino (Gtr / Vocals)
    Rob Mills (Drums / Vocals)
    Julian Borrego (Bass / Voocals)

    Engineered & Produced by Jeremy Black
    Co-Produced by Fred Barnes
    Assistant Enginner: Kevin Friedrichsen
    Mixed by Jeremy Black
    Mastered by Brian Lucey


    For more good music, concerts, and vinyl visit

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    spirit fall down with lyrics


    This song really ministered to me when i first heard it. And now that it has the lyrics with it, she song will appeal more to the broken soul. hope yall enjoy

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    Foxy Brown In Court Getting Yelled At - 4/23/08


    An irate lawyer for rapper Foxy Brown requested to withdraw from her case in a Broward County, Fla., courtroom Wednesday, WFOR-TV reports.

    Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand, appeared was in court for what was supposed to be a routine status hearing on a pair of misdemeanor assault charges stemming from an altercation she got into at Queen Beauty Supply store in Pembroke Pines in February of 2007.

    However, it didn't turn out routine when Brown's defense attorney, Fred Haddad, decided to withdraw from the case because of irreconcilable differences.

    Haddad was angry that the rapper's New York lawyers had worked out a plea deal with the state attorney's office without his knowledge. Brown would receive six months probation if she accepted the plea deal. If convicted at trial, Brown could spend a year in Broward jail.

    I absolutely feel that there is a conflict between myself and Ms. Marchand that is so strong that this will be one of three times in my career that I've requested to withdraw from a case because of a conflict with a client, Haddad said.

    I don't have a conflict with anyone, Marchand told the judge. I just want to have proper representation.

    The judge granted Haddad's request to withdraw from the case and gave Brown two weeks to find a new attorney and return to court on May 8.

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    mighty clouds - certain people i know


    disclaimer: this is not my property. i did not create it. fred thomas and betty marie barnes did; it belongs to them. check out the link above to sample the whole album and/or purchase it!

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    Geoff Packard (Matilda) sings Gotta Get Out from THE NOTEWORTHY LIFE OF HOWARD BARNES at Prospect Theater Company's 2015-16 Season Kickoff: Fred Ebb Award Winners in Concert.

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    Pistol Slappin Blues -Barry Barnes


    Fred Zeppelin's Cork 2014

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    DEAR FRED - LeakyStars 2012 | Kirstyn Hippe


    Thanks to Corinne ( for filming!
    This is from LeakyCon 2012 - they had a talent competition and I ended up being in the top 3. I sang my original wizard rock song, Dear Fred. The judges were Pat Brady, Dominic Barnes, Titus Makin, Riker Lynch, and Curt Mega. I won! I get free registration for next year's LeakyCon! It was a truly amazing experience.

    Let's be friends!

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    Cold World Official Music Video | Francisco Fernandez and The Ferocious Few


    Grab the Francisco Fernandez and The Ferocious Few single, Cold World:

    Connect with Francisco Fernandez and The Ferocious Few

    Directed by Akira Boch, Francisco Hernandez
    Featuring Valentina Espinosa
    Shot by Akira Boch
    Edited by Azusa Oda, Akira Boch
    Wardrobe and Makeup by Zoa Lopez
    Cold World Written and Performed by Francisco Fernandez and The Ferocious Few
    Music Recorded at Coyote Hearing, Oakland by Jeremy Black
    Music Produced by Fred Barnes

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    Kathy Barnes Be Honest With Me


    Kathy does a fine version of this tune (penned by Gene Autry & Fred Rose), doesn't she? And looks fine on that album cover! Reached #92 in 1975.

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    Frederick Fennell Wind Ensemble: Joyces 71st NY Regiment March


    The Frederick Fennell Wind Ensemble from the Orange County School of the Arts in Santa Ana, CA, performs Joyce's 71st N.Y. Regiment March by Thornton Barnes Boyer, arr. James Barnes. Performed live at Clowes Hall on Saturday, March 8, 2014, at the Music for All National Festival. Teren Shaffer, conductor.

