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    Beardyman - Kitchen Diaries


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    Beardyman - iPhone Beatbox #1 | Mahogany Session


    Beardyman performs an iPhone Beatbox. For more Mahogany Sessions click here:

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    Great music, as often as possible. That is our pledge to you, and since 2010 we’ve been striving to create the best online music discovery experience in the world. We’ve travelled all around the world in our quest to fulfil that pledge and will never stop striving for great music.

    Find out more from Beardyman:

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    Beardyman - Drum & Bass vs Dubstep | a Do512 Lounge Session


    Beardyman in the Do512 Lounge

    Recorded at the Do512 Lounge in Austin, TX.
    View the complete archive of tapings from the the Do512 LoungeSessions here.

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    Insane Beatbox - Beardyman


    Insane Beatbox - Beardyman

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    Beardy Man When Will I Be Famous


    Sorry about the sound at the start.

    This is Beardy Man beatboxing on the BBC1 talent show. This was his second audition of that night's programme (and personaly I think the best) and the performance that could of gotten him through to the next round.

    It didn't, amazingly. He was beaten by what I believe to be a Polish trapeze artist in spandex. And his wife. Yeah, you read that correctly. He SO should have won that.

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    Beardyman and Dolby proudly present: DOLBYMAN


    All sounds in this film, without exception, are from the mouth of Beardyman.

    You can buy Beardyman's debut album I DONE A ALBUM now on Amazon or iTunes

    The soundtrack was written, conceived and produced by Beardyman to demonstrate the insane capabilities of Dolby's new virtual-surround-sound chip for mobile devices. This is the stereo version.

    To download the stereo or Dolby Mobile 5.1 Virtual Surround version click:

    The piece was produced by Youth Club and Dolby and is super sick in the face. If you like it, that makes you really cool. And now, the weather. . . . .

    Beard : )

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    Beardyman - Where Does Your Mind Go? - Live in studio for Whos Jack magazine


    See the issue this was for here :
    Video by Aaron Shrimpton & Tom Coles -

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    Nathan Flutebox Lee and Beardyman


    This is just a segment of the video for the whole thing check out Beardyman's channel

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    Beardyman - iPhone Beatbox #2 // Mahogany Session


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    Beardyman performs iPhone Beatbox #2 for Mahogany.

    Mahogany strives to deliver amazing music to your eyes and ears, as often as possible. If you love discovering new music on a daily basis then you're at the perfect place.

    Every session is filmed in a different location, and by the same production team.

    Find out more from Beardyman //

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    Beardyman using Korgs kaoss Pad 3


    Beardyman & his duck using the Korg Kaoss Pad 3


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    BEARDYMAN : Beatbox Ventriloquism


    You can buy Beardyman's debut album I DONE A ALBUM now on Amazon or iTunes

    BEARDYMAN : One Mouth, Two Hands

    A.K.A. Beardyman Presents : Beardyman's Hands

    So, um . . . Does the mouth rule the hands, or the hands rule the mouth . . ?

    I dunno.

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    A Beardyman production, feat. foreign beggars. Most of the sounds in the tune are actually the human voice mangled beyond recognition. You love it. . . .

    single released mid January with exclusive tracks and a sick video for Big Man.

    It's also the same price for the CD at Amazon

    Director: Jimi Crayon
    Co Director: Paul Barulis
    Producer: Adam Farley
    Prod Co: LoveHate Productions
    DoP: Martin Roach
    Art Dir: Ciaran Beale
    Editor: Dave Silver

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    Beardyman @ Glastonbury 2010 - Arcadia Stage


    Part 1 of a rather brutal improvised dance set, keeping it pretty abstract and deep and dirty. Nothing in this set is pre-recorded. I make everything by live-looping my voice through effects and playing riffs into keyboards, using Kaoss Pads and other units.

    Download the High-quality Audio:

    for beardyman downloads, videos, news, audio, t-shirts,etc, go to

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    Beardyman and Hillary Hahn face off


    Beatboxer Beardyman and Violinist Hilary Hahn face off against each other before teaming up for a rather funky version of 'Yankee Doodle' lol.

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    Beardyman Talib Kweli Beatbox


    Beardyman Beatbox Talib Kweli with Knackeboul on Knack Attack in Zürich Switzerland. Freestyle Beatbox Session Beardyman Talib Kweli on bobchillen1

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    Beardyman - Smell The Vibe


    i done a album

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    Monkey Jazz WIDESCREEN version : BEARDYMAN & mr_hopkinson™ | Watch In HD



    Combining the talents of 2 times UK Beatbox Champion Beardyman [ ]and master of the edit mr_hopkinson [ ], this is a one take performance by Beardyman using live looping technology that has been visually explained and augmented by mr_hopkinson's edit and animation.

    Conceived and Produced by mr_hopkinson & Beardyman.

    Now in Widescreen | for full HD quality :

    Filmed at The Cube Cinema, Bristol UK

    With thanks to Blackout Arts . . .

    . . . and the following crew :

    Sound recordists, Gareth Willis / Rasha Shaheen.
    Lighting Controller, Ali Jones
    Camera Operators, Yoshino Shigihara; Tom Taylor; David Hopkinson
    Drivers Kayle Brandon, Toss Dog.

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    Beardyman Vs. Doorly - Vampire Skank


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    Here's the video for Doorly's remix of Vampire Skank, Beardyman's new track. Pup-step is now officially a thing.

    Filmed on location in Ireland by Gawain Morrison at Filmtrip. Restaurant scene filmed at the Lauriston, Victoria Park by Lewis Rose.

    Available on Pigeon Hole This:
    Or iTunes:

    Produced: Beardyman and Tom Middleton
    Remix and extra production: Doorly
    Copyright Control, Under exclusive license from Sunday Best Records

    Official Website:

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    Beardyman - The Robot Opera


    Это отрывок из шоу Альбом за час (One Album Per Hour)
    В рамках этого шоу знаменитый английский битбоксер Beardyman на пару с приглашенной звездой, в данном выпуске это Тим Минчин, должны, в режиме онлайн, написать альбом за час
    Этот и другие выпуски полностью можно посмотреть здесь:

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    Beardyman - Where Does Your Mind Go



    Album: I Done A Album

    Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN THIS MUSIC

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    One Album per Hour - you make up the song titles, Beardyman makes up the album, live. . unrehearsed, unpolished, onion.

    A song about a Panda Sneezing.

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    Beardyman - Why did you Kidnap My Wife | a Do512 Lounge Session


    Beardyman in the Do512 Lounge

    Recorded at the Do512 Lounge in Austin, TX.
    View the complete archive of tapings from the the Do512 LoungeSessions here.

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    Beardyman@M4Music 2013 - Drum and bass is better than dubstep so F**K You


    Amazing end of set at M4Music festival, Zurich, Switzerland

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