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    Roger Waters On When Syd Barrett Walked Into The Studio And He Didnt Recognize Him


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    octopus - syd barrett


    slideshow i made, RIP SYD

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    Syd Barrett - Opel


    On a distant shore, miles from land
    stands the ebony totem in ebony sand
    a dream in a mist of gray...
    on a far distant shore...
    The pebble that stood alone
    and driftwood lies half buried
    warm shallow waters sweep shells
    so the cockles shine...

    A bare winding carcass, stark
    shimmers as flies scoop up meat, an empty way...
    dry tears...
    crisp flax squeaks tall reeds
    make a circle of gray in a summer way, around man
    stood on ground...

    I'm trying
    I'm trying to find you!
    To find you
    I'm living, I'm giving,
    To find you, To find you,
    I'm living, I'm living,
    I'm trying, I'm giving

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    Syd Barrett Interview Part 1


    Recently rediscovered ZBS foundation interview from August 1967

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    Syd Barrett - No Good Trying


    Song from the album The Madcap Laughs (1970).

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    THIS IS MY VERY FIRST CRACK AT MOVIE EDITING. I have taken all of the bits from the Hans Keller interview that consist of just Syd Barrett's (very lovely) moments. I put together this short sweet bit and I dedicate it to that beautiful, late, great PIPER, MADCAP, MUSICIAN, ARTIST, POET, DREAMER, LOVER & TRULY BEAUTIFUL SOUL. As of this writing, it has been 6 years since you've emerged from your chrysalis as a butterfly into the next world. May you finally be free from your foibles and be your former Happy Piper self again. I know not everyone believes in that sort of thing but I respect their right to not believe. That said, I put together this short little bit of footage of the Sydster. SHINE ON!

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    David Bowie on Syd Barrett


    footage from BBC documentary Seven Ages Of Rock

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    Pink Floyd - Syd Barrett - See Emily Play - Live Top of the Pops 1967


    The footage that was once thought lost. Looks like this video has been public for a year now, I only just realised now after coming across it on Vimeo. Just uploading so more Syd fans can see. I see no commercial value in this video, so I'm assuming EMI won't mind.

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    Syd Barrett-Here I Go


    This is a story 'bout a girl that I knew
    she didn't like my songs
    and that made me feel blue
    she said: a big band is far better than you...

    She don't rock 'n' roll, she don't like it
    she don't do the stroll, well she don't do it right
    well, ev'rythings wrong and my patience was gone
    when I woke one morning
    and remembered this song
    O-oh-oh, kinda catchy, I hoped
    that she would talk to me now
    and even allow me to hold her hand
    and forget that old band.

    I strolled around to her pad
    her light was off and that's bad
    her sister said that my girl was gone
    But come inside, boy, and play, play, play me a song!
    I said Yeah! Here I go
    She's kinda cute; don't you know,
    That after a while of seeing her smile
    I knew we could make it, make it in style!?

    So now I've got all I need
    She and I are in love, we've agreed
    she likes this song and my others too
    so now you see my world is...
    because of this tune!
    What a boon this tune!
    I tell you soon
    We'll be lying in bed, happily wed,
    and I won't think of that girl
    or what she said...

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    Syd Barrett - Effervescing Elephant


    An Effervescing Elephant
    with tiny eyes and great big trunk
    once whispered to the tiny ear
    the ear of one inferior
    that by next June he'd die, oh yeah!
    because the tiger would roam.
    The little one said: Oh my goodness I must stay at home!
    and every time I hear a growl
    I'll know the tiger's on the prowl
    and I'll be really safe, you know
    the elephant he told me so.
    Everyone was nervy, oh yeah!
    and the message was spread
    to zebra, mongoose, and the dirty hippopotamus
    who wallowed in the mud and chewed
    his spicy hippo-plankton food
    and tended to ignore the word
    preferring to survey a herd
    of stupid water bison, oh yeah!
    And all the jungle took fright,
    and ran around for all the day and the night
    but all in vain, because, you see,
    the tiger came and said: Who me?!
    You know, I wouldn't hurt not one of you.
    I'd much prefer something to chew
    and you're all to scant. oh yeah!
    He ate the Elephant

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    Syd Barrett clip


    A short clip from a 1989 Pink Floyd documentary. A snippet of Syd Barrett from 'The Look Of The Week' in 1967 followed by Dave Gilmour discussing Barrett's breakdown and his relevance to the later Floyd.

    Apologies for the poor picture quality - the source was a Real file of a fifteenth generation bootleg.

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    Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine with Syd Barrett


    Bring Syd Barrett back , written and composed by original vocalist/guitarist Syd Barrett, was the first track featured on their debut album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1967)
    this is a re edit I have done, from live at the UFO club 1967

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    Syd Barrett


    'I'm full of dust and guitars'.