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    Chelsea Packard - Stay


    Chelsea Packard

    The Songs of Michael Kooman and Christopher Dimond
    Winners of 2013 Fred Ebb Award winners
    May 5, 2014 - York Theatre Company

    Musical Direction by Meg Zervoulis
    Directed by Isaac Klein

    Filmed by Michael Hull -

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    Clive Barnes - Highway 61


    Clive Barnes performing Highway 61 (Mississippi Fred Mcdowll), live at Cleere's Theatre, Parliament Street, Kilkenny.

    You can buy The Ghost Country, the latest studio album offering from Clive Barns on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and CDBaby.

    For more, visit

    Video by Ken McGuire for Rewind PR, a division of Event Media. Visit

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    My Soul Is Anchored by Douglas Miller


    Hello, everyone. I'm here with another YouTube gospel video. This time I decided to do this one in memory of a good cousin of mine who passed away this week. Reggie Walker had a very remarkable Baritone voice who could sing like an angel. So, in honor of him, I am doing Douglas Miller's My Soul is Anchored from the album, Unspeakable Joy , released back in 1988. I hope that as I do, you find comfort in this song. I do not own this song, nor am I seeking monetary gains or publicity. The words on the song are on the video for those who would like to follow along, or who want to learn the song. If there are any other songs that you would like for me to upload, let me know. Enjoy and God Bless!!

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    Grateful Reprise - Hezekiah Walker & LFC feat. Dave Hollister


    From their 2005 album titled 20/85 The Experience

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    I Wanna Be Your Man - Yukon Blonde


    I Wanna Be Your Man from Yukon Blonde's ON BLONDE, out now on Dine Alone: - on tour now!

    Fri/Feb 5, 2016 – Vancouver, BC - Commodore
    Sat/Feb 6, 2016 - Cumberland, BC - The Avalanche
    Sun/Feb 7, 2016 - Port Renfrew, BC - Song & Surf Festival
    Tue/Feb 9, 2016 – Nelson, BC - Spirit Bar
    Wed/Feb 10, 2016 – Rossland, BC - Flying Steam Shovel
    Thu/Feb 11, 2016 – Lethbridge, AB - Average Joe's
    Fri/Feb 12, 2016 – Calgary, AB - Marquee
    Sat/Feb 13, 2016 – Edmonton, AB - Starlite
    Sun/Feb 14, 2016 – Saskatoon, SK - Amigo's
    Tue/Feb 16, 2016 – Regina, SK - Exchange
    Wed/Feb 17, 2016 – Winnipeg, MB - Pyramid
    Sat/Feb 20, 2016 – Windsor, ON - Venue Music Hall
    Sun/Feb 21, 2016 – Hamilton, ON - Casbah
    Tue/Feb 23, 2016 - St. Catharines, ON - L3
    Wed/Feb 24, 2016 – Kingston, ON - Alehouse
    Thu/Feb 25, 2016 – Toronto, ON - Lee's Palace
    Sat/Feb 27, 2016 – Montreal, QC - Fairmont
    Mon/Feb 29, 2016 - Quebec City, QC - L'Anti
    Thu/Mar 3, 2016 – Fredericton, NB - The Capital
    Fri/Mar 4, 2016 – Halifax, NS - Marquee
    Sat/Mar 5, 2016 - St. John's, NL - The Rock House
    fb, twt, insta @yukonblonde


    Directed by Mac Boucher and Gaya Larouche.
    Produced with the financial assistance of MuchFACT, a division of Bell Media Inc.

    Christine Ramakeesoon
    Vanessa Di Staulo
    Claire Bargout
    Matthew Ballantyne
    Ben Wong
    Rob Monroe
    Claudia Marjanovic
    Shreya Patel
    Laura Piccinin
    Fred Roy
    Dina Roud
    Matthew Barnes
    Sue Evitts
    Rhonda Barker
    Celestina Aleobua
    Tabitha Baumander

    Producers: Ryan Tremblay, Mac Boucher
    Concept & Directed by: Mac Boucher
    Co-Directed by: Gaya LaMouche
    Director of Photography: Neil Hansen, Taylor Zeller Newman
    Editor: Mac Boucher
    Compositing: Neil Hansen

    Art Direction: Gaya Lamouche & Sam Sferrazza
    1st A.D: Caitie Lusk, Kurtis Chen
    Locations: Mac Boucher & Ryan Tremblay
    1st A.C. Ida Jokinen, Adam Madryzk
    2nd A.C. Meagan Gable
    Makeup: Malak
    Gaffer: Neil Hansen, Stephen James, Aaron Alter
    Dolly Grip: Douglas Gibbens, Stephen James
    Grip: Simon Downey
    PA: Tommy Molnar
    Production Company: Route Eleven & Crimson Fish

    Special Thanks
    Carmen Sferrazza
    Mark Tollefson
    Perry Gladstone

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    I Told The Storm - Greg OQuin N Joyful Noize


    Not as current but still powerful!

    Even though your winds blow
    I want you to know
    You cause me no alarm
    Cause I'm safe in his arms

    Even though your rain falls
    I can still make this call;
    Let there be peace
    Now I can say go away
    I command you to move today
    Because of faith, I have a brand new day
    The sun will shine - and I will be okay
    That's when I told the storm!

    I told the storm to pass (oh yes I did)
    Storm you can't last (oh oh, you've got to go away)
    Go away - I command you to move today
    Storm - when God speaks; (when God speaks, you don't have a choice in the matter)
    Storm - you've got to cease
    That's what I told storm!

    Wind stop blowing!
    Flood stop flowing!
    Lightning stop flashing!
    Breakers stop dashing!
    Darkness go away!
    Clouds move away!
    That's what I told the storm!

    Death can't shake me!
    Job can't make me!
    Bills can't break me!
    You can't drown me!
    Cause my Gods surrounds me!
    That's what I told the storm

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    Variations on A Korean Folk Song .Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra.


    Recording of the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra.A Composition by John Barnes Chance.

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    Kat Kerr talks about the mysteries of Heaven
    click link below to watch this powerful revelation

    The Great Tribulation and Daniel's Prophecy
    click link below

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    Barry Barnes and Dan Vlaspoel play Rory Gallaghers Daughter of the Everglades


    Live at Havenfestival 2012, IJmuiden

    Were you raised by the river
    Down in the low, low land
    Where the air is dark and sinister
    In the night there's no safe place to stand

    In the reeds there are eyes that peek
    Voices I can't understand
    Flamingos flying endlessly
    Into the silent sky

    Daughter of the everglades
    You never made it clear
    Child of the river
    If you wanted to be here
    Daughter of the everglades
    I never saw your tears

    Well you looked like your mama
    Before you walked, you swam
    Learned to make that snake tail stew
    From your daddy
    Crazy talking fisherman

    In this place there is no law
    The river makes all the rules
    What they are, I found out
    When I came to look for you

    Daughter of the everglades
    Why did you bring me here?
    Daughter of the everglades
    My love has turned to fear
    Daughter of the everglades
    Let me feel you near

    Well you laughed in the city
    But I knew after a year
    That you'd cry in the city
    I should not have brought you here
    So far from the bayou
    Down in the low, low land
    Don't know why you left me
    But now I think I understand

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    J.j. Barnes - Poor Unfortunate Me - Ring: 101 DJ


    RARE WHITE label design Promo

    Barnes, J.j.
    Ring: 101 DJ

    Barnes, J.j.
    Ring: 101 DJ
    A side
    Poor Unfortunate Me
    B side
    She Ain't Ready
    detroit, mich
    Written By C. Jones, J. J. Barnes & Joe Hunter
    Flip Written By J. J. Barnes & Fred Brown
    Both Sides Produced Y Fred Brown & Joe Hunter
    £ 30.00 @