    Lean out your window, golden hair
    I heard you singing in the midnight air
    My book is closed, I read no more
    Watching the fire dance, on the floor
    I've left my book, I've left my room
    For I heard you singing through the gloom
    Singing and singing, a merry air
    Lean out the window, golden hair...
    ('Golden Hair')

    When I woke up today
    And you weren't there to play
    Then I wanted to be with you
    When you showed me your eyes
    Whispered love at the skies
    Then I wanted to stay with you
    Inside me I feel alone and unreal
    And the way you kiss will always be
    A very special thing to me...
    When I lay still at night seeing
    Stars high and light
    Then I wanted to be with you
    When the rooftops shone dark
    All alone (I) saw a spark
    Spark of love just to stay with you
    Inside me I feel alone and unreal
    And the way you kiss will always be
    A very special thing to me...
    If I mention your name
    Turn around on a chain
    Then the sky opens for you
    When we grew very tall
    When I saw you so small
    Then I wanted to stay with you
    Inside me I feel alone and unreal
    And the way you kiss will always be
    A very special thing to me..
    (Late Night)

    Musica: Syd Barrett, 'Golden Hair' - 'Late Night', dall'album 'The Madcap Laughs' (1970).

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    BBC Newsnight:Syd Barretts death


    BBC Newsnight broadcast on the death of British singer/songwriter/musician extraordinaire Syd Barrett. A fascinating insider's look at the reclusive Rock legend, showing
    (maybe for the first time ever)his home in Cambridge, England.

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    Syd Barrett Pink Floyd Syds Cambridge


    A Syd Barrett fan has discovered that a lot of the information in ALL the published biographies is wrong!
    One of the most remarkable discoveries is a previously unknown live performance by Syd Barrett and his legendary band STARS on February 19th 1972. After this performance Syd only gave two more live concerts, both at Cambridge Corn Exchange on February 24th and 26th before he retired from the music scene forever!
    Amazingly enough, his last performance was virtually ten years to the day after his very first performance as a member of the unknown local group Geoff Mott and the Mottoes on March 10th 1962.

    The fan in question is Lee Wood, a resident of Cambridge since 1962 who recently put all his local knowledge in a limited edition DVD called Syd's Cambridge, a tour of places in and around Cambridge associated with Syd Barrett and the roots of Pink Floyd for other fans around the world.

    The DVD is part of a special box set comprising 14 different items. One of the items is a small sample of soil taken from Syd Barrett's back garden in 2006 when the house was put up for sale. This has now caused a lot of controversy after a member of Syd Barrett's family heard of the item and was shocked. The box set is limited to just 100 copies and each copy is individually numbered.
    The Deluxe Box Set

    100 copies only. Each copy individually numbered
    These will NEVER be published again.

    Each copy comes in a pink box set which we post in
    a specially made box to protect it in the post
    Order your copy here:


    DVD - Syd's Cambridge

    Extra DVD - Interview with Friends of Syd

    Photo's and Details of Syd's House

    DVD footage of Syd's house (2006)

    Interview with girls at art shop where Syd bought his paints and brushes

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond special wrapping paper

    Copy of Book with details and Maps of Cambridge relating to Syd and Pink Floyd

    Cuttings File - 1962 - 1972

    Special Cambridge Postcard

    Special Cambridge Bookmark

    Cambridge Greetings Card with exclusive Syd's Bike stamped inside

    Numbered Limited Edition Certificate

    PLUS - SPECIAL ITEM. A certified genuine sample of soil from Syd's garden

    The Deluxe Box Set will be posted to you
    from the Post Office used by Syd
    and located close to his home
    order your copy now

    Produced by Lee Wood: Sound Publishing
    Filmed by Mike Crowe

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    Syd Barrett - Late Night


    Syd Barrett - Late Night with lyrics

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    Syd Barrett- Dominoes


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    Syd Barrett


    Syd Barrett tribute

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    Syd Barrett-Baby lemonade


    Syd Barrett, el rey del rock psicodélico, el fundador de la legendaria banda Pink Floyd...
    Un genio, un poeta, un artista.... un ídolo.

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    SYD BARRETT - It is Obvious


    Video (audio) del álbum Barrett de 1970 ....
    La historia de Syd Barrett puede parecer la típica historia de ascenso y caída de una estrella de rock, pero Syd, a diferencia de otros músicos contemporáneos a él, no cumplió el lema de “vive rápido, muere joven y deja un bonito cadáver”. Finalmente, en 2006, a los sesenta años, aquel diamante loco dejó de brillar.

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    Syd Barrett- Wined and dined


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    Pink Floyd - See Emily Play HD 0815007


    Pink Floyd - See Emily Play, a hit in 1967. At this time, Syd Barrett, who wrote the song, was member of the band. Members of Pink Floyd, beside Barrett: Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Richard Wright. David Gilmour joined later (in 1968). Audio-CD-Sound with old Video.

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    Lewis Floyd Henry, See Emily Play cover


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    Syd Barrett - Jornal da Globo


    Reportagem sobre a morte de Syd Barrett, líder e fundador da banda inglesa Pink Floyd, no Jornal da Globo.

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    Kevin Ayers - Here I Go


    Roger Syd Barrett tribute concert - 2007

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    Great early live TV performance of 'Astronomy Domine' broadcast on BBC Look of the Week May 14th 1967, just a few months before Syd's tragic mind blowout from acid.

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    Bike - Syd Barrett-Pink Floyd


    Bike By Syd Barret And Pink Floyd

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