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    Beat Ballad Heaven

    videos and artwork by Paul Royle -

    J.j. Barnes - Poor Unfortunate Me - Ring: 101 DJ

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    clif barnes


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    Deniece Williams ~ The Boy I Left Behind ft. Earth Wind & Fire



    Deniece Williams - vocals
    Al McKay, Charles Fearing, John Rowin, Jr., Marlo Henderson - guitar
    Nathan Watts, Verdine White - bass
    Jerry Peters - piano
    Larry Dunn - synthesizer
    David Garibaldi, Fred White, Maurice White - drums
    Paulinho da Costa - percussion
    Victor Feldman - vibraphone
    Andrew Woolfolk, Azar Lawrence, Don Myrick, George Patterson - saxophone
    Charles Loper, George Bohanon, Louis Satterfield - trombone
    Chuck Findley, Michael Harris, Oscar Brashear, Steve Madaio - trumpet
    Deniece Williams, Maurice White, Sidney Barnes - background vocals
    Tom Tom 84 (Tom Washington) - string and horn arrangements
    Warren Dewey - engineer
    Nancy Donald - design
    Kenneth McGowan - photography

    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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    Hezekiah Walker - Second Chance


    **** Follow me on Instgram @ ****

    Hezekiah Walker & The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir

    Album: Live in New York by Any Means...
    Year of Album Release: 1995
    Label: Verity
    Song: Second Chance
    Lead Songstress: Minister Monique Walker

    Thank God, not only for a second chance, but ANOTHER CHANCE...because some of us, for me at least, HE's given more than a second chance...However, we are not to take God's mercy and forgiveness as a cloak to sin or live in iniquity, but to live FREE & TOTALLY SEPARATED FROM SUCH. (Read 1st Peter 2:15-16 & Galations 5:1, KJV)

    Oh yes,the wages of SIN is still DEATH, but when we REPENT (means turn AWAY FROM) our sinful ways, God in turn, forgives us and GIVES us a GIFT called ETERNAL LIFE through CHRIST JESUS our LORD. (See - Romans 6:23, KJV)

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    Sami YNWA - Youll Never Walk Alone - It goasse okto don - MARET


    Official music video for It goasse okto don performed by MARET
    A Sami version of You'll Never Walk Alone

    Song written by: Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein II
    Courtesy of: Scandinavian Songs AB o/b/o Imagem Music Scandinavia

    Vocals: Marit Hætta Øverli
    Song produced & arranged by: Klemet Anders Buljo at Arctic Sound Studios

    Video directed, written, edited & produced by: Magne Pettersen
    Cinematographer: Robert Erstad

    First assistant camera: Thomas Bjørnstad
    Production coordinator & casting, Alta: Linn Margrete Påve
    Production coordinator & casting, Liverpool: Andrew Abrahamson
    Drone pilot: Jarl Bjørnar Roxrud at Merknorge
    Colorist: Robert Erstad

    Lyrics translated to Sami by: Isak Samuel Hætta
    Traditional Joik by: Marit Hætta Øverli, Daniel Eriksen, Klemet Anders Buljo & Fred-René Buljo
    Percussion by: Espen Høgmo
    Strings by: Nils Anders Mortensen
    Co-Programmer: Daniel Eriksen
    Mixed by: Nils Wingerei
    Mastering by: Morgan Nicolaysen at Propeller Mastering

    Featuring: John Barnes, Phil Neal, Brita Romsdal, Aslat Heandarat Sara, Rosemary Barfield, members of Liverbirds Alta & many more.

    Thanks to: Jotka Fjellstue, Pæskatun, Ragnhild Lund Ansnes, Kamerautleien, Campbell Square Apartments, Gentleman George’s Tattoo Parlour & many more

    Funded by: Kulturnæringsstiftelsen Sparebank1 Nord-Norge, Agenda Nord-Norge, Retriever Film

    2017 © Audioland & Retriever Film

